By Joyce Parmelee 





Now I don’t know about all of you peeps out there but I have trouble meditating sometimes.  Especially shutting off all the monkey chatter going on in my brains.  Oyyyy!!!  Not to mention going over hill and dale to meet the Buddha at the top of the mountain. Giggle.  So here is the wording for what I used for my Karma Kitty Hour Internet Radio Show Meditations.   I prefer to do this to Shamanic Dreams by Anugma but that is me.  Whatever music works for you will do.  If you have issues going to sleep this works just as well as counting sheep!!!  Adam Hurst cd Ritual is awesome if you like cello music!!  If you wish to receive messages from loved ones who have passed (human or animal), please set your intent before starting the meditation.  If doing this before going to sleep, keep a pad and pen by your bed so when you wake up at 3am or 4am you can write down what you experienced.


You are in a room sitting in your chair.  Relax breath in and out, in and out.  There are closed French doors at the end of the room. Walk towards the doors and open them. (Cello Music playing in background). Listen to the melody of the music and follow it down the path winding around and down. You will come to a clearing where there are trees and a lake.  Down by the lake there is a big blanket. Those who wish to be in the healing circle sit on the blanket otherwise there are cushions in the clearing to sit upon.  Relax and breath in and out, in and out. You may also bring loved ones that are sick and have asked for prayers to be said for them along with you in your mind.  Imagine reaching out your arms and holding hands with others. Your spirit guides and angels will be there to fill in the gaps and as we have a few animal communicators in the group you may also have your totem animals or pets joining in. Loved ones or pets that have passed may come around as well. Imagine healing energy going from the left to the right.  Left to the right.  Then stop a min. and hold it within yourself then send it from the right to the left, right to the left.  Relax and remember to breath in and out.   Send the healing energies outside of the circle to those who wish to accept it.   Sit for a moment and just be still breathing in and out feeling the healing energies around you.  Before we leave thank all those who have come to be around you, your guides and angels, your pets and loved ones.  Now it is time to leave so start back up the path follow the melody and it will lead you back to the French doors.