~Innocence Lost ~ 

By Mindy Beazer


Chapter Fourteen


Katie was still unconscious when she arrived at the Hospital. She was rolled into a room where a nurse drew her blood. An ultra sound tech performed an ultrasound on Katie. Dr. Martin a female ob/gyn viewed the ultra sound. Dr. Martin is surprised to find that Katie is only a little over a week along. How did the girl know about the baby? Her HCG levels wouldn’t be enough to set off a pregnancy test. She must have suspected she might be pregnant and had her blood drawn. The poor kid had probably had unprotected sex with a boy, and when she learned she was pregnant ran off to escape the fear of telling her

parents. Dr. Martin shook her head. Since the girl was in the very early stages of pregnancy the hypothermia had done no damage to the baby. Everything looked fine, but there would be a high risk of miscarriage. The Doctor was surprised that the girl hadn’t suffered a miscarriage already. But at this stage there was nothing the Doctor could do; time would tell whether or not she carried the baby to term. The odds were against it though. After the ultra sound Katie was moved to a hospital room, where the Doctor tried to revive her. Katie slowly came around, finally her eyes opened to see a strange woman leaning over her. Katie’s eyes moved around the room, I’m in a hospital! 


“Can you tell me your name?” Dr. Martin asked.


“Katie.” Katie mumbled in confusion. How had she gotten to the hospital?


“Katie, what’s your last name?” The Doctor asked.


“Anderson, where am I?” Katie asked.


“You’re at Denver Medical Center.” Dr. Martin answered. “Katie how old are you?”


“Sixteen.” Katie answered trying to get her bearings. 


“Katie, can you tell us your parent’s names.” Dr. Martin asked.

“Why?” Katie asked.


“We need to get in touch with them, let them know where you are.” Dr. Martin answered gently seeing the fear in the girl’s eyes.


“My Mom is Lenore Anderson; her phone number is 509-926-4976.” Katie answered reluctantly. 




Dmitry tried to land his helicopter on the roof of the hospital, where the medical helicopters landed. But the authorities would not allow it. They didn’t care how much money was offered or who Dmitry was. So Dmitry was forced to land at an Airport and arrange for transportation, which took time. Giving Dima the break he needed to catch up. Dima arrived at the hospital first having set several speed records getting to the hospital. Arriving at the admissions desk Dima inquired about Katie. He was told she was in room 405, on the fourth floor. But when he arrived on the fourth floor, he was stopped at the nursing station.


“Can I help you Sir?” An older nurse asked.


“I’m looking for Katie Anderson, I was told she’s in room 405.” Dima answered.


“Are you family?” The nurse asked sizing him up.


“No. Not exactly.” Dima answered.


“You’ll have to wait in the waiting area. The Doctor is in with her right now.” The nurse informed him.


“I need to see her.” Dima argued.


“I’ll tell the Doctor you’re here, but no one is allowed in that room without permission from the Doctor, unless their family.” The nurse told him her tone broking no argument. Dima had no choice but to go down to the waiting room. Dmitry finally arrived at the hospital but had no more luck than Dima. The nurse didn’t care if he was the father of Katie’s baby. She still wouldn’t let him in the room. So Dmitry headed to the waiting room to wait. Entering the waiting area Dmitry faced his brother. The waiting room was filled with Dima’s friends, and Dmitry’s guards, neither side was comfortable with the situation.


“I don’t believe it the mighty Dmitry has been reduced to standing in a waiting room too. Wouldn’t the nurse take your bribe?” Dima asked with sarcasm.


“This isn’t helping things Dima.” Dmitry stated too tired to argue with his brother.


“You kidnapped her!” Dima accused getting into his brother’s face. He was furious with Dmitry.


“I was protecting her.” Dmitry stated his fists clenching.


“You did it to keep me away from her, but its not going to work. She’s mine, so back off!” He warned clenching his fists.


“Yours? Than what was she doing in my bed? And why is she carrying my child.” Dmitry retorted to angry to guard his words. If his brother wanted another fight he would give him one.


