~Dream Speaker~

By Gary Hardin


Come join us at the Winter Solstice Event, a deeply felt community gathering. This global meditation event will center around the consciousness of Oneness using the theme “Holy Night, Holy Light.” We decided on this because of the tremendous polarization going on in our country at this time. As co-creators of new realities, we need to take action in fostering harmony from this chaos, calling our world into Unity.

Regina asks that you register early so there isn’t the usual logjam at the front door the night of the Solstice Event. We have to start on time because we will be joined by cities from around the nation starting at 7pm. Folks everywhere have raved about the last two events.

from my heart to yours,

Location:  Wheat Ridge Recreation Center … 4005 Kipling St … Map
Register: Xynchronicity.com …Regina Madsenbluepoppy999@msn.com
Cost: $20 registration … doors open at 6:15 …
sacred bowls music w/ Aurelia
   please register early, the last 2 events had sell-out crowds… limited seating
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