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Agony Aunt Column


Freedom of Speech and God

​Freedom of speech. Last time I read the constitution that was one of the principles that our country was built on. 

Yet, it appears that many in power positions think free speech only means free if they are the ones talking, not anybody else. 

​Free speech means shutting anybody down, arresting those you disagree with and, if necessary, not responding if asked that board members are under investigation. 

​Shouldn't they stand up and admit they are under investigation? After all, might set a bad example for those that are arrogant and in power. We can't have that now, can we?

​Do we have the right to speak in this country? That's what it says in the constitution but is that how the local politicians take it? Or do they believe they are above all that? That they can threaten a citizen with a SLAP Lawsuit in order to silence them? Some say they are above the law. Some say they shouldn't be. Some say answers should be coming. 

​I say speak freely, speak the truth, as God says, set yourself free. ​Tell us the truth about the Diary and the investigation. 


Third Party: Criminals or Saints?

​Third Party Employees. That's an interesting subject, isn't it? If somebody is a Third Party Employee does that mean that nobody has to tell you who the Third Party is even if they are a crook? And what if they are family? 

What does the state, what does our nation, but, more importantly, where do we as citizens draw the line?

​Do we want honesty in government? Do we want open representation where the facts and everything is open so everybody can see? Or do we want a closed, secret government that is run by a handful of people who care only about their own interest?

​So that's, perhaps, is the big question. And that question is on the minds of many voters and people in the community. After all, you never know who will get a visit asking questions. You never know who might be in the Diary. 


School Board Investigation Sheds Light

Black and white. That's what words are in a Diary. What's the black and white of the school district? Well, the investigations coming and we can tell. Black and white? Did they do the community right or did they do it wrong? The investigation will tell. Will they be singing their swan song? Many of us think so.

There's been a lot of protests, a lot of action and a lot of board members down on the community for wanting them to resign but when the state announces what it's really found the community will be vindicated and we can only hope that the media and everybody else covers it with a thoroughness, honesty, and sincerity and sheds the light on what the truth is.

So now it is time for the community to listen, read, and understand what the state is saying and take back the power of their school district so that their kids can get educated.  



Prelude to School Board Cover Up?

​Well, anyone know what's in the Diary?

​Is it the continued corruption of a board member or 4? Of a Puppet Master? One who gives favor to, shall we say, shady people? Do we talk about the aspect of a superintendent that's superintendent one day and not the next but then back again? Do we talk about an illegal meeting to address these concerns to create more high paid positions out of thin air?

​Do we talk about the next audit that the state is getting ready to do? Do we talk about the 3rd party people that are hired, and one in particular, who lost his pass through grant for an entire county? 

​And what about free speech? The board was asked if 4 members were under investigation and about the existence of a Diary and all they could say was if it was true that someone had a Diary they might have to file criminal charges against them for having it. 

Is the board finally going to face this and answer these questions honestly?

​Well, certainly a whole lot of the community is gonna find out of this is fact or fiction. Is it going to be stonewalling or are there actually going to be members who serve their community, that speak the truth, and are willing to make the changes necessary to have an open, honest, sincere discussion with openness of what is really going on in the school district?


DA Kelly, she's oh so fine. You wonder what the next investigation and will it be in time because there's no re-election at this time.


Saint Sylvia?

Sylvia is a conservative reverend who basically looks at things from a conservative point of view. That is why the school bloc has endorsed her for they realize that she can be an ally.

 Does she join the corruption that exists? Time will tell.

Do they become part of the corruption or do they do what Jesus would do, love people regardless of their status, their sexual orientation, their wealth or lack of?
Are these “new” elected leaders here to bring change or preach the corruption of hate? To preach the gospel of bigotry? To say that only “Christians” are entitled to speak out? Yes, it’s an historic day.

No separation of church and state. Which church is tied to the state? Is it Baptist, Buddhist, Lutheran, Catholic, Unity, New Thought? Are we a nation of just one church or a country of many faiths, many kinds of people all seeking freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from hate, bigotry, and oppression?

Was our country built on patriotic forefathers who believed in true freedom and the pursuit of happiness? Founding Father's who fought against a crown of royal abusers, who care nothing for the common man or woman?