“You bastard!” Dima started to swing at his brother but Dmitry dodged the blow. Dima’s friends grabbed him holding him back.


“Dima calm down we’re in a hospital! You’re going to get us arrested.” Bill told them nodding to the people scurrying from the room.


“I’m not leaving until I talk to Katie.” Dima stated taking a deep breath to calm down. His friends slowly released him.


“What do you hope to accomplish?” Dmitry asked. “You’ll only scare and upset her Dima.” Dmitry continued calmly. His Dad would really be pissed if they got into it in a public place. He needed to try to calm Dima down.


“I’m not the one she’s running from.” Dima needled. He wanted to tear his brother apart. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Katie in his brother’s arms and it was making him crazy.


“If you care about her you’ll let it go Dima. She carries my child, and I won’t give them up.” Dmitry answered keeping his voice low.


“She belongs with me; it’s obvious you can’t care for her.” Dima pointed out, hitting his brother below the belt.


“I made a mistake. I was only trying to protect her.” Dmitry replied in his defense. His brother’s words cut deep and reminded him of another woman he had failed to protect.


“Face it Dmitry you can’t make her happy, but I can. She was happy with me.” Dima lashed out at him again. He wanted to hurt Dmitry. 


“If you made her so happy why did she spend the night in my bed? I didn’t force her into my bed, she came willingly.” Dmitry lashed out in return.


“You seduced her, not a hard job considering she was an innocent. I could have had her if I had wanted to push her.” Dima replied his anger boiling over. 


The two brothers glared at each other, Dima was itching for a fight and Dmitry was to the point of obliging him. But as they headed for each other Sergei stepped into the room. He had listened at the door.


“That’s enough, your just making things worse for that poor girl, and yourselves. Katie’s family is here. Her mother and Grandmother are talking to the Doctor right now. Her mother is not happy with the situation; you’ll be lucky if she doesn’t grab her daughter and leave. She’s not going to be easy to deal with.” Sergei said entering the room. He walked across the room toward his sons. His angry gaze settled on Dmitry. ”You have a lot to answer for.” 


“There he is I want him arrested. He raped my daughter!” Lenore declared pointing a finger at Dmitry. She was standing in the doorway with a detective and several officers. “Arrest him!” She ordered when the men continued to stand next to her looking uncomfortable. Detective Kyle Roberts swallowed hard and walked

toward Dmitry Daratrazanoff. He could kiss his career goodbye he thought glumly.


“Mr. Daratrazanoff I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to come with us.” Detective Roberts said.


“What is the meaning of this?” Sergei demanded stepping in front of his son to block the Detectives path.


“Mrs. Anderson is alleging that you’re son Dmitry raped her daughter.” Kyle answered sweat breaking out on his brow.


“That’s ridiculous. My son is not a rapist!” Sergei stated. Christ! If they arrested Dmitry it would be all over the news.


“Her daughter is a minor I have to take him in for questioning.” Detective Roberts pushed passed Sergei. “Mr. Daratrazanoff you’re under arrest..” He started to say.


“On what grounds?” Tom Nowlin asked as he pushed his way into the waiting room. Tom Nowlin was the head of the law firm that represented the Daratrazanoff family.


“Glad you could make it Tom.” Dmitry greeted breathing a sigh of relief.


“Rape of a minor.” Detective Roberts answered groaning inwardly. Tom Nowlin was every cop’s worse nightmare.


“Who filed the charges?” Tom asked.


“I did, I’m her mother.” Lenore stepped forward.


“You’re?” Tom questioned with raised brows.


“Lenore Anderson. He raped my daughter Katie.” She pointed to Dmitry.


“I see.” Tom said thoughtfully.


“We have to take him in.” Detective Roberts stated.


“You have no grounds on which to arrest my client. Mr. Daratrazanoff has had no contact with Miss Anderson in the state of Colorado. Any alleged contact between them occurred in Los Angeles. That’s out of you’re jurisdiction I believe.” He told the Detective. 


