Change Needs to Happen Lesbians!

By Jill Evans


Stop the Insanity! 

As human beings we do what we can to survive. Survival is a basic instinct. We go after the five basic needs: survival, freedom, love and belonging, power, and fun. Society has shown how hard work and determination can lead to these needs and more. Life can throw obstacles in the way, but we learn how to surpass these obstacles and continue on our path of life. Systems have been developed to help when obstacles throw us completely off our path. The United States Welfare System was developed during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency through the Social Security Act. The system was put into place to help individuals who worked and came upon hard times through becoming unemployed or being underemployed. The ability to get food stamps, WIC, housing, unemployment, or use the legal system against companies was there in case a tragic event occurred or the main bread winner was laid off. The work or lack of worth ethic in today’s American society has taken this system and its programs and ran rampant with it.

Americans have developed a sense of entitlement. Some individuals feel the government and its programs owe them just for the simple fact they were born in the United States. Some individuals feel the government and its programs owe them because of their sexual orientation, race, religion, or culture. Individuals will come up with any excuse not work. “I have anxiety”, “I am diabetic”, “I have HIV”, “Companies won’t hire me because I am gay”. These “excuses” are completely asinine. There are many productive members of society working in all levels of industry who have anxiety, diabetes, HIV, or are African American, homosexual, Muslim, or any other minority. There are individuals who will start a job only to find any excuse to quit or get fired so they can collect unemployment because they really don’t want to work in life. Then when their unemployment is going to run out, they start the cycle all over again. How about the individuals who will always say this person or that company doesn’t like me because I am gay? He or she gets written up for being late over and over again, yet the individual says it’s because he or she is gay. He or she makes open comments to other employees about sex and is therefore written up, yet he or she says it’s because he or she is gay. These individuals go looking for problems in order not to have to work. They want to collect unemployment or to find an excuse to sue the company. Individuals will go as far as saying a company is harassing them but yet the individuals have never filed complaints with the Labor Board, have never written several formal complaints to the human resources departments, and continue to shop or use the company’s services even though supposedly this company is harassing them.

This is insanity. Why are we allowing this type of activity and laziness to happen in American society? We are making it too easy for individuals to not to work and live off of a system meant for individuals who come upon hard times. We make it too easy to sue simply for the fact we do not want to work and want to find easy money. It is sickening what individuals will do to get fast money. Look at the welfare fraud occurring in this country. Individuals are living in other states yet collecting food stamps in Pennsylvania. Several members of the same household are each collecting food stamps. Individuals are selling their food stamps for money. Individuals are

working under the table so they can get housing and food stamps yet are driving BMWs. Individuals will exaggerate their illness so as to get more money from the system. We all know people who are on all kinds of medications such as benzodiazepines or narcotic pain killers who do not need these medications. We all know people who blame others for their wrong doings. We all know people that will do ANYTHING to get the attention placed onto them. We live in a sick society anymore. What needs to happen is limit the welfare programs for those individuals who come upon hard times, to have to show you are trying to find employment, and to not let generation after generation live off the system because they think it is easy to do. What needs to happen is not allow companies to be sued simply because someone says they are harassed all because they don’t want to work in life. What needs to be done is to get control of mental illness at an early age. What needs to be done is to teach better work ethics through junior high and high school. And what needs to be done is to stop this insanity that is going to ruin our country.

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