By Joyce Parmelee 




Adding a New Pet to the Family

Adding a new pet to the present pet family is always an adventure.  You have your highs and lows.  If you have cats, well there's a lot of hissing, some growling and yes if you can believe it even some sulking!

I have 5 cats and my number is 6, always has been.  So last year due to some of my kittys going over to the Rainbow Bridge because of various old age issues, I was down to 3.  I haven't been down to 3 in awhile.  My husband was overjoyed we were at 3, silly man he should have known it could not last.  So about a year ago I got 2 grey kittens who were brothers which brought me to 5.  Those two grey kittens ran over my husband (literally) all the time.  They were the only kittens that I have ever had that were pretty submissive at least to my other cats.  Everytime Salem, Luna or Savannah would hiss at Bert and Ernie (since I brought them into the house I figured it was only fair to let hubby name them), Bert and Ernie would literally fall over.  Completely hysterical.  It was like the big bad wolf was blowing the house down and they just fell over on their sides in total submission.  Wow.  So now its a year later and Bert and Ernie are each over 10 pounds.  Apparently I grow big cats. 

So last weekend we drove to a coworkers house to pick up a 7 week old female kitten.  She didn't know what the heck was going on.  Her mom and siblings were gone and she was in a new house with new people and big cats.  I mean she's tiny so everyone else looks completely huge.  Well let me tell you right now she is not going to be submissive (not in the least).  She hissed at every one of my cats and told them what for.  They hissed back.  Salem who is four years old and about 13 pounds ran away and under the bed.  I am sure to his kitty mind who knew what this new tiny thing would do to him.  I mean she could just go crazy on everyone.  Well it has been 3 1/2 days and pretty much everyone has touched noses except for Luna (who is still sulking) and Savannah (who is thinking if I ignore it, it will go away).  The one year olds, Bert and Ernie, are figuring out they can play with her.  Salem well he always plays Dad and grooms all the new kittens but Xena (well for now that's what we will call her) is not having it.  Very independent this one.  She has gone to the potty in the litter box (JOY!!) and is eating some canned food.  So we are on the road to a semblance of normal.  That's probably not what hubby is thinking but hey i'll take what I can get.   It took Luna a whole year to get used to the boys without being really crabby so we shall see how it goes with Xena.