“He’s lying.” Lenore stated.


“You can verify this with Miss Anderson.” Tom pointed out ignoring Lenore.


“Stay with Mr. Daratrazanoff.” Detective Roberts ordered as he turned on his heel. It took only a few minutes to question Katie who was pretty groggy from the sedatives. Leaving her room he returned to the waiting room feeling greatly relieved. “I’m sorry we bothered you Mr. Daratrazanoff.” He apologized nodding to his men to follow him.


“Just a minute..” Lenore chased after them. “Why didn’t you arrest him? He got my daughter pregnant!”


“Mr. Daratrazanoff had sex with you’re daughter in California. I questioned you’re daughter. She has not seen Dmitry since she left California. You’ll have to file charges against him in the state of California.” He answered continuing down the hall wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. He could only hope the Daratrazanoff’s wouldn’t sue the department.


Lenore was outraged by the Detectives departure. Walking back toward her daughter’s room she spotted the Doctor. “Excuse me Doctor, I was wondering if you could tell me who I needed to talk to about terminating my daughter’s pregnancy?” She asked.


“We don’t do abortions at the hospital, I can recommend a nearby clinic.” The Doctor answered with a frown.


“How soon can I take my daughter home?” She asked determined to end her daughter’s pregnancy as soon as possible.


“I’d like to keep her overnight.” The Doctor answered.


“I don’t have a lot of money, and I would like to avoid paying more than is absolutely necessary. If you don’t mind I’d like you to release my daughter.” Lenore said.


“She’s still heavily sedated. And moving her now will put the baby at risk.” The Doctor told her.


“She’s not keeping the baby so what does it matter. I can care for her at home.” Lenore replied.


“Very well, I’ll see about getting her discharged.” The Doctor reluctantly sighed. She felt sorry for the girl.


“Dmitry I want a word with you.” Sergei told him after the cops had left.


“Not right now Dad, I’m going to get an update on Katie.” He told his Father as he started to leave.


“I don’t think so. You stay away from that girl.” He ordered.




“I mean it Dmitry you’re in enough trouble as it is. You were nearly arrested.” He replied grabbing Dmitry’s arm. “Go home.”


“No. I’m not leaving her.” Dmitry replied shaking his head.


“The Doctor is keeping her overnight. Her mother won’t let you near her. I’ll stay here and see what I can do.” Sergei told him.


“I’m staying.” Dmitry grumbled digging in.





“How is she?” Bernice asked as she entered her granddaughter’s room with Jaci.


“Mom what are you doing here?” Lenore demanded turning to face her mother.


“Katie, I came as soon as I heard you were in the hospital. How do you feel?” Her grandma asked ignoring her daughter as she leaned over to take her granddaughter’s hand.


“I’m ok Grandma.” She mumbled.


“What did the Doctor say?” She asked her daughter who was glaring at her. Jaci was cowering behind Bernice.


“She’s fine, their releasing her.” She replied anger evident in her voice.


“So soon? She looks awful.” Bernice said noting the pallor in her granddaughter’s cheeks.


“Yes. She just needs rest. I’m taking her home.”


“I’m sorry Aunt Lenore.” Jaci dared to say.


“I told you not to let her out of your sight! And now she’s pregnant!” She told her mother bitterly.


“Oh my poor child.” Bernice said as she gazed at her sleeping granddaughter her heart breaking.


“She’ll be well cared for.” Dmitry said pushing his way into the room.


“Get out!” Lenore ordered.


“Katie.” He said bending over her to stroke her face gently. She looked so pale his heart lurched.


“What did the Doctor say?” He asked still studying Katie. He silently cursed himself for the harm he had done her.


“Who are you?” Bernice asked her eyes wandering over him.


“He’s Dmitry Daratrazanoff Grandma.” Jaci told her when he remained silent.


“You have no right to be in here, I’m calling security.” Lenore warned as she stormed out of the room.


“What did the Doctor’s tell you?” He asked Jaci his eyes were so cold and remote yet he touched Katie with such tenderness.