Are we going forward in our community of unifying the community or creating separation and division among the people? Are we going to have action to combat our problems or more marches and speeches with no action?

Yes, we had an inauguration for Saint Sylvia, prideful and boastful. We had several marches and lots of talk. Where is the action now? Or is it all hot air? You would think a reverend would teach others not to worship any idol but the lord God. And to become an idol, to be so prideful and proud that you neglect your duties to the entire city and only represent your church is a sin.

This sin of pride has made you the Jim Crow's of the community.

They are not concerned with the welfare of the community at large but concerned that you have 2 members that are black that are now elected and it is an historic and great thing, that all the regional political leadership was blackmailed to attend a private, closed swearing to show her church that she can deliever these people and to have them come again and again to her marches and she'll smite them like the savior that she thinks she is if they do not bow to her will, that she'll go down in history, and that makes her feel fantastic and great.

I would like to know if you support Black Lives Matter? And will you reintroduce Bill 5 to end the discrimination in our community? When will you introduce a bill to enforce your Zero Murders for 2018? When will you take any action whatsoever? Or can all you do is pray that people keep coming to your church to fill the coffers? Take a stand and better yet introduce a bill to set a date for the Joint Meeting to address poverty, crime, drugs, blight and many other things that Joe and I have been begging the government to have. 


Who's Controlling The Curio Closet?

​Bobby is freaking out because as a Puppet Master he's realized that all the Puppet's that he has are all in trouble.

​The Puppet's aren't working well. He's in dire need of trying to figure out what is going on and there are those who want his Puppet's. And they want to put his Puppet's away, they want to put them away for a long time because his Puppet's are corrupt, they are as corrupt as him, but he has been the master, The Puppet Master, but what is he the Puppet Master of now?

Is he a Puppet Master of corruption? Is he a Puppet Master of his own destruction?

​And as this scene unfolds with rumors circulating about his Puppets being served charges it appears as if even the Puppet's might be in revolt, revolt within themselves, that they realize they have been led down a path by this Puppet Master for his own greed so that he can sit around in sweat pants and watch his Puppet's play.

​But is this coming back to bite him? Was he also served papers? And will it be the end of his days? Well, time will tell as we all know. For the Puppet Judge seems to be transfixed hearing the rumor that he might be in for a big time fix. Oh, and he called his friend, his friendly DA, but time she was in a quandary for the fix is on for her maybe this day.

So what is breaking out is Smallstown while the Puppet Master plays his tune?

​Oh, and the Puppet Dick who some say was a shining light who was the head of some would say, the school's delight, has gotten his revenge from a Diary that none knew exists. How sad it is for the Puppet Master for he thought he had it all so cleared, so fixed. 

​Was he delusional? Was he confusional? And will he truly be seen for the poor Puppet Master he must be?

​The Puppet Master needs some medication because for he is now too much out of control. Will he find an attorney to fight the crime? And the Puppet's and the strings are all a tangled mess. And who is next? How far will this reach? Will it reach TV Tom? Will it reach Bubbly Barbin? Will it reach the city leaders? Well, only time will tell. 

Well, what other secrets are lying in the shadows? Oh, don't we always wonder?

​Are there things that the school board, or the city council, or any other elected position tries to sweep under the carpet? Let me assure you the Curio Closet looks for the secrets and as they do we'll certainly let you know as what they are.

​One things for sure is the school board believes they are going to be able to keep things away from their citizens. Is that the way it is going to be? We don't think so. 


The Greater Johnstown School Board must see they are lacking leadership and citizens are unhappy with the education their children are getting.

The school district is in chaos, the school board lacks compassion for the issues, and seems incapable of financial balance and has no clue on dealing with bullying appropriately.

The parents want responsible leadership, not puppets of a political dynasty that has only self interest as it's agenda.

Having such controversy is not helping the city attract business to this area, and will with time, erode the city’s image. If the city of Johnstown does not take a stand against this hypocrisy, it will be deemed by it citizens as supporting the dysfunctional school board and it's failed educational leadership.

