Dance It, Speak It, Poet Part 2

By Jan Drake Bakke


"The Embrace--Breeze"

Your breeze makes my destiny fly!
"Sweet Love"
Sweet love
Hearts of a kind
Love touches the soul,
body and mind!
"Let's drink each other's colors
Until we are overwhelmingly in majestic ecstacy
Of joy , laughter and love
With each other!
"While Her Spirit Sings"
His mind was her salvation to her
His attention gave her hope to spread her wings
His kindness gave her the next day
to live another
She took a breath
While her spirit sings!
"Love Wins"
Where time stops and flow begins
Synchronicity abounds
And love wins!
"If the Universe Were Mine"
If the universe were mine
I's share it all with you
I'd give you the sun
And hold you warm and safe
In all you do!
I'd take the stars
from the sky
And make a necklace of love and light forever
For you and I
I'd take the animals
And make them all free
So we could ride on the wings of a bluebird
The fins of a dolphin
So joyously!
If the universe were mine
I'd make the meadows 
And turn them into multi colors
of rainbow jubilee
So we could run
and sing in them
Anytime we wanted to
We are free!
"My Web'
My web
Is safe
And protective
I keep myself close
to the weave
The weaver is my allie
Not denial
But still for awhile
I miss you
Did we poison it?
Did I push myself
into its tangled design?
Its poison is benign
The design is perfect
It is sublime
Is there still time
For us?
"The Kiss"
She longed for his touch
For her ecstacy in waiting
She was fire wrapped in water and air
In sensuous anticipating!
"For Me, For You"
She is the duality of sensuality
And naivity
While you are flying into this
I am waiting for you
As I am finding me
She will be the one to make the change
Becuz her heart carries a song
For you
For me
While you are flying into this
I am waiting for you
As I am finding me
For me
For you
She is a little dangerous
But this love will make
"Slowly Thru--Virgo Vibe"
I smelled your universe and liked it!
As I travel slowly thru
I see more of me
More of you!
I can't wait 
For our embrace
Let's stop the chase
Let's reach to each other soon
By the full moon
I need your touch
I want it so much
It's driving me wild
You have me beguiled!
"Hubby's Money"--(For some but not so much these days)
Good morning dudt!
How are ya honey?
Go get your coffee
And leave me some money!
A good morning kiss!
A hug for you
Do you want oatmeal or eggs?
A couple of 20's will do!
Have a good day
I shall miss you, I will
Drive carefully my love
Don't forget to leave me a bill!
It's tuesday already
I need to put out the trash
I need to do laundry
Will you give me some cash?
We need water and other things
I know I am a pecking hen
Honey, I love you, please leave me a ten!
You do so much for me
You take care of me well
Let me have your wallet
That will be swell!
"Valentine Scents"
Valentines scents are thoz who give off delighting aromas 
Some may smell of flowers 
whose tastes are  inviting and delicious
A Valentine is someone whose heart  never sours
And whose love is not suspicious
A Valentine could be crushed harshly
And but could regain their sweetness
and fragrant special disposition
A Valentine is you and I with many chocolate deep breaths and sighs
Of  colorful roses that keep us going in the 
Valentine's Day tradition!

"It Sinks In Again"
When love is over and
it sinks in again
And living comfortably numb
Until it sinks in again
And not knowing what to do
And it's under my skin
I tried and kept trying
But I can't keep losing
Some dayz I am fat
Some dayz I am thin!.....


How enchanting
As we meet again
With different looks
Different places
It doesn't end
Soul connections
Last forever
Thru the ages
Of non time
It is sublime!
"Love Is..."
Love is ecstatic
Enjoy it
Love is challenging
Have patience with it
Love is disappointment
Allow it
Love sucks
Deal with it
Love is sad
Cry with it
Love is hope
Pray for it
Love is sick
Go beyond it
Love is life
Honor it
Love is death
Surrender to it
Love is you and I
Cherish it!
We love love
Love is divine
Love is surreal
Love is for real
It defines our life
It completes our humaness
It belongs to you and I
It is our true nature
And after we die!
Happy Valentine's Day! 2019!
Love, Jan

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