The Return of Gypsy Caravan

Agony Aunt Column


Bobby Turns To the Board of Ethics

Oh Bobby, Bobby, where are thou? In the lawyer's chambers and you wonder how. Oh, what's my fate? Oh, what might be? I'm trying to hide my salary from all to see. Oh, what an error that might be because certainly I am not free. Behind the bars I might be.

Bobby, it's time to fess up, it's time to become honest, it's time for you to stand up like a man. Be honest, be sincere. Tell us, what are you hiding? And if your not hiding anything then be honest and show us what you are not hiding.


The DA Can Set herself Free with the Truth

DA Caitlyn, oh, where can you be? Telling the truth I hope there be. If it be righteous and if it be right, telling us the truth or make it right.

I ask you to stand as strong as you can be and tell the public the truth of where the funds and they all be.




Bug Me Not, Or Be a Fool

Bobby, Bobby, all in my wall. Can the bugs tell you a story of whether I'm short or tall? Can the bugs tell you where all this information comes from? Do the bugs tell you the tale of all the woe's that there may be? And do the bugs tell you the tale of who and what there is to be?

The bugs are like listening devices on the wall listening and lookering where do I get ideas. Who and what and where do all my ideas come from? Let's put it simple and straight and make it as simple as can be so all the bugs will know I have a direct line to God, you see. with any questions orcomments.