• ~The Outspoken Observer~
  • By Mark Koch
  • 6/1/17
  • Parents of AASD Children. I urge you all to speak out against the harmful incidents occurring to your children in the AASD. Stand together, one voice may be s...ilenced but hundreds of voices can not go unheard.
    Comment your incidents and or complaints and share this letter to everyone.
    Governor Tom Wolfe
    SAG Josh Shapiro
    PA Board of Education
    It is with great urgency and concern that I call upon your Offices, for immediate and unbiased investigations, into the recent tragic events that have plagued the Altoona Area Scool District.
    Within the past several months there has been suicides, the most recent a 12 year old boy in 7th grade. Possible bullying incidents that the AASD has not enforced their own policies on how to curb, handle and report. It is with great disdain that I personally have been affected by the possible negligence of the Altoona Area Scool District. My niece was injured at recess today to the point she could not ambulate under her own strength. She had to be carried to the nurse's office whom sent her back to class. My niece had sustained a leg fracture that she had to walk on for 4 hours. There was no notification from the school to the parents about the incident.
    The pain alone from bearing weight on a fractured leg would send even the toughest adults to the Emergency Room writhing along the way. Not to include the damage that the actual bone fracture can continue to cause if not properly stabilized. The fractured end could sever, and or lacerate, muscle tissue, tendons ligaments, veins, arteries, and capillaries, causing possible internal hemorrhaging and endanger the extremity to further injury.
    Parents of the Altoona Area Scool District are in dire need of answers as to why these incidents are occurring, and are adimately concerned that AASD is no longer contacting and reporting to parents these incidents. They are losing faith that the current AASD Adminstration can not properly keep and protect their children safe as required under the Law and the AASD's
    own policies.
    Govenor Wolfe, SAG Shapiro, and PA Board of Education, as an Emergency Medical Technitian with the State of Pennsylvania for 16 years and a mandatory reporter of the State when crimes or abuse is suspected against anyone, I feel I must request of your Offices, intervention into the matters I discussed. I feel their is enough probable cause or reasonable suspicion that possible crimes that are occurring in the AASD that are being ignored and or possibly being omitted by those in positions of power that are failing to enforce their own policies for the health and safety of all students.
    Every day I take a chance with my health and safety to ensure the Health of the community as a whole, this situation is no different. The Parents of children in the AASD deserve nothing but openness, and transparency whenever it comes to the Health and Safety of their children while in the custody and care of the AASD.
    In conclusion I must reiterate the trauma and tragedy that the Parents and children of the Altoona Area School District have experienced as of late. I feel an outside investigation is warranted into the proper handling and resolutions to these incidents that have caused parents to suffer the loss of their child and others the negligent care while their children are in the care and custody of the AASD.
    Mark A. Koch PA DOH EMT # 149807
    A corrupt system, can not repair it's own corruption.