“They told Aunt Lenore she’s fine, their releasing her.” Jaci answered backing up a step.


“What?” Dmitry muttered his eyes moved over her pale face. “I’ll be back.” He muttered and stormed out of the room. He tracked the Doctor down. “Why are you releasing Katie?” He asked anger evident in his voice.


“Her mother requested we release her.” The Doctor answered feeling cornered by Dmitry who towered over her.


“Why? She’s sick!” He demanded his face darkening even more.


“She said she doesn’t have the money to pay the bill.”


“She doesn’t have to pay the bill, I’ll cover all costs for her treatment.” Dmitry assured her.


“I don’t think that will make a difference. She is determined to remove her daughter from the hospital. I told her it would put the baby at risk, but she said she intends for her daughter to abort the baby.” The Doctor told him. She was breaking several laws by telling him this.


“I see. Katie stays Doctor. I’ve called in our family Doctor to take over her care. You are not to do anything that will put my child at risk.” He ordered before walking away. 


“Problem?” Leonid asked joining Dmitry as he walked.


“That bitch is becoming a real problem!” Dmitry muttered. “She went to get security. I want you to send some men down to the parking garage. Have them bust out a bunch of windows. That should keep security busy for a while.” He ordered. Security would have to fill a report out on every damaged vehicle. “Tell them to take down the plates of each car they damage. They can start with our rigs.” Dmitry added.


“Done.” Leonid said he stopped outside the waiting room to pass along Dmitry’s instruction to the other guards. “Dmitry wants you guys to go down to the parking garage and bust out some windows. He wants to keep security busy for a while. Take down the plates of cars damaged. Start with our rigs.” He told them quietly raising a few brows among the men.




“Tom I need you to call Judge McAlister and get a court order.” Dmitry told him finding him with Sergei.


“For what?” Sergei asked.


“To bar Mrs. Anderson from forcing Katie to have an abortion. I want a protection order that keeps her from doing any harm to my baby.” He answered still fuming over the issue.


“I’ll call the judge.” Tom said pulling his phone out.


“Make it quick she’s trying to get Katie discharged.” Dmitry grumbled loosening his tie.


“Now wait just a damn minute.” Sergei ordered them holding up a hand. 


“Dmitry think about what you’re doing this has gone far enough?”


“What do you mean?” Dmitry asked.


“She’s only sixteen Dmitry, too young to have a baby. I think her mother may be right, terminating the pregnancy sounds like the right call under the circumstances.”


“I don’t believe this. You would kill your own grand child. And you call me a monster!” Dmitry couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


“I’m not saying it isn’t a hard call to make, but that girl shouldn’t be forced to raise a child alone.” Sergei replied.


“She won’t have to. I fully intend to marry her.” Dmitry said.


“Her mother will never agree to that. Use you’re head if this gets out its going to cause a huge scandal and hurt Daratrazanoff Industries.” Sergei replied determined to reason with Dmitry.


“This has nothing to do with it causing a scandal. You want her to have an abortion so she can be with Dima.” He retorted in disgust.


“Dmitry he loves and needs her.” Sergei sighed.


“And I don’t.” For a moment pain flashed into Dmitry’s eyes. Turning away from his father he went back to Katie’s room.


“Yes this is Lenore Anderson, I want to make an appointment for my daughter to have an abortion.” Lenore said into the phone ignoring her mother who was glaring at her. “As soon as possible.” She said into the phone. “That will be fine.” She replied taking down the appointment information.


“How can you do this to her?” Bernice demanded as her daughter hung up. “You’re going to destroy her if you force her to have an abortion.”


“Shut up mother!” She replied angrily. The sooner the baby was dead the better. Dmitry Daratrazanoff was really starting to get on her nerves.


“If you don’t stop pushing her she’s going to try to kill herself again. And maybe this time she’ll succeed.” Bernice raged at her daughter. “Is that what you want? To see you’re daughter dead?”


“What’s going on?” Dmitry asked as he entered the room having heard them from the hallway.


