~Dream Speaker~

By Gary Hardin


The Festival of New Life Global Unity Event with GW Hardin


As we move out of the Great Chaos, we are now approaching the greatest moment in human history. The Winter Solstice Event was a resounding success with many of you asking us to call our community together again. This time we will add to the groundswell of efforts at co-creating a far better world. People from around the globe will once more join us as we unite with one another to electrify the powers of group intent that will foster new life-purpose in our rapidly changing world.


Leaders in global change have stated that the only thing that will save us from being a prison planet are unity events across our world. Our last unity event seems to bear that out. The last event had over a 100 people. That could occur again. This time we will using the Gateway of the Divine Marriage, as we move toward co-creating a reality based on Love and Oneness. This time we will use the 2-Xynchro™ configuration we used at the Yoga As Oneness Event, which people are still taking about. We look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center. As with last time, we may need extra space, so please RSVP Regina (bluepoppy999@msn.com ) who is sponsoring this event with the Alchemist’s Tool Chest from 7-8pm the night of the Spring Equinox. Let us know you are coming to make sure we have enough chairs. It will be another amazing event.


from my heart to yours,