By Jan Drake Bakke

"May Mish Mash-- 2019"


"Angels Air"
Take some breaths of angels air
And go on
Nothing is completely fair
Jump on the train to
Heavenly town
Don't let anyone bring you down!
"Be At Peace"
Stop the k-os
Be at peace
And that is what you will attract!

"My Butterfly Shoez"


I would fly all over the earth

To find my shoez!

With wingz to amuze

Never to refuze

To find my butterfly shoez!

"Midst of Change"
In the midst of change and healing
We see miracles of our spirit unfold
With affirming it so
Angels come to caress us
With sparkles of gold!
"Purple Peace"
The red and the blue
Make purple so true
Peacefully and without a fight!
Let's let go of the anger
Let's enter the light!
"Touch Magic"
Sometimes we are held just by 
strings of our faith
Pulled along by 
wings of prayers
While we touch magic
And beleive in our dreams!
"Don't be so arrogant and  haughty
That you can't be kind!"
"With Greatness"


And if we can see the future

Then we can see beyond our identities that we hold onto so fiercely

We have many identities

That blend into our future with greatness!


"Just Breathe--Peace"
Take in the breath of life
For every minute and every hour
Breathe in the light of peace
And breathe out a heavenly power!
Some days all we do is just breathe
And that is enough for the day!
"A Fairy Spring Kiss"
Time to be light and airy
Time to kiss like a fiary
Time to spring upon a flower
Time to kiss it every hour!
"Walk Your Peace"
Walk your peace
And flower power
into the future
To find your dreams
Don't stop until you reach them fully
Your life will be full of lightbeams!
I live in not knowing so many things
While I walk in uncertainty and faith
My destiny is released
I ask for its appearance
For me to remember
Rapidly life shows itself daily
Slowly I take it all  in
my destiny doesn't quiver
It is my fear that does
I won't let that win
Silently in quiet observance
The answers come thru this dense interference
Thru some piercing
Some subtle
I am grateful for all of this experience
While I walk in uncertainty
With faith
And surrender
I am still loved
This I will remember!
"More Spring--Less Violence"
I am you
You are me
 I am not you
You are not me
Let's be in this life more peacefully
The more we bridge our differences
The less violence we may see!
"Hippie Chick--Lone Star"
Hippie chick
Poor girl
Rich girl
Don't take too long
Hippie chick
Sad girl
Happy girl 
Are you singin your new song?
Flower child dreaming up
 her life with you along
She was a lone star
With many riding with her
She was wild
She wanted to be free
But she didn't know where to belong!...