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“How Things Have Changed”

By Medical Intuitive/Radio Show Host, Winifred Adams

Copyright August 2017

Written somewhere over the desert


“A once in a lifetime event,” they say.  That is, unless you live to 150 like some of the people in India and in the East.  Everybody has been weighing in.  The New Age community is lending every interpretation available according to your beliefs and modality of choice.  Today, everyone has a voice and the airwaves are getting louder telling us how to live.

The human world has turned up the heat of polarity in the last 30 days.  Haters and bigots are the new norm and the rest are worried or perplexed as to the future of the United States.  A few, are even worried about the future of our world as a whole.

I was one of those few.  The pressure was mounting in LA. The energy was on fire, with pressure in all directions.  Suddenly it seemed everyone had suddenly gone mad and taken to ego distress or delusion instead of loving joy.  

“Where did the joy go?” I asked myself as I boarded a plane just to get out of the pressure cooker.

Some may think because you are a healer that life leaves you nonplussed.  Not so.  You feel more and the more you feel the more you spend wasted energy trying to stay centered.  The eye of the storm seems to be building and the rhetoric around the eclipse is surpassing the sacredness of the event that only comes every 99 years or so.

As my meditation teacher pointed out recently, it’s a moment in time.  End of story. But it is a Divine moment in time if we honor it—only, our interpretation of what it means may be way off base.

This got me thinking.

What is this moment in time? And, since I can’t control the outcome of what’s coming, why stress?  

I decided that if there are to be any bumps ahead, I’ll take them as they come.  Sincerely.

Getting out of LA provided clarity and as I sat among forest high in the mountains, I once again grounded, finding the most rewarding of all—me again.

I am tired of hearing about Donald Trump.  I am tired of hearing about anyone else.  Where is the happy news?  Where is the good that is happening in the world?  It’s happening.  Why don’t we see that broadcast?  Who’s waging war on whom? Our ego’s wage silent war on us, which is how we get our headlines to begin with.  Egos out of control, on all sides.

As I was contemplating, I realized that no great leader ever had this kind of loudness to them. Did Gandhi move a country by being loud?  Did he tweet?  Did he need to?

How about Mohamed?  Or Buddha?  We think of great Ones who lasted the test of time as more humble, quieter, or in silence even, acting by example and not as much by megaphone.

America needs greatness again and I believe that begins by each one of us finding us again, just as I did upon the mountaintop.  The connection that is our birthright and inherent to us is still alive and well, if we can meet it.  But to meet it, we need to be able to hear that small, still voice within.

Above all the loudness of ‘fake news,’ negative news, or any news this isn’t our true loving self, there is still us. 

 America was built upon the commitment to the last man standing, and helping the brethren after we slowly wake up to realize what we thought was independence was just another form of slavery. We love the underdog.  We love the rags to riches stories.  This is the land of ‘possibility,’ built on white man ignorantly changing the face-front of it, state by state.  And now we get to inherit the collective of those decisions.  We thought we were through, but apparently not yet.

When love is pervasive we’ll know we made it.  

Where is Richard Simmons when we need him?  We need that infectious, harmless, joy.  I liken Richard up there with Ghandi.  One man changed so many lives, the only difference is that everyone following Richard lost hundreds of pounds collectively all at the same time.

Imagine a world that handled disagreement with exercise contests instead of war?  The Indians used to do this with Lacrosse. In fact, it was the original mediation platform—sport. Could you see Richard Simmons leading the way against another country?  We’d win hands down, smiling all the way.

Joy has its merits.

I believe.  I believe in America, more than I believe in left or right.  I believe in a land of goodness, where people do care and what we consider ‘simplicity’ is actually just more openhearted than maybe the rest, who practice learned judgementalism.  Is that a word?

After all, look at how we’ve changed.  Slowly our ideal of the American dream has allowed us to become so overwhelmed, we have forgotten the suffering of yore.  We have survived a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, Race Riots, Racism, Women’s Rights, Minority’s Rights, Gay Rights and we still innovate, stand up yet again, unite under tragedy and call America “the land of the free.”

It may now have become the land of the free ego.  The true tyrant that sways us from the inside out, sometimes without warning, only now we are too frazzled to see when this takes place and we succumb to it instead of taking the higher loving ground.  We are breaking under pressure.  Anger certainly moves things, but not like love.

Over time we’ve gone from party lines on telephones, to private lines!  We’ve seen the advent of answering machines, to be replaced by digital voicemail and the ‘need’ for everyone to have a cell phone and email.  Now, if you don’t have an email you might get hung up in the system for sure. How do old people manage this?  Not well, I have seen.

If we don’t have the latest download, we will get it, like it or not, under the guise it’s a fix or an update.  Forget it if you liked the way things were working, they’ve changed before you can catch up, taking one more bite out of an already taxed nervous system.

We’ve gone from bank tellers to automated ‘convenient’ drive thrus.  And we’ve gone from ‘user friendly’ ATMs to annoying dictating machines that won’t take a perfectly good bill for deposit as it the machine itself is suddenly the judge.

Long gone are the days of being attuned and capable of walking across a street by yourself without a light chirping at you in a sound that isn’t even harmonious to anyone or any bird or animal.  It’s just more reverberation echoing out a louder and louder world, where the people are becoming dictated to and

more stupid as we go, because we can’t think for ourselves and don’t assume people are dialed in to common sense.

And the latest corporate insurance “policy” is the policy that its for “your safety and convenience.”  When did TSA become my convenience?  When did policy I don’t even have a choice in or a say about become my convenience?  Some would have you believe that micro-chipping you is ‘convenient’ so you can purchase things easier at the corporate buffet.  

We’ve lost our sanctity both to ourselves and to other humans.

Consideration seems to have given way to corporate leveled hierarchy whereupon the agent on the line is completely unable to reason with you because the script doesn’t lend to that, and they are completely powerless.  Human’s lives are being displaced in exchange for the new corporate adaptation—guilty until proven innocent.  There is a pervasive brewing undertone of corporations hissing at customers that due to an ‘overwhelming amount of fraud,’  “we’ve had to implement these new procedures (that basically have you as the bad guy when you are the paying customer).”

Where is the truth?


Underneath the ego.

Far beneath the ego.

In the land of spirit connection however that looks to you.

In a place where an inner knowing of love still exists.

There is the truth.

We are resilient and sometimes we need to back up to correct what our egos created.  But, in the end, I still believe in love. I hold out for more awareness and more love, even yet, amidst the summer of the 2017 Solar Eclipse.  We are what we make it.

Let’s make it love.

“Go Jolly”


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