Even our Johnstown city council seem unaware of the dire situation facing Johnstown. Having said that, I hope Stonycreek Township follows through with this process, gathers the information, and applies to be a part of Richland. Maybe then, and only then, will the Greater Johnstown School Board be forced to serve their people.

Check out the story on WJAC TC News by clicking here:​

This is the Greater Johnstown School Board's response to Stonycreek Township. I honestly think when the school board speaks to people they forget that they are here to be public servants. Judge for yourself. One of your districts wants to break away and opens a conversation about the serious lack of leadership and the failing educational system and this is your response. How would you feel? Truly sad.


The Birdie Tweeted The Horrors of the School

​Wow! A Little Birdie has been tweeting. Probably not on Twitter but the tweets are that, wow, our local board is a bigger mess then some of us even think.

​Yes, the report is almost done and due in a matter of weeks after 3 years of investigating and rumor has it, it's a bigger mess then some of us realize.  

​Oh yes, rumor even has it that the state might have to step in because of the incompetence of this so called arrogant school board who refuses to resign and refuses to take responsibility for their actions, refuses to step up to the plate and really serve the children of the district. 

​Oh, it's a sad state of affairs or at least that is what's been tweeted. And let me just say, boy, that Birdie's singing a song alright, singing a song that seems like the idiots that have been in charge the state's showing they are idiots. 

​Yes, we know that but isn't it nice that soon we will have a report to once again confirm it? The Auditor General confirmed it 2 years ago. Guess what, yea, a lot of us knew that these people were corrupt, arrogant, S.O. let's see, what was that other letter now? Was it a B? Wow, let's just say whatever truth is in this tweeting or the Bird singing let's say some will be singing some jail time. 

​Yea, that's another rumor that's been tweeted out there you might say along with the President's Diary. Are some of these people gonna face charges for their own incompetence, for their own stupidity, and for their own greed? And will the blackmail stories being tweeted and other stories prove true? 

Yes, we can only guess who some of these idiots are and if it is fact or fiction.

​Let's just say that Superintendent, some of you know him as Superintendent Flip Flop, has not been forgotten. 

​Ah, one day he's got the job, one day he doesn't want the job, the next day he's got the job, one day he gets a medical leave, the next day he gets a sabbatical. Who the heck knows what's going on. He's flipping and flopping so much trying to save his you know what and probably a few others that supported him that there's a lot of flipping and a lot of flopping let me tell you. I don't think that he's a gymnast. Or is he? Did you forget about him? I'm sure the state spoke to him and can you imagine what he sang about the horrors of the school board?

You can only flip and flop so long before you're gonna fall on your face unless you make a deal and let's just say I heard it's gonna be soon. If that's true, you wonder where the Superintendent's gonna be? 

​Is he in? Is he out? Or is he just standing in between? Is he looking for the rosy picture? The unrosy picture? Or is he willing to sell everybody out for a price? Well, time certainly will tell on that one. 

​And let me tell ya, hey, those Birds out there on a wire are certainly are carrying the messages out to the community that guess what, oh yea, resign. Oh, they're too arrogant for that. So maybe somebody's got to give them a shove, maybe we need something from the state level comin' on down. 

​So I say just hang around. See what's happening listening to the Bird's that are tweeting and let me tell you they are sending out a message saying that the community needs to take it's power back, the community needs to start making sure that what needs to happen is we need new school board members, we need these idiots to resign, and we need new members who actually care about the community, who actually think of educating our children not just more faces of the Bobby Master. 

​I know that is quite a concept for some of those people out there especially those that are loyal supporters of this arrogant board. But, hey, time will tell. The state's here. And rumor has it another investigation is about to be announced. And this one will be a blast from the past. Let the beans be split. Stay tuned.


Clearing the Garden of Weeds

​Joe, The Gardener, he plants so many beautiful trees in the garden. And yet, there is a sadness for right along the border there is one who loves to plant the weeds, who loves to spoil the garden and is not as professional as Joe.

But he certainly loves to plant the weeds and he does it so well that it makes Joe shine in splendor for he is so professional and certainly knows how to pull the weeds.  

