The Return of Gypsy Caravan

Agony Aunt Column


DA Kelly Is Cooking up?

DA Kelly, rumor has it your making a stew. Stirring up trouble in the political zoo. It's a pinch of this and a pinch of that. A little bit of gossip and a lot of hack.

But DA Kelly, we know it's so true, undermining others some say it's good for you.

And DA Kelly we want you to know, stirring up trouble and making such a political brew, will not give you solstice, will not give you new.

The time is coming when you must see that you need to bring about the changes that need to be.

Oh, stuck to the side and step out of sight, resign your position or feel God's might.



Mayor Frank is Finished

Mayor Frank, yes, you have tightened your control. Show the people how much you really care. Tighten control, make sure that things are unfair.

You don't care, you wanna keep it your way.

Your going to squash anyone who doesn't want to play by your rules as you say. You don't care what they do as long a Mayor Frank is having his rule.

But the time has come, it's way past and in fact your karma's over due.

You may be Mayor but will it last? You better hope because your blood is going fast.

You can appoint who you want, that's what some will say, but each one you do is a mistake or a stake as some would say in all your foul play. Your coming down, there is no doubt, if you don't change your ways, Mayor Frank, will truly become the clown. You'll be the laugh of the town and all there can be. Oh Mayor Frank, change your ways or you know what might be.


DA Kelly in Quandary

DA Kelly, your friend Kevin's on the bloc. Oh Yea, the time is coming DA Kelly for you to loosen your flack.

Oh yes, the time has come. Play as much as you will but the time is coming down when you wish you would have made a will.

Because the time is ending, it's coming real fast, you better understand you got to face your past.

And just like things that start to unfold the corruption you hide will unroll.


My Speech before the school board on January 9, 2018

I want to thank you for this check. For this check represents more then you just honoring what the judge ordered you to do. This check is showing that you understand the mistakes that you made. This check is an apology for all the wrongdoing that you did not just to me but to your community. This check shows that you admit that you understand and know that freedom of speech is real and when you don't allow the citizens to speak there will be problems in the future.

This check shows that but you yourselves must know this is only the beginning. You must change, you must accept that in honoring the decision of what the judge said by issuing this check it's puts you on notice and it tells the public that it is time for them to speak up, it is time for them to tell the truth, and it is time for them to end your corruption, your deceitfulness, your hatefulness, and the things that have made you an arrogant board of individuals who, in my opinion, who is not serving the true needs of the school community.

I will be back for 6 pm's board meeting to speak for 3 minutes. If you think this will stop me you are wrong. All this does is prove that I was right to begin with and you better begin to heed my words because if not there will be lawsuits to make sure there are.


Johnny The Tree: Will he be Uprooted?

Oh Johnny the Tree, he sits as straight and tall but the winds have bent him, the political scenes. They've hacked at his trunk, they've hacked at the knees, they've broken the limbs and the rabble rousers have climbed the Tree.

Trimming here and trimming there make Johnny the Tree be oh so aware that the haters are out there as bad as they can be and Johnny the Tree is fighting the winter of storms, you see.

There's one from the left, there's one from the right, some feel like a hurricane's might.

The Tree doesn't bend much or at all but the Tree is swaying not standing so tall.

Oh, Johnny the Tree he's in for a sight because oh, Jack and the board, have got some Loggers in sight.

The Loggers you see are headed up by Frank and they are determined you see to chop down this Tree. Whoa, is Johnny, Johnny the Tree.


Bubbly Bryan

Bubbly Bryan Barbin is begging, circling out petitions for another term to stay in power.

Corruption's his game, he knows all the names, he knows who to run all the right ways.

He's fooled the people for way too long, he's still singing the same old song.

If you elect him it's guaranteed he'll continue to help the corruption, make sure it never unfolds for the people to see.

He loves what he does and you know behind the scenes some say he's playing a thing that he shouldn't, you see.

You kinda of wonder what kind of games he plays but let us assure you the numbers can say.

