By Jan Drake Bakke

"Vibrant Peace"

"Vibrant Peace--Enchanting Energy"


Allow it to be

embrace its flow

Don't force its nature

Let it be free

Let it go!


Breathe into it

Exhale its freedom

Align to its calling

When you feel it

You will alwayz want some!


Trust its pathway

Surrender to its increase

Channel its enchanting energy!

Vibrant peace!




"In every positive and peaceful attitude

There is a miracle being formed

And ready to be received!"



"If I Were I--Wind"


If I were I

I would trust my instincts  

and move like the wind

With excitement and wonder

Following my heart

And knowing there is no beginning 

and  there is no end!



"The girl at the window is alwayz relevant!"



"From Then to Now--Enjoy the Ride"


It's never been easy

An overabundance of discipline and work ethic

Perilous days and nights

Strenuous hours and seconds

Repetitive body bending and with icecream and pizza that beckons

That all catapulted into successes and confetti

That also produced

accidents and abuses

And a ditch with a machette


Into glorious love moments

Ecstacy and betrayals

That led to grief and fails

Loss, depression

Fairy tales


Caretaking and fatigue

Rubbing the life into others

Thoz million dollar suites 

were in another league


Into alwayz taking class

The dance a true love

Making money and tips galore

And searching for truth from above!


Into clairvoyant pursuits

With smells of roses

And colors of a kaleidescope

Shopping was alwayz a given for clothes

Detective clarity

Intuitive feelings become less scary


As animals lead the way

To protect our loved ones

and others in a day


To deaths

 and to death do us part

To poetic outbursts

Separation is not alwayz sad

It brings a new start


And singing a song

Into not wanting to really grow up

But we keep growing anyway

With fairy wings

As it is not half 

But a full cup


As life continues and flourishes

And tigers, dolphins, butterflies, dragonflies, cats, dogs, spiders, bats, horses, hummingbirds

and unicorns by our side

Into knowing more and accepting more of ourselves

As we all continue to do great things

With all new heartbeats

From then to now

Enjoy the ride!



"With Love Like That"


We are not alone

With love like that

With love like that


God comes for us

When we call

With love like that

With love like that


God takes a broken heart

And makes it whole

With love like that

With love like that


It's not too late

When we take a fall

With love like that

With love like that


Take me to your promised land

It seems I am ready to go

With love like that

With love like that!



I'm caught in this holding pattern.  Of a body that lives in quick sand.  It feels like I'm sinking in every part of my body.  Being pushed down and there is no way out.  Some dayz I can hold on and manage my way out of its capture.  The key is resting and letting it take its time. Every cell in the body has to run its course slowly. I can feel vibrations all over in my body. In the muscles. I am used to it. Still I can dance and walk and move in the quick sand on good days!


It feels like it has been a kind of half life.  Jail sentence at times.  On one level yet on other levels a brand  new way of life has developed. I have become more psychic than ever before. That I can remember except when I was very young. I saw people in these big things (orbs) I found out later flying across my room in colors. Red, blue, purple.  It was fantastic. I could hear people talking.  I thought everyone saw and heard this. I have lost friends and gained new ones. I am not afraid of truths. Or death anymore. I have seen it and felt it this last year. I had another exit point. It came in august of 2018. A near death experience. It was brilliant!


It was close once again.  I was not afraid.  In fact, it felt like I was melting into another room. It was going to be another dimension. It didn't look that way though. It was just another room coming very close to me. All I had to do was walk in. I was fading from this reality to another. It was not painful. I was very very tired and I saw this room open up toward me and with these lovely light beings. Without wings. It was not my time to go though. I now know it will not be scary when the time comes. They are there to get us. How comforting. 


There is way too much passion and life left in me to live, love, achieve, give, and share.  In every way. In body, mind and spirit. It will be done. I know it will.  I have talked to psychics and have been told such wonderful things of a future to come. It is happening now. I do not want to miss it. I look so forward to it. Good health is part of it. As many other things too. I can't wait to be freed of this horrific maladjustment that has been with me in my body for so long. It has been a treachorous imbalance and stress of body alignment and function. Which we know that starts in the energy system and mind of oneself.



No matter what we have to deal with in this life we can choose to carry on in majestic ways. To still acheive, thrive and help others. The passion is what saves us.  Our decisions to choose life, to beleive in our dreams and to focus on our abilities carries us and keeps our life going. 


There is this future to be supposedly.  I am waiting and also making it happen every minute. It is interesting to be told a future. One must not completely rely on this however. Things change and outcomes are not always as they are told by predicters. They are only possibilities. Yet the possibilities are fun to think of. Nothing is set in stone. The future is what we make of it. As a predicter myself this is what I tell my clients. We choose our future in every day and in every hour. We hold the possibilities with God as we breathe each breath. I wish you a magnificent future as miracles are all along the way! For each of us! Happy New Year 2019!



"Thoz Dayz--Surrender"


Thoz dayz between life and death

Thoz were hard dayz

Thoz challenging dayz

We thought were over

They visit again

With a vengeance or a miracle!

And we can only resort to surrender!


Surrender is a gift

It calls upon the divine

For our futrue and for our present

It holds the past in sacred timings

We live in all of them at once

As we surrender between life and death(This life and the next)

In this magical enchantment!


"I Can Change--Life's Dances"


I can change

Becuz I believe it

Therefore it is

I can change

My destiny

Thru my beliefs

In life's dances!


"Slow and Fast"


I'll be right there

Like you have been for me during thoz dayz

We broke each otherz hearts in marriage

As best friendz we still went separate wayz!


You left me a long time ago

And I didn't know

It's noone'z fault

But it's both of ourz

I was living too slow


I cry for peices of you and I

Together our life cracks in motion of slow and fast

How did we manage so many yearz to last?


You've been my everything

But it faded sadly

I've been your true love

And we lost each other

I've been so lonely

We use to fit like a glove


I'll be right there

Like you have been there for me thoz dayz

God has you back with me

I'll be right there 

For this time

As we change into healthier wayz

You'll be ok honey

Getting sick is not a crime!


"Earth Angel"


Earth angel

You are a clean slate

A brand new story

It's a new day earth angel

You are mystical, magical 

 and full of God's glory!


Remember not to judge yourself

Remember all is well

You are here for great and peaceful, vibrant things

You are here to tell!


"Thoz Wingz of Wonder"


She unfoldz her wingz of faith

As she stretchez her body in 

nature'z elements

She continuez trying to love being this woman in her life

Flawed, scarred

With many temperments

However she expresses her

She flyz

Soaring and falling!

Thoz wingz of wonder!


"Show Shoez"


Until we step in another'z heelz

We don't know their dance

Try to be more compassionate to each other

Sometimez there is only one chance


Be eazy on each other

Life is going by so fast

No time to loze

The curtainz open and cloze!

By the wink of our show shoez!



"Wild and Free"


I am wild and free!

Let the flowers and trees carry me

 Simple and alive!

For my soul to just be!



"Vibrant Peace--For 2019"


And look for laughter

In the day and in the night

And no matter what one'z plight

There is alwayz something to be grateful for

Which is quite right

A sip of champagne will be a perfect delight!


And let's be kinder to each other pleaz!

Without name calling or jealousiez

It's a good time for a fresh breeze

And hugging treez!


A New Year of 2019

As it takes on vibrant adventurez

Vibrant health

Vibrant connectionz

Vibrant love

Vibrant artistry

Vibrant finances to increase

Vibrant  divine telepathy and divine communicationz

Bringing us all closer together

In the New Year of

 Vibrant Peace!


God bless you in 2019

Love Jan