Honoring Lady Ashley Gilbert, Miss Keystone Alliance 2014 


Thea Trix, Miss Gaylife Newsletter 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Escapade in Altoona

Hosted by John DeBartola

Mistress of Ceremonies: Christian Diane, Miss Keystone Alliance Eternal

Contestants need to register at Escapade at 9 pm. Pageant starts at 11 pm.

Theme: Classic Christmas: Your Favorite Holiday Movie or TV Show


Legal Name (Please print) _____________________________________

Stage name _________________________________________________ 

Address ____________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________________


State ______________________________________________________


Zip ____________________ Phone __________________

Email _____________________________________


Occupation ___________________________________________________ 

Dresser ______________________________________________________


Date of birth __________________________________________________

Age _______ Sponsors _____________________________________________________

Dancers: (Yes or No)

Props: (Yes or No) Height: _______________


Weight : ______________

Hormone Treatments: (Yes or No) 

Hair Color: ____________


Eyes: _____________________ 

 I, __________________________________, release The KA/GN of any liability I may occur during Miss Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter pageant 2014 and during my reign as Queen if crowned. I alone accept personal responsibility on the date of the event, December 6, 2014, and throughout the reigning year. 



Release: By my signature above, I hereby agree to release and hold harmless the Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter and the Miss Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter Pageant, hereafter referred to as the ‘Pageant”, their servants, agents, and employees from any liabilities and or responsibilities whatsoever resulting from, associated with, or arising out of my participation in the pageant, with the Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter, and or the title of Miss Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter, including, but not limited to personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property, regardless of whether the loss or injury occurs. I also hereby release myself from rights to all video taping (sound and or video), photography, recording, still camera, motion picture, publishing online, or publishing in the newspaper. I understand that I have no rights to any of the recordings or printings, that I appear in/on, or the future sell thereof. I hereby agree that my name may appear in any promotional purpose or in any advertising publicity. By my signature above, I affirm and attest that I have read the rules and regulations of the pageant and hereby agree and covenant to abide by the same.

I am at least 21 years of age. I also understand The KA/GN is in no way responsible for lost or stolen items. I further release The KA/GN from any liability if I get hurt while performing or during my reign. By signing this application you waive the right to ever sue the pageant or the Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter for anything and allow use of your name in the newsletter for publication. 

Prizes: $100 the night of the pageant, Crown, Sash and flowers


You are required to do a benefit during your reign as queen which must be approved by the Executive Board of the Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter. Other bookings may be made on availability and scheduling. We would appreciate the new queen be a role model and participate in the Pittsburgh Pride March and Johnstown Halloween Parade if she is available. 

All Contestants are allowed ONE dresser. Dressers must be approved before the pageant. Contestant placement will be determined the day of the event by random selection by the contestants. Contestants may use others in presentation and talent segments but will assume responsibility for everyone on set with them, therefore resulting in a possible loss of points. Remember, you are a role model. During your reign you must at all times represent yourself in a respectful way. Arrive on time and please do not miss a booking and if you do please call ahead in enough time for a suitable replacement to be scheduled. Any public drunkenness, nudity, illegal drug involvement, or jail time for anything may result in loss of title. If you have a criminal record, whether it is found out before or after the pageant, from at any time could result in loss of title. Please be creative and use the theme, Classic Christmas in your evening gown and talent components. Score sheets will be returned

to contestants the week after the pageant. A panel of 7 judges will select The new Miss Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter. They will be announced closer to the pageant. Make sure you have a back-up CD with your talent on it. You never know if something could go wrong with your CD. If you don't bring a back up CD and your CD skips or doesn't play, there is nothing we can do. So it's very important to have a back up CD. If you would like music played during your evening gown segment please bring that along as well for background music. Also and very important, have a crowning number CD prepared and brought with you given to the DJ in case you are the winner to perform at the end of the pageant.


Applications will be accepted at 9 pm, Saturday, December 6, 2014 to John DeBartola at the Escapade in Altoona. 15 points will be deducted from each judge if a contestant arrives late. 


Score sheets: 


On Stage Interview/Comedy Improv Sketch 

75 Points possible per judge

Speaking Ability 0-25

Answer to Question 0-25

Overall personality and On screen Presence 0-25

Scoring should be based on personality and poise, the ability to communicate on a microphone in front of an audience, and the content of the answer in relation to the topic given. The purpose of the finalist on set interview is for the audience to get to know each contestant and allow the contestant to introduce themselves and provide info about themselves. Your responses to specific questions should be limited to no more than (3) three minutes. The contestants must be able to speak in front of the public in a very comfortable manner literally about any topic.


Evening Gown

Combined with On Stage Interview

75 Points possible from each judge


Styling and fit 0-15

Presentation (Modeling, tech, poise, smile) 0-25

General Appearance (Make up, hair, condition of outfit, accessories, shoes, etc) 0-35

Creativity of the contestant will give the contestant a chance to express their fashion ability to the panel. The fashion should be realistic, and reflect what the modern women would wear with the emphasis on creativity and class. Evening gown can have with it coats, purses, furs, etc, but not limited to those items. Outfits and designs from any season are acceptable but must match the theme Classic Christmas: Your favorite holiday movie or Tv show. This fashion area allows the panel to assess the contestants ability to coordinate a wardrobe, as well as how a contestant presents themselves through feminine illusion, in a realistic fashion. The modeling of self expression fashion can be more free form. More turns, faster movements, hand expressions, and different steps are allowed in this category. It is the contestants responsibility to insure no strings, tears, or stains are on the outfit and that it is wrinkle free. (This includes accessories). Shoes should not be scuffed, torn, or worn looking. Any jewelry worn should be in perfect condition. Appropriate jewelry is not over powering. (better to be understated than overstated). The evening gown should complement the contestant’s figure, height, and weight. (Usually a full figured contestant does not wear horizontal stripes or something that accentuates or features of the outfit while the description is being presented). The judges will be listening to the description as it presented by the contestant and this is a creative category, match the theme and be entertaning. Hairstyle is not limited to an up do. A smile and a confident walk are both sure to add to a contestant’s self

expression in this category.


100 Points possible per Judge 


Showmanship and set design 0-25

Physical coordination and stage presence (including dancers) 0-25

Quality (lip Sync, live local, and/or other entertainment) 0-25

Value of presentation as entertainment 0-25

Contestants will be judged on their quality of lip sync, live vocal, or other entertainment. Judges will be looking to see if the contestants know the words to their songs and finish each word. Just knowing the words is not enough. The contestant should also look as if he/she is actually singing the song. Is it believable? If there is choreography, the dancers should know the steps and the steps should flow. Do not attempt to do something that is beyond your talent. If you use dancers or actors in your interview/evening gown or talent presentation, do not let them upstage or out dance you. You are responsible for their performance. If a member of your troupe does not know his/her part, points will be deducted from your score. Quality of set design and construction will be judged. Quantity of set is not judged. Do not put something on stage that you are not going to use or does not have a relation to something you are going to present. Contestants are responsible for their sets. If it falls apart or falls down on set points will be deducted from your score. Costuming and set design should go along with the mood you are trying to establish. A contestant can have wonderful sets, choreography, and do good lip sync, but still not be entertaining. Always examine your presentation for entertainment value. Does it please, cause laughter, sadness, or stir some other emotion. All contestants are responsible for set up and tear down of their sets. This is to be done in a timely manner. Remember your talent should match the theme Classic Christmas.



Email keystonealliancegaylifenewsletter@hotmail.com with any comments.