United for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Progress

By: Su’ganni Tiuza

 Over the years, I always had the interest and drive to start a LGBT organization. A LGBT organization that will be an effective networking group that will facilitate the financial, political, and social success for all LGBT people, especially for those in our community that is not doing well and/or need help. I understood early on that the honorable, monumental, and needed Gay rights, established through Courts and Legislation was not the victory to our struggle. It was and is a great platform and great beginning. Furthermore, I understood that an organization needed to be formed to address and solve issues that legislation and the courts are unable to address and solve. In comes “United for LGBT Progress (UGP).”

 “United for LGBT Progress (UGP),” is a social, political, and financial network that was formed to create a platform for all Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, and Transgender, to join and stand on to achieve the success they desire. UGP came about as a result of the reality, that despite LGBT advancement in Society, it’s still hard out there for so many of us. In effect, this status quo has fueled a desire for LGBT soldiers to organize such a group, in order to address the problem through effective solutions.

 The purpose of organizing this network is for active, determined, and Honorable LGBT men and women to mingle, collaborate, and support each other’s endeavors and aspirations. Our aim is to gain nationwide participation, using social media and establishing local UGP social clubs in cities, and towns, operating in accordance with “UGP Network Plan of action.” In our attempt to take network action, we aim to use local and national resources to facilitate the effectiveness of our network.

 No one can look out for you the way you want, except you and those who have your interest in their heart. I love myself and I live my LGBT brothers and sisters. I have the best interest in heart for me to succeed and for my LGBT brothers and sisters to succeed. In unison of love and collective work, is the only way you, I, we will succeed.

 The same thing I am witnessing here in prison (In regards to our community), is the same thing, going on out there in society. The bottom line is that for those of us who has the passion and drive, join our (you and me) movement. College, working a career, etc., the movement is connecting us together, for the purpose of supporting each other’s aspirations and endeavors, so that we all progress in life. Connecting together, so all of us that is not connected becomes connected. Connecting together, so all of us that is struggling, will survive and thrive.

Any person that knows what success is, know successful people are successful, due to them networking with the right people and/or organizations. We have the greatest minds on Earth in our community. We got power players in finance/business, politics, and entertainment. These are the right people. “United for LGBT Progress.” Is the right organization. This is your

organization. I invite you to come in and help it progress us and progress you. United, we are royal, we are great…Separate, we are worthless, ware weak…

The first faction of “United for LGBT Progress,” was started in a Massachusetts Prison (Shirley Medium) by me (Su’ganni Tiuza). We made history by creating the first gay program of its kind in Massachusetts State Prison. There are authors/writers, motivational speakers, inventors, and so much more here in our gay community, in Prison. This movement is for us too (In Prison), to mingle, collaborate, and support each other’s (Other prisoners and our “Free World” brothers and sisters) endeavors and aspirations. Everywhere we are, the hands of “United for LGBT Progress” will reach. A vision in progress..

I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to building with you. Until then I will continue my strive to materialize the vision of UGP. I encourage you to contact me directly, if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions. May peace be always upon you!!!

Aaron U Lester-Su’ganni Tiuza


MCI Norfolk

P.O Box 43

Norfolk, Ma. 02056

Su’ganni Tiuza

Author of: “Message To All The Open and Undercover Gay People’ganni Tiuza