Dance It, Speak It, Poet Part 2
By Jan Drake Bakke
"Oh Thoz Dance Dayz"
We were birds of a feather
Dancing at night
Traveling in unified dimensions
of sequin
and light!
"We cannot expect kindness from others
But we can give it!"
"Pieces of Us"
I cry for the pieces of you and I
Together our life cracks in motion of slow and fast
How did we manage so many years to last?
A new destiny is already here...
We luz some of them
They may turn on us
We try to be kind to them
They don't want to hear our point of view
They just want to be listened to!
 "If Hugs Were birds"
If friendship were my heart
I would give you mine
If love were the universe
We will fly thru it and shine!
If hugs were birds
They would fly you to paradise
If smiles were a song
I would smile my way to you at any price!
"Say Better Things"
Sometimes we or our family or friends hurt us
Words come out that aren't well said
Give them a chance
To say better things!~
"If Butterflies Were Kisses"
If butterflies were kisses
They would be heaven sent
With wings of silk dust and gentle flutters of sweet mists!
We would know that we had been kissed!....
"Breathe and Sparkle"
Some days all we need to do is breathe and sparkle
No matter who or what we are
Our hearts and souls still pulse a breath
As we sparkle close and far
That we always remember how much we have grown
That we are still here in peace and we are not alone!
"Shine on--Princess"
Shine on
Love and forgiveness
are the way
Put a butterfly on the chip on your shoulder
And transform
It's a brand new day!
"Tree Talk--Face in a tree"
Perhaps the fairies
the flowers
and faces
in trees
Speak to us more than we know
We can feel their smells
essences and breeze
I would like to think so!
"She was Red"
She disappeared into the vortex
of another kind
It was an abyss
of many songs
Not just one
There were no rights 
There were no wrongs
She was fragile but fierce
But many didn't understand this
She was waiting for him
Her pain
Her bliss!
She was red
Enuff said!
She always dared to swoon
Loving and living by the moon!
"Underneath the Starz"
As I lie awake underneath the starz
My broken heart is reminded of the muzic that we gave each other
Thoz passionate dayz
Drinking each other'z wordz
I loved his colorz of ever hue
The blue
He waz my....
The wind breezez thru my being
and I look to the black in the sky
The universe is beckoning me to live here still
I ponder this and ask why?
Arch Angel Michael's sword
is penetrating his grace upon he and I
There is no more wicked
There are no more reasonz for a lie
I am touched by the sword now
and I will emerse myself in water
Drenched as I cry!
"Divine Resonance"
With unconditional patience
Divine resonance
I wait
I see
I feel
I tell
From the fire within
From birth
That connects heaven to earth
Slay me Dragon
I surrender to what it will teach
With my Savior's presence
Divine resonance!
"May Mish Mash"
So do the laundry
And take out the trash
Feed the Kiki cat
It's May Mish Mash!
Write a new poem
Is it a tune?
Scan a friend
Predictions come true
It's a new moon!
My heart took a turn
It sunk with a crash
I got back up again
It's May Mish Mash!
Happy May! And wishing you a wonderful May Mish Mash! 2019!
Love, Jan