“How did you get passed the security guards?” She demanded. Security was supposed to keep him out. She stormed out into the hall only to find the Daratrazanoff guards guarding the door.


“How is she?” Dmitry asked leaning over Katie.


“Still sleeping.” Bernice asked noticing how he gently stroked Katie hair and face.


“Dmitry.” Katie mumbled her eyes fluttering as she struggled to wake up. 


“I’m here baby.” He told her gently. Her hand reached up to touch his hand on her face.


“Please don’t leave me.” She told him her voice husky.


“I won’t I’m going to be right here I promise.” He answered sitting on the edge of the bed.


“Thirsty.” She said struggling to keep her eyes open. Her lids were so heavy.


“Here.” He said holding a glass to her lips. He lifted her up so that she could drink.


“Thanks. I’m so tired.” She told him when she had drank down several swallows of water.


“I know. Go to sleep you’re safe.” Dmitry told her gently stroking her hair until she fell asleep.


“What are you doing?” Lenore was outraged to find him touching her daughter.


“I’m calling the police.” She threatened.


“You do whatever you want, but I’m not leaving her.” He declared as he stared at her coldly. He watched as she stormed from the room again.


 “My daughter is a fool.” Bernice said from her chair next to the bed. “She doesn’t want what’s best for Katie; she’s always been cruel to her. Katie’s had a hard time living with her mother, and that temper of her’s. My daughter flies into rages that are mostly directed at Katie. She’s been known to beat Katie in her rages. As a result Katie suffers from depression. That’s why I brought her to California with me. I had hoped that a week away from her mother would help her. And in some ways my prayers have been answered. Whatever you do don’t let Lenore take Katie back to Spokane. Her only chance is to stay with you. Katie’s a good girl; she must love you a lot. She’s not the type to just jump into bed with a boy. She’s never even had a boyfriend before. She’s such a lonely girl; all she’s had is her Grandma.” Bernice told him her voice sad but firm. He

didn’t know what to say. Dmitry was stunned by the picture Bernice painted of Katie’s life. He was enraged at the thought of anyone hurting Katie. 


“Don’t worry I don’t intend to let Katie go. And I give you my word that Katie will never want for anything. I don’t intend to ever let any harm come to her as long as I live.” Dmitry assured Bernice coming to stand in front of her.


“That’s all I needed to know. I’ll try to talk my daughter into allowing Katie to marry you.” Bernice told Dmitry after studying him for a moment. She saw all she needed to know in his eyes. He would take care of Katie.  It was lucky that her granddaughter had been sedated; she was too groggy to give her mother any answers. Lenore had been left to stew until her daughter came out of the sedation. She would stay with the girl constantly until she awakened. Bernice prayed that Katie wouldn’t lose the baby. The child would give Katie a chance at a life most people could only dream about. The hard part would be getting her daughter to consent to letting her daughter get married. Lenore didn’t want her daughter to have the kind of life she would have as a Daratrazanoff. If it was Kathy she’d have already called in a minister, but she disliked her older child. Bernice would do all she could to help Katie.


“The Daratrazanoff’s want us to come to their ranch, so we can discuss the situation.” Bernice told her daughter when she returned.


“We’re going home.” Lenore stated in anger.


“Katie is in no condition to travel. The Daratrazanoff’s want to have Katie air lifted to their home, where their private physician can look after her.” Bernice replied. 


“This is all your fault! You were supposed to look after her, but instead she’s out sleeping around with boys she just met.” Lenore raged at her mother.


“There was only one boy, and he’s from a good family, he wants to marry Katie.” Bernice answered firmly.


“Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you mother. Well there’s not going to be any wedding, because there’s not going to be any baby. I spoke to the Doctor their going to give her the morning after pill.” Lenore told her mother.


“The Daratrazanoff’s won’t allow it.” Bernice told her daughter. 


“They don’t have any say in the matter, she’s my daughter. The Doctor should be here in a few minutes.” Lenore replied.


“Over my dead body!” Bernice declared rising to her feet she left the room.


