~Dream Speaker~

By Gary Hardin



•  Techniques for eliminating blocks to
    the unlimited-Self
•  How to start a Gatekeepers Group
    (or modify a Power of 8 group)
•  Techniques for discovering your
    Genius-Self to bring healing and
 •  Scientific research proving unlimited
    potential of focused groups


 •  To discover the sources of
 •  To help yourself and others, across
    distances and across time
 •  To transform negative realities
 •  To have access to the Gatekeeper
 •  To access your Akashic Records
The Gatekeeper phenomenon is well known among indigenous peoples. Their society depended on the gifts of the Gatekeepers, who had access to other worlds, to provide for the tribe, whether that was finding herds or reading the stars or healing their wounds. What has come forth in modern times, from two different sources (angelic and scientific), are two other levels in which Gatekeepers may choose to operate. What GW Hardin and Gregory Joseph have discovered is that anyone can tap into these worlds through their Genius-Self, allowing groups who come together to co-create and alter reality as we know it. This is the time in our history for all of us to participate in co-creating a greater world that no longer limits us.
Register: www.xynchronicity.com/store/Contact: Regina Madsen … bluepoppy999@msn.com
please register early, the last two webinars sold out

Cost: $59 registration … partial scholarships available … Zoom info will be sent
What you need to participate in this online webinar:

It’s simple … a computer, an iPad, or a cell phone (w/ a browser). That’s it.

Who can participate?  Anyone.

How it will work for you:
When you register, you will then be given access to Zoom conferencing. The necessary app will automatically download to your computer or iPad or cell phone browser, when you click on the link we will send to you.