Wounded Knee Commemorative Ride

By Dona Strong

My name is Dona Strong I am honored to bring this information to you so that you too will know a part of history is about to be recognized and honored. My Partner Ley Greywolf is 100 % Lakota Sioux Native American Indian. Her Paternal Uncle Chuck Greywolf has been given a great honor and was the one person selected to Make the Ceremonial Drum (As a Master Drum Maker) for this year's memorial of the Battle of Wounded Knee or “Wounded Knee Massacre which occurred Dec 29,1890”. We would like to help him fund this ride so the large expense will not fall directly on his family as he is retired and has had some medical setbacks.

His Ride, The Drum, Food, Lodging, Gas and Setup/Break down for the 10-12 day trip will cost at his best guess $3000.00. He is willing to make the trip, and has already undertaken making the drum. He is due to leave in less than 4 days but needs our help desperately to raise the remaining funds so he and his crew & horses aren't in debt while honoring the Sioux Nation and the Wounded Knee Massacre for the Ancestors who walked before him. You see - His Soul is willing, His Body a bit tired -when Ley called today she found out he had a Stroke a few months ago and a heart attack and open heart surgery last year! - But nothing will keep him from the Honor of what he has been called to do. Please help with donations to the GOFUNDME account that will be posted here today.

Chuck Greywolf – Honorable Man and A Native American Master Drum Maker, has been asked to build this large ceremonial Pow-wow Drum for “the 25th Anniversary of the Commemorative Battle of Wounded Knee Massacre Ride” which will begin December 23, 2015. The ride is eight days long and people are invited from all around the globe to participate and join in the ride.   Please feel free to invite your friends and family to participate with donations…  No donation is considered "too small" and everything is greatly appreciated. If you cannot donate monetarily, prayers and lifting of these intentions are always highly appreciated. 


Dona Strong


Thank you for your thoughts, encouragement and love...

And, in the immortal words of Mr. Greywolf, LOLOMA!

Chuck Greywolf leaves this Saturday and the Ride actually start on the 22nd and ends on the 29th at the entrance to wounded knee Memorial. They will be on the Pine Ridge Reservation during the entire ride of 191 miles. (This is the Bridger SD up to Wounded Knee South Dakota) 
These funds will help pay for the Ceremonial Drum that will be made by Chuck GREYWOLF his transportation for himself and team, Horses Food Feed, Gas, Lodging, Setup/Breakdown and All incidentals. 
We greatly appreciate your contributions in this honorable portion of the ride!