• ~The Outspoken Observer~
  • By Mark Koch
  • 1/8/18
  • The Light has filled the dark cold shadows.  
    In the abyss of my Soul.
    Where my heart retreated to hide.  
    Hoarding a piece of love.
    Scavenged from the shattered remains.
    Broken by the hands of man.
    The shards sharp with a painful prick.
    There lost to time and knowing.
    Was salvation to resurrect the pieces whole.
    Held in secret until it be discovered.
    Found by the one who sees beyond the veil.
    Who removes the debris to find the treasure.
    To be sown again.
    Reaped by tender hands.
    Such as the mustard seed of faith.
    Abundance springs forth.  
    For it produces much from so little.
    Blessed by the hands of the Divine.
    Given the breath of life.
    Yet a void remains.
    Emptiness echoing in the hollow hole.
    A sliver dispersed by the wind.
    Sailed upon the breeze away.
    Like a bird in flight.
    Leaving a reserved space to be filled.
    To be found by the bravest of the brave.
    One who scales the fortification.
    Not captured by the gaurds.
    Whom sneaks past the demons.
    Unfrightened by the haunts.
    Willing to face the trials of a future uncertain.
    Not to run when enemies close in.
    Who will stay and battle, to win the fight.
    To the victor goes the spoils.
    So my Heart becomes the prize.
    This be the dream I dream.
    This be the Love that Fires my Soul.
    Inflaming my Heart back to life.
    Bringing my Soul to peace.
    May the Heavens hear my silent cries.
    This I Pray.
    So Be It.