​And if it wasn't for Joe, the Gardener, the weeds would take over the garden. So we are so thankful to have a gardener like Joe. 


Puppet Masters of the City?

Oh Bubbly Barbin, is it just as bubbly as it seems? Bubbly over with bologna trying to make the school seem so pleasing as it does not seem. 

​Oh, but if you're a Bubbling Barbin you let the bubbles flow as best as they seem, you run for re-election for state rep and also run for State Democratic Chair to do Bobby's bidding, it's the best you see. 

​That's why they call you the greatest Bubbling Barbin that better be for when you bubble with so much barbling bologna you even baffle the bologna of yourself. 

​Oh, Bobby, our Puppet Master and Bubbly Barbin, oh, they're here today. They made an appointment to see the Mayor they once hoping to go away.

Is it we found out that some think we are blithering idiots? And that could never be true. For you know we have our best interests at heart although we don't for you, the Mayor, is true. We dislike you, we don't like you, we want you to go away.

We hope that you will be a silly Mayor so that you will say that we are the best that there can because we've created so much havoc in the city you see.  

​Oh, we enjoy it but what the Puppet Master and bubbling fools to do, but make a spectacle and a show of ourselves here at our own private zoo. 

​Some say we're like the chimpanzees or other monkeys at the zoo. We prefer to think of us in more stately matters as you see, we see ourselves at the greatest of all that there could be. For we have our own hidden agendas, but we don't want the people to see but if can create havoc within the city then we succeeded and we are pleased. 

​Oh, but if the people really see we're all afraid that they will see that we are not what we are or what we claim to be. Put on the pretty face and smile at Johnny while we try to stab him in the back but please don't let anybody see. 



Strange New World

​There are changes all around me as you already know. In the next few months this column will be coming to a final end as all the dramas, lawsuits, appeals, investigations and other issues come to light and are concluded. 

And sometimes when change surrounds us, change unfolds in front of us, when change is inevitable you must embrace the change. And with the embracing of that change we can move forward. And with a history of 5 solid years, we embrace the fact that there have been many things that have transpired, many dramas that have occurred but only one death. And that is to the past, that is to a letting go of a column that no longer serves a purpose. 

​Yes, there are still things in the mix. There's an investigation about to be released, there's still others yet to be announced, there's still some last tidbits and things that of tanglings that need to be dealt with like some lawsuits and appeals but we are reaching the end of an era, an end of a time, an end of a column, an end of a saga, an end to a time that has now past. For the time has come to move on and as many of you who have read this so diligently for some many years know all things must come to a time of change, must come to a time of an ending, an ending that, in a sense, is a beginning, a beginning into something new but an ending none the less of what was or has been.

​Some can say there are fond memories, some can say there are harsh memories, some can say there is nothing but chaos, drama, and an enfoldment of idiocy. Whether or not you see or look at all of that what is most important is that you know that we are reaching a point where as this end appears on our screen that we have reached the end of this journey. We may soon be going on to other journey's but this journey itself ends. The connections that we have with these individuals in this column are at an endpoint. They go on their journey as I, the columnist, may go on mine. I head into a new direction, into a new life, into new opportunities and new adventures. And they, the people that have been in this column, go on in their lives, in their adventures, into their dramas, into their lives, into whatever fashion and ways they are now going. 

​I wish those characters the best on their journey just as I know many of them have wished me the best upon my journey. I accept from them their condolences, for things that is long overdue, for the apologies that were never encrusted from so long ago that seem now in some ways so meaningless. 

​Nonetheless, with this behind us I and they can move forward. We can put to rest after the last of these bits are aired, after the last things are taken care of that we may close this saga behind us and know that all of us can go our separate ways. That will hopefully go with newer and greater knowledge. That the past was what it was. And that we as individuals have learned and known from this process and now go on our ways knowing that if our paths cross again in the future it is not because of the past, it is because of what the future has brought. It is because of the actions that each of us will take and hopefully as I know I will, if I cross paths with any of these individuals, I can say that I wish them the best on their journey. I hold no ill feelings against them, and I wish that they can give me the same. That each of us can go onward in our lives in a way that acknowledges that the past is truly behind us, that we are not holding onto old hurts, old pains, old dramas, old stories, for they no longer serve us. What serves us in the new, is the opportunities that will be before us. And so with that I say goodbye and a Happy Easter to you all. 


