By Mindy Ann Wolf
Chapter Three
They ended up visiting nearly every store in town. Damon had her pick all the furniture for his new home even though she told him he should hire a decorator. When it came time to pick furniture for the basement of her home. She’s was blown away by Damon’s announcement.
“Pick whatever you want as you’ll be living in the basement.” He advised her even though he intended for her to move upstairs. He was eager to bed her but she was skittish. He would have to wait for her to relax her guard if he intended to get close to her. Living with him would allow for her to get to know him and earn her trust hopefully.
“I can’t move into your home I have two kid’s.” She was stunned and immediately balked.
“As my personal assistant I’ll need you close at hand. I don’t have a problem with you having kids. I like kids.” He told her.
“Never the less. I can’t pull my kid’s out of their school away from all their friend’s. Plus my ex would never agree to me taking them out of state.” She told him shaking her head.
“I’ll arrange for transportation for your kids they won’t have to change schools.” He replied.
“The commute is too long. They would have to get up to early in the morning.” She was shaking her head.
“Not by chopper. I can have them flown into felts field and transported tp their schools.” He advised.
“You have a chopper? Can you fly?” She asked in amazement.
“Yes I’m a licensed pilot. Have been for many years.” He answered. He could fly anything. Human planes and choppers were easily flown with limited technology. There ships and pods were far more advance and required much more skill to pilot  them.
“Commuting my kids to and from school would be a huge hassle. Sierra plays sports and will be starting basketball soon.” She dug in. There was no way she would move in with him.
“It won’t be a hassle.” He was through arguing with her he simply compelled her to see that moving in with him was the right thing to do.
“I guess your right. It will be nice to get out of our crummy apartment. The dogs would have room to run.” She found herself saying. Despite her reservations  she could see the rightness of the decision. After all she needed to do what was best for her girls.

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