Up Close and Personal with Brian T



Please support the RCA awards this year.  It is so crucial especially with everything going on right now in these divided times that we acknowledge the individual contributions of those within the community who are making a difference.  Yes there has been substantial progress over the past few years, but there is still a lot of work left to be done.  Harassment and bullying in schools continues to be a serious problem as well as teen suicides.  Last year's Shimmer Party was on a rainy chilly night when the Pens were playing a big game, but it was a honor to hear Bruce Kraus speak about being out in Pittsburgh and his extraordinary accomplishments in City Council.  I get the fact with social media there isn't as much of a motivation for people to interact in person like the good old days, but I had the chance to meet and learn about some really unique and interesting folks doing great things at last year's awards.  When leaders can come together, we can become energized and to be able to unite and be a strong force for positive change is needed now more than ever.  Also the title of Miss Pittsburgh Public Access TV is back in 2018 so vote for your favorite queens!  I'm happy to confirm the title is still trademarked and the trademark remains legally active.