God will reveal the truth about why they want to stall this lawsuit. Honesty will prevail. The time has come for corruption to end and for the secrets of the Bobby Dynasty to be exposed. 





The only way Justice can be served is through State interventions, the local government is too beholding to the Bobby Machine.


The School Bloc are being nice to see what you will do and if being nice will throw you off. You are creating quite the havoc in the backrooms of the political scene and Bobby has told them to back off, he wants to figure out how to get you gone from all this political trashing you do. He has been affected by all this talk and his weakness has been pointed out by his enemies and they see this as an opportunity to destroy him and all his puppets.



​Cackling Cynthia

Ha Ha Ha, all the laughter filled the hall but was the laughter at one self? Was the laughter in fear? Is it because Cynthia knew what was near?

​Was it because of the fear that is weld up in her? Was it because she knows that the truth was coming alive and coming out and she doesn't want to hear it? She wants to laugh it off. She wants to prove that she is above the fray, that she is above all the action, that she is above all the law breaking, irresponsibility that the group has done?

​Well, some say she laughed because she fears, she fears what she's become. She fears that the truth will not set her free but imprison her in her own stupidity.

And with that, what will happen to her? That, she probably fears the most. She fears it all because she knows she's wrong and she can not right what has been wronged. She can not be what she is not. That she can not rectify the laws that have been broken and the things that she knows she's afraid that others will hear.

Oh Cynthia, Cynthia, come clean. Set yourself and your soul free. Speak the truth and let it be now and know that your laughter is gonna be loud.  


A Curio Closet of Secrets: The Political Sphere of the Gypsy

​A Curio Closet is a curious thing, you see. For you always kinda wonder what is within? And is it good? Is it bad? Is in sanity? Insanity? Vanity? Well, one thing that's for sure, A Curio Closet seems to hold a lot of truth that has not been told. But when the closet is opened and all of this is exposed there will be those that we know that will run and hide for they're exposed.

​Exposed to the truth and the lies they told, of money they stole, of people they cheated, and all of this just over the greed that they tried to enlist. 

​But sometimes closets must be opened, they must be aired. The dampness and the mold must be removed so that once again the closet can be renewed. 

​Ah, the Gypsy travels throughout the district, throughout this community land, and as he travels he finds out there are more and more people who want to take a stand. They're tired of the corruption, they're tired of the deceit, they're tired of the lack of transparency among the power elite. 

​All they want to hide, all that they are taking from the working class of poor and oh, they wish they would not have the Gypsy travelling telling of this horror.

But as these things by the campfire at night, the children of the people listen with delight. For as he tells the story he knows it puts the politicians into such a fright. They are running this way and that, bumping into each other wondering who's along and who's in right. Please don't do that, please don't do that. Oh, what a sight. They are running a muck, perhaps in the muck, for they are slinging so much bull you really start to wonder is it a pig farm? So join the Gypsy on April 4th for a court room circus. Oh, what a delight. 


And the Academy Award Goes too?

The lawsuits are burning them and creating havoc within the ranks of supporters, some who are afraid they will be next or brought down if Bobby falls. The pressure you create is really getting to him, he is obsessed with taking you out of the picture, of proving he is still the King of the region, that he is the powerful man he once was. He hates you for destroying his image, and uncovering his empire of deceit. He knows that there is corruption, but as long as he had control he did not care, as long as it served his ego, his ideas, his group of friends. He knows the power elite on a first name basis, and they use to fear him and his wrath, but since you have done what you have done it has upset his apple cart of cronies. You even have the nerve to bring in the State, higher authorities that he can not control, but at least could keep at bay.


It would seem that there is inner turmoil with the Bobby Dynasty. Who knows who next he will turn on if they do not conform to "His" wishes. His Dynasty is falling apart and will crumble with time. Pity his son who will also reap what his father has sowed. Karma can be a real bitch when it bites you in the ass and your children's ass as well.