We know who he's seeing and what he is doing sometimes at night but hiding it by day. Who's he playing with and is it true? Are they younger then they should be? Are they you know who?

What's he doing some might say but some have a nick name. Some call him Bryan Bardello. Or is that Bordello? And what does he play?


Bobby Promotes Vince to a New Level

Oh Bobby, Bobby, rumors are abound. Your tightening your control of everyone around. Your going to whip the school board into shape and make sure that they realize never to play with such a snake.

You'll do what you can and your son will too to make sure the that Bobby machine is working it's way through.

There's lots more to be say, more money to be made, gossip to be spread and rumors to be laid and Bobby we know threre's lots you can do with all the garbage you like to spew. And your son's no exception from the Bobby type rule. He's a mold after his father and he knows who to screw.


Diary of Revelations

Diary tells all, secret deals, backyard bargains. Who paid who and why?

Will the truth be revealed? Or does Bobby have a plan to destroy it?

Stay tuned for more revelations on the Bobby's Empire saga, his control and deception, his judges, his pawns, his henchman.

Is the end near or will he tighten control? Time will tell or the Diary will.


Is This a Diary of Death?

Rumor has it, rumor on the street, that there is a diary of revelations about Bobby's empire.

What does it hold? What will it do? Bobby's not telling but perhaps the FBI knew.

Who has it? Who knows why? But the time has come to end the lies. Bobby's power is about to cease. He's tying to hand it over to his son so sweet.

That's not happening and as many shall know the time of Bobby is a time for him to go.

If he keeps it up who knows what it will create but one things for sure he has a fate. If he doesn't resolve to be honest and straight, he'll create himself much more then he sees, headaches and sorrow and they will not ease.

In time it will come, the revelations are not for his fun, and as one can say and Bobby knows true the end of his time is getting closer, and closer, we've seen all the clues.

His time has come, he'd better prepare, there's no stopping the darkness and his despair.


DA: Disturbed?

DA Kelly, oh willy wonder where you might want to go. We know you don't want to be a DA forever cause that's just way too slow. After all, why play with small amounts of money and accounts when you can get elected to higher positions and deal with much greater corruption of money then you do now.

Oh way, oh why we wonder, of what you really plan to do? Rumor has it you'd love a judgeship through and through. That you'd love a higher office because the DA's job is somewhat below you.

You have disdain, you have distrust, you think the DA job is really kind of a bust.

You've done what you did, you've did what you've can, you want to move on from the DA to a much higher plan.

Oh my, oh may, we wonder what DA Kelly is doin' to promote herself up, up, the corruption way.


Back Door Deals with Jack and Frank

The fight will appear, a bunch of clowns that seem to appear. That fight with each other. Will they help the city or make us scream? Oh, I want you to know it's better to be mean, it's better for us to create a scene. We've got a city but neither of us care. We've got some titles, citizens beware.

We look good in the public but we hate each other with a vengeance that be. We fight over nothing while the city disintegrates in front of thee.

And as we know of Frank and Jack, there playing their deals with Bobby the Hack. Who knows what they've cut, we know it's on the side, protecting their interests to keep it from being open wide.

We tell you we love you, oh Bobby so dear. We'd stab you in the back if only we could get that near.

We do what we can. We say what we will. We'll cut you a deal, Oh Bobby, though you are over the hill.


What lengths District Attorney Kelly Callihan is going too just to save herself and create havoc because she got caught.

Kelly has a certain amount of corruption going to such lengths to hide the fact of how she has been utilizing this forfeiture money, that she has secret accounts.

What about the safety of our community? She can't stand up and tell the truth? She can't stand up and be a leader?

How long will it take the state to take this over and set things up? Why did she do this? What is she really afraid of? And if she is doing this why doesn't she take the best step next and resign herself?

If she needs to do this she is not a leader that we need, she needs to resign and step down as District Attorney. Perhaps the state does needs to come in and run the DA's office. She is obviously not capable of doing that. And will Attorney General Josh Shapiro release all the records and admit the truth or is he part of the problem also? Time will tell but one things for sure. The Truth is somewhere out there.