“Mom!” Lenore warned starting after her as she realized her mother would head straight for the Daratrazanoff’s.


“My daughter has instructed the doctor to give Katie the morning after pill.” Bernice told Dmitry who was standing outside the room arguing with his Dad.


“What?” Dmitry’s face darkened.


“Damn you.” Lenore muttered catching up with her mother. She was relieved to see the Doctor approaching.


“Dmitry, enough!” Sergei ordered when Dmitry started forward intending to block the Doctor. “Katie is her daughter, it’s her decision!”


“She’s not killing my child!” He declared attempting to shake his father off.


“It’s not a baby at this point just a mass of cells.” Sergei pointed out determined to stop Dmitry.


“How can you say that? You’re talking about your grand child.” He asked unable to believe that his Dad would allow this to happen.


“She’s sixteen, she’s too young to be a mother.” Sergei told him signaling his men to grab Dmitry. A move that is blocked by Dmitry’s guards.


“Tell them to stand down!” Sergei ordered.


“Doctor, please.” Dmitry called out jerking his arm free of his Dad’s hold. Sergei reluctantly released his son aware of the spectacle they were creating.


“I’m sorry.” The Doctor said and continued to the door of the room.


“Doctor, this is a court order of protection signed by Judge Waters. You are not to do anything that will bring harm to the baby.” Tom said handing the order to the Doctor having arrived in the nick of time.


“What? You can’t do that!” Lenore yelled angrily.


“I’m sorry Mrs. Anderson, but I have no choice but to obey this order.” The Doctor said after quickly scanning the document.


“You’re not going to get away with this.” Lenore said before storming down the hall. She intended to call a lawyer and get the order removed.


“What took you so long?” Dmitry snapped at Tom.


“Sorry we had to locate a Judge.” Tom replied.


“Christ! That was too close!” Dmitry muttered. “We need to get her moved to the ranch.”


“Are you out of you’re mind?” Sergei asked. He had never seen Dmitry like this.


“Dad you can either help me or stay out of my way.” Dmitry warned he was through arguing with his father.



In her room Katie was struggling into her clothes. She had awakened to hear her mother say that she was going to be forced to take the morning after pill. Her mother intended to kill the baby! She needed to get out of the hospital before they killed her baby. She was determined to keep the baby no matter what. Where was Dmitry? He was supposed to be protecting her. Yanking out the IV she crept to the door. She could hear yelling on the other side of the door. Her mother was fighting with the Daratrazanoff’s further down the hall. She crept out of the room slowly and dashed across the hall to another hall way. She was so groggy she could barely see where she was going. She some how found her way out of the hospital where she found a taxi waiting. The driver having just dropped off an elderly man. Getting into the car she asked to be taken to the bus station. She only hoped she would have enough money to make it back to Spokane. If she could get there she could call her Dad. Maybe he would be able to reason with her mother. Leaning her head back on the seat she fell asleep. The driver wakened her twenty minutes later.”


“Miss, wake up were at the bus station.” The driver said as he shook her.


“What? Where am I?” She asked jerking awake.


“The bus station. Are you alright?” The cabbie asked in concern.


“I’m just tired.” She answered opening her purse to pay the fare. Getting out of the car she went to the ticket booth.  She was in luck a bus to Spokane would be departing shortly. It took all of her money to buy a ticket but she was soon seated on the bus bound for Spokane.




Pushing his way into Katie’s room to make sure she was alright and hadn’t been disturbed by all the fighting in the hall Dmitry froze. Her bed was empty, a quick check of the bathroom showed she was gone. He noted the hospital gown

on the floor and the IV tube that was leaking on the floor. She had taken off again! Turning he headed out into the hall.


“Katie is gone.” He told Leonid who was waiting outside the door.


“Again” Leonid asked with raised brows.


“She can’t have gone far she’s heavily sedated. She’s probably hiding here somewhere.” Dmitry said with a weary sigh. He was exhausted.


“How the hell did she get past us?” Leonid wondered aloud with a note of admiration.