It is time to forge ahead. With all our county leadership working in unison for April 4th's court trial arguing the Supreme Court was wrong and asking the local court to dismantle the Freedom of Information Act, I can only imagine the pending investigations by the State Attorney General's Office, the Joint Task Force with the FBI, and even the Gambling Commission to uncover the truth about Bad Bobby and his corruption within the local political scene.

Evidence may be uncovered that will set the record straight on who is really behind this organized crime wave of money laundering should the records ever be released. But then just all our leaders working to circumvent transparency will not be going unnoticed. I wonder if the pay offs are as high as the Judicial system and include the current political leaders. Just when you thought it could not get any worse, the truth will come out with this trial. What are they hiding? Who really is the wealthy man in charge of favors? Who is cooking the books? Stay tuned. Or better yet, come to the Trail on April 4th and see for yourself.



Court Room: Chaos or Justice?

​Oh, lawsuits, lawsuits, some wonder when they might end. But since we live in a country with so many lawyers or attorneys one would say probably never.

Some of our lawsuits change and say much. Some perhaps, say little. Nonetheless, they are all lawsuits that need to be dealt with in a timely and great fashion.

​Lawsuits need to be seen for what they are, they are asking questions, they are bringing up the theater of the law and what it truly means. So we must bring before the court of the people these lawsuits and say what does this all mean? Will there be answers? Or as some say those in power don't simply care about lawsuits either today, yesterday, or tomorrow, they are above all that they truly believe and we the people that don't agree are just to go away and shut up please because we've been in power our arrogance is proof of this as you can see.

So stop this foolishness of lawsuits here, lawsuits there, or we don't give a dam and we don't care. We're in power and we're here staying there you see because you can't un-elect us because you're not free.

Oh, lawsuits, lawsuits, where will it all go? Will the right apologies and information be given and bring a resolve that the people can see? Or is it as some say our political arena is a circus you see?

From a presidential election down to the school board, what does it all mean? Even presidential candidates say they will sue but that involves Russia and that's quite the a'dieu. We'll have a lawsuit, they get screwed. Oh what, oh what, can we do? Perhaps what we need is another lawsuit?

And so another lawsuit, is that what I just said. I ask you all to join me Wednesday, in a court room, although no one is dead. What crime has truly been committed? Is there farce that we will see? To carry away a mother who wants her child to be taught so free? To stand up for the rights of what one man believes, that the overtime records, DUI, Drug Forfeiture and audits should be made public to prove that we are free. Come to the courtroom and let us just see. Will there be justice or does the arrogance truly rule thee? 


Secrets: What's Under The Sheets of the School Board Members?

​Well, what other secrets are lying in the shadows? Oh, don't we always wonder.

​Are there things that the school board or city council or any other legislative position tries to sweep under the carpet? Oh, let me assure you, that the Arcurio Closet looks for the secrets. And as they do, we'll certainly let you know what they are.

​One things for sure, it's certainly seems as though the school board believes that they are going to be able to keep things away from it's citizens. Is that really going to be the way that it is? We don't think so. We certainly believe that it's only a matter of time and the full exposure of the corruption that is within the school district will come to light. 

​We already know they don't want people to know the third party employees who work there. Why is that? Well, because some of them are cronies. Yea, you heard that word before. They're connected to school board members who, in a sense, this is how they are, if you want to call it, paying them off. Is this really who we want in a country that's still run by political hacks? People who pay other people off by giving them positions? Paying them money? Is this really what it is suppose to be?

​Or should we be having people that work at the school district because they are hired because they are good, honest citizens and hard working? And it is not because they know somebody. Not because they buttered up to somebody but because they deserve the job because they have the qualifications and they are willing to work hard to serve our community. 

​And so with all this coming down, you know, when wisdom is necessary some people still go sit underneath Johnny the Tree of Wisdom. Sitting under the Tree can only bring you wisdom. Who knows what might drop forth from the Tree that brings knowledge. It also brings truth. And when it does that, you know that it will bring about honesty, sincerity, and all the other things that are necessary to bring about a better community, a better government, and most importantly, better informed citizens. 

2/8/18 with any questions or comments.