​Well, The Gypsy knows as he travels he sees many of the player's that are here and there throughout the land. He is well aware that the players sometimes don't seem to want to take a stand.

​The Players just want to play and see themselves as the great Queen's and King's and great Players of the Past. Some of them don't want to face that the future has already erased that past and that many of them that think so highly of themselves must now face the fact of what they see in the mirror is of times gone by, of what they can no longer have the luxury to think that they are above the others that they so claim to lead, all those others that they claim to claim to fame. 

​Whether you are a sports follower or a Queen the time has come when one must look at the reality and know they are but of an Elder Scene. 


Shaking Things Up

​The mirror has shattered and it is definitely a sign to protect you from harm, to shatter the illusion that you need to be worried, that it is time to move forward leaving the old behind and embracing the new that is coming. 

​Sometimes you have to face the darkness of those around you, those that can not hide there contempt for you, those that envy you for being able to speak your mind, those that seek to manipulate others and do not want the truth to be known. Sometimes you will shed the light to expose them. 

Well, The Gypsy has this to report. Hey, you know when you're a Gypsy like me and your traveling around you hear all the things that are going on. 

​Well, politics is in chaos once again. Wow. And isn't that quite something. 

​Hey, there has been a shake up in our local political scene. And I'm not just talking about an election. Oh sure, that's of course, perhaps, part of the element but what's more importantly the electoral spectrum has been shaken up. It's been shaken up because someone is willing to stand up and say hey, guess what, do you want all the bull that is being thrown around this place and how thick it is and how so many of these politicians are so full of it?

Let's look at the reality of the situation and hey, maybe let's elect somebody that doesn't have a connection to any of these dam party machines. 

​Why you say? Because the Gypsy has found out is they are running scared. That's right. If we start electing people who might do something for us what might it do? We might even have to be, geez, what's the word again, free.

​Oh, that's it. In the land of the free and the brave we might elect people who actually might want to do something who aren't beholden to any special interest actually somebody who might actually think for themselves. I know that's a shocking affair considering how things have been run around this area for a lot of years but hey, when there is someone out there shaken things up oh, and there are a few people out there shaken things up. 

​So I'd say you need to stay tuned, contact the Gypsy and let him know what you think cause I'm traveling around and I'm hearing a lot of talk and it is time to shake up the status quo. Stay tuned. The Gypsy will have some announcements real soon. 






Did the King Maneuver?

​The Gypsy has heard somebody recently, someone that was sturdy like a Tree. And this Tree was so flexible that it moved with the wind, it bended with the times. Some say, it seemed it almost manipulated the elements around it. That in manipulating those elements around it even the elements didn't realize they had been manipulated. Even those that could have imagined that could not conceive such a thing could be possible, that someone could be so shrewd as to maneuver around those who are trying to upsert them, that they would maneuver around those that might, in a sense, try to create pain or suffering and maneuver enough sideways almost like a Tai Chi Master would moving with the flow so it's not even deflecting the aspects of the negativity or the hatred or whatever is being pointed at but it's bouncing back at those who would least expect it. 

​And the Gypsy has watched this all from a far seeing how interesting it is that this has been maneuvered as well as it has. That here we are in a position to watch the Master at work, one who let's those that want to manipulate and hurt others manipulate themselves into there own positions of discomfort, their own positions of hell. 

​Only one that is as calm and as controlled and at ease as a Master could do this in such a way so to make the others wonder why they even were attempting to do what they have done when all it has done is come back and haunt and hurt them. 

​But that's what happens when you are working with a Master Maneuvering Man. 



Merry Christmas, Bobby!

Here's the best present that we can give you. Guess what, Bobby, this is the last Christmas your going to celebrate being in power because your time has come. It's time for the truth to be set free and the corruption of Bobby's empire to come to an end. And you better believe there's enough people stepping into place to make sure that is going to happen. It's just that John DeBartola is leading the charge.

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