~Mentoring Medium~


Behind the Scenes

​By Kristina Kay Watts

During a dramatic play, you have the chance to experience the talent of many actors and actresses but do you know what it takes, behind the scenes, to make a play spectacular? The same goes in accordance to your life and what “truly” goes on to make things happen and play out the way they do. This week was nothing short than “wow!” Let’s begin with a young man who entered my shop unexpectedly.

Normally a salesperson approaching the front door of my shop would have me already preparing a quick speech to respectfully turn down the services being offered to “better my business.” Unlike the others who’ve attempted this, the young man standing before me was different. I was being guided to hear him out first. I introduced myself politely as the owner of the establishment as he did the same as a representative of Verizon Business Services. He demonstrated his convictions to help with my business but his eager, inquisitive nature pushed through as his spiritual side had many questions for me. The more answers I provided, the more intrigued he became. I mentioned to him of our “Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels” meditation class which he quickly became excitable at the idea of accomplishing such a feat.

He portrayed such a hunger for learning and the desire to know more. Out of the blue, Maria (My Spirit Guide), instructed me to express the words, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” With that, he began to cry uncontrollably. I sensed he’s been “asking” for guidance and help for a long time.

My day continued with a Chakra Cleanse that I was preforming on a new client sent to me by another dear client of mine. The first initial “feeling” I received from siting with her for the first five minutes was a look in her eyes that seemed distant but like an amber of a flame, still burned for change. As I was healing her unbalanced emotions and the areas giving her the most problems, we began discussing what I was receiving from her energy and Guides. After I mentioned the longing for change and that a block was placed upon her by her own self and true reason for her blockage that I obtained during her healing and her Guides, as she confidently agreed with me, she continued to describe going to Lily Dale for answers as to why her spiritual mission was being halted but to no avail was extremely disappointed by the results. I offered to continue helping her spiritual journey from that point on due to the fact she possessed gifts herself and this being the reason she blocked her mission in the first place. A family loved one passed suddenly years back and she tried helping her family with her gift but it didn’t help the way she desired. This event caused her to feel like a failure and with that began blocking not only her gift but her spiritual growth, as well.

I once again was being prodded to say the words I had said earlier to the young man. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The second those words rolled off my tongue, tears began pouring down her face. I quickly retrieved a tissue and hugged her until she felt more calm. After she contained her emotions, she said, “It’s funny you said that.” I responded, “Why?” She continued to explain that the female intuitive she spoke to at Lily Dale told her that a woman with curly, brunette hair was being sent to teach and guide her. She further explained that in all my pictures she seen of me (during her research of me) I had straight hair but I was sitting before her with curly, brunette hair as she was told years before by this intuitive. I then advised her that I decided last minute to curl my hair because I couldn’t maintain it properly before heading into my shop. We both didn’t realize how true that statement would be until that very moment.

My week continued with a even more bizarre event. I left the shop late one night and had a craving for Grape Nuts, so I headed to the closest supermarket near my house. After getting some other items, I headed down the yogurt isle. An older gentleman was having difficulty looking for the cottage cheese and politely asked me if I could help him locate it. As I was helping him, he began asking me what I did for a living. I always get a little nervous about this question because every person I encounter has a different reaction to it. I was amazed towards his excitement upon hearing my answer. He pointed out that his girl friend was looking for a medium to talk to. I handed him my business card and finished our good byes and thanks yous.

Fast forward to the next day… I was preparing to perform a reading for a female and whilst talking with her decided that her male companion was to stay during the reading at no charge. We all didn’t know at the time that his remaining there during her reading would mean to all of us.

During the session, his uncle who recently passed away came through to talk to him and continued to mention a sister. The reading was very emotional and very healing. The next day I received several excitable voicemails from the female from that session to call her with some news she HAD to tell me about. Her tone during the call was of bewilderment. I immediately understood why. She asked me if I remember talking to a man at a Giant Eagle Supermarket and I replied, “Yes, I do.” Apparently the man that mentioned his girl friend to me at the supermarket was the sister that was being mentioned during the reading the day before and was her father coming through to get a message to her. The family was astonished by the weird coincidence, as you will read below with the attached email that came through my website from one of the family members explaining all this “behind the scenes” that went on. The father did what he could to put his daughter in front of me in order to bring her peace and comfort from his passing. This to me, shows love in the truest form, even from beyond the grave.

Plans and purposes grow beautifully in the unlikely manner it takes place. Your loved ones and your Guides are always at work in your life, even in this very second, growing tiny, seedling miracles that eventually are destined to bloom into greater things. There is no perfect person or perfect place, just the knowing that “they” do all they can behind the scenes to create an outcome that is loving, happy, and peaceful. Days will look dark and lonely but if you glimpse outside the circumstance you have placed yourself currently, you will discover NOT your limitations but your freedom to obtain happiness and the victory towards that happiness.

“Look not at the seen, but the unseen” (2 Corinthians 4:18).

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