Dance It, Speak it, Poet
Part 2

"Love Wins"
A place where no worries deplete us
A place where energy is in surplus
Where time stops
Flow begins
Synchroncity abounds
And love wins!
"When you hit gravey mode
Life is Thanksgiving and Christmas everyday!"
"Universal Wings"
Make good of today
From your broken of yesterday
Hug the universe
And it will hug you back
Fly with your universal wings
And carry eternity!
"Find the ecstacy in the dance
In one's most innermost freedom"
"A Little Dangerous Too"
She lived in between many things
Never in only one place
But many at the same time
Her mind was partially fragmented
 from far too many traumas thru her life
Yet she was more stable than so many she knew
But an enigma to them
And a little dangerous too!
"With Diamonds In My Eyes"
Nothing is mine
None of it
Belongs to me
But I try to take responsibility
For all of it
All of my heart
But it gets taken
from me
I can never say
It was mine
Any of it
It seems
I keep trying to possess it
Any of it
I ask God
My higher self
My spirit
The universe
showing me
with no lies
That nothing
Is mine
As I reach
With diamonds in my eyes!
"Flying On Clouds"
The sparks she has ignites and love
is a fire stream
Her mind opens to newer journeys
She is a psychadelic dream
She is a love tonic with edges
That cut to the core
Her life is a kalidescope
With a tiger and butterfly
She does adore...
"Majestic Ecstacy"
Let's drink each others colors
Until we are overwhelmingly in majestic delighting ecstacy
of joy laughter and love
With each other!
"Melted Hearts"
When their bodies touch
They turn into butter
Melted hearts turn
into one beat
Their love is smooth
soft, a quiet utter
Sweet harmony
They are complete...
"Love--The Journey"
A journey inward
to the center of this dream
When do I wake up
I just want to scream!
The thing about love
is that it never dies
It just changes form
And starts new ties!
"We Love Love--Cloud 9"
Sometimes love is not always 
on Cloud 9
Sometimes love is realistic and fine!
"The Kiss"--Destiny"
I sent you a kiss
When it finds you
You will know it is me
Please find me
Our souls are free
In love's destiny!
"Giraffe Poem"
Put on hold
Do as I am told
Just want to have fun
I want to laugh!
It's time to run!
Go look at a Giraffe
"Zig Zagging"
Zig zagging
Curley Q
It's not always a straight line
As we live this life thru
We do what we need to do
And do it better when we know to
Zig Zagging 
Curley Q
As we live this life thru!
"The Embrace--Breeze"
Your breeze makes my 
destiny fly!!
"While Her Spirit Sings"
His mind was her salvation to her
His attention gave her hope to
spread her wings
His kindness gave her the next day
to live another
She took another breath
While her spirit sings!
"It Came Upon Me"
It came upon me
It was getting closer and so warm
It was light
It was gold and yellow
It was so bright!
But there was no need for alarm!
I saw these beings
They had no wings
They were angels and guides
I knew then
They were in front of me 
and by my side
They said everything about me was OK!
That I was LOVED!
And I felt so ACCEPTED!
So much of life 
has been a struggle
Some of it
I've been so rejected!
It was a miracle
I knew they had come to see me
But it wasn't my time yet
But now I know that feeling
As it came upon me!