"Breathe and Sparkle--Fairy Talk"
Some dayz all we need to do is breathe and sparkle!
No matter who or what we are
Our hearts and souls still pulse
A breath as we sparkle close and far
That we always remember how much 
We have grown
That we are still here in peace
And we are not alone!
"So Spacey Kiss"
So flirty
So glitter
The universe
On Facebook and Twitter!
So purple
Sp swirly too
The dimensions
So curley Q!
So cosmic
Twinkle abyss
The stars
So spacey kiss!
"New Life--Miracle"
Newe life
A child is born
A new destiny to live
The light if a miracle
has begun!
Wonderous soul!
On earth to give
A new beginning
Adding to a precious family
it is done!
 "God is Smiling At You"
Breath in white
And see the light
Breath in green
And feel peace and serene
Look up at the blue!
God is smiling at you!
"Spiritual Lake"
Sometimes one's brain synapses
just need to switch gears
And take a jump in the 
spiritual lake!
"The Night Before Christmas"
Twas the night before Christmas
And all through our home
Not our cat was stirring
Nor the dog who is passed now
Just falling asleep to a poem
We awoke to a flurry
To a gentle blue light
Looking over us so lovingly
With sparkles of silver and white
A portal window appeared suddenly
 and we were amazed
To see all of our beloved family and friends
in Heaven as we gazed
They were smiling big and happily
Then letting us know
 they are always right here with us
Just a prayer away
Never letting us go
The portal then closed 
and we fell back to sleep
Later not sure if it was a dream or real
But a memory we would keep
Merry christmas to our loved ones
and friends who have passed on
May we always see their smiles
They will never be gone!
Love, Jan
Merry Christmas!



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