“Find her. Her mother is bound to call the police when she finds Katie missing. We need to keep the cops out of this for now. Tell the men to rob a couple banks, that should keep the police busy.” Dmitry ordered quietly before approaching his father and Dima. “Katie is missing, she took off.” He told them.


“What? That’s impossible!” Sergei stated shaking his head.


“Go see for yourself.” Dmitry shrugged. “My men are searching the hospital, she couldn’t have gotten far.” He commented praying he was right.


“I’ll tell Dino to have the men start searching the floors.” Sergei muttered. This girl was turning into a real pain in the ass.


“Why would she take off, she’s sick?” Dima asked studying his brother. Had Dmitry managed to steal her once again?


“To protect the baby, her Mom has been ranting about forcing her to have an abortion” Dmitry answered worry evident on his face.


“Christ!” Dima muttered.


The guards searched every floor and room in the hospital and came up empty handed. Dmitry’s guards showed a picture of Katie to everyone they met.


“I remember her.” A nurse told Leonid when he showed her the picture. “I was outside smoking, I saw her get into a cab.


“Do you remember when you saw her get into a cab?” He asked. So she had managed to escape the hospital some how he wasn’t surprised.


“Yes, it was thirty minutes ago I was on my usual break.” She answered.


“Thank you.” He told her pulling his phone out. “Peter call all the cab companies in Billing find out which one of their drivers picked Katie up thirty minutes ago. Than get back to me.” He ordered when Peter answered.


“Ok.” He replied before hanging up. It took him fifteen minutes to track down the driver. “She took the cab to the bus station, where she purchased a ticket to Spokane, Wash. The bus departed five minutes ago.” Peter informed Leonid when he answered.


“Got it.” Leonid replied as he walked out of the hospital with Dmitry and stepped into a waiting SUV.


“Where is she?” Dmitry asked as he got into the SUV.


“On a bus headed to Spokane.” Leonid answered climbing in on the other side.


“Christ will have to stop the bus.” Dmitry muttered. “We need the chopper.” He told Leonid.


“I’ll call and have it pick us up outside of town.” Leonid replied pulling out his phone. He gave quick instructions to the pilot. “Did you tell your Dad?” He dared to ask.


“No.” Dmitry answered.


“He’s going to be pissed!” Leonid commented.


“I’ll tell him when we have her back.” He replied stonily.




“Your son has kidnapped my daughter!” Lenore accused loudly as she confronted Sergei.


“Dmitry had nothing to do with your daughter’s disappearance. She took off on her own. We have our men searching for her right now.” Sergei assured her praying his son wasn’t involved in the girl’s disappearance.


“I don’t believe you, I’ve called the police.” She stated with glee before walking away. She was looking forward to the arrest of Dmitry Daratrazanoff.


“Find Dmitry and get him out of here. Use force if necessary.” Sergei ordered Dino.


“He’s not here.” Dino replied. “He left with Leonid a few minutes ago.”


“Did he say where he was going?” Sergei asked his face darkening.




“Christ! He’s kidnapped her!” Sergei grumbled. Clearly his son was completely out of control.


“I don’t think so. His men have been tearing this place apart looking for her. I think they’re off pursuing a lead.” Dino said.


“A lead they failed to share with us!” Sergei said. “Christ what if he disappears with her?” He wondered a loud. He knew Dmitry was very capable of hiding Katie somewhere she would never be found.


It took the chopper an hour to locate the bus Katie was supposed to be on. Once they sighted the bus the chopper flew ahead setting down on the highway to bring the bus and several cars to a stop. Dmitry boarded the bus flashing a authentic looking FBI badge at the driver. “You have a federal fugitive on your bus.” He explained to the driver before walking up the aisle the searched the entire bus but came up empty handed. Katie wasn’t on the bus! Why would she buy a bus ticket if she didn’t intend to take the bus! Getting off the bus Dmitry ran his hand through his hair in frustration. What the hell was he supposed to do now? Where could she have gone? She didn’t have any money she had used up all her money on the bus ticket.




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