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The Flimsy Man Enters the Scene

What a web the spider can weave when all the players are all so deceitful it seems. Here it is, we're in Summer and AAABA baseball is in full swing and the Puppet Master is back, and he's back in the scene but which team is he playing for?

Well, that is still the mystery as you can see. He's not sure whether is he is left or right as friends abandon him and his team or maybe he's in between but one thing is for sure the Puppet Master is back, he's back in the scene. 

He's back to do whatever it is he thinks he's gonna do and if he figures it out perhaps he'll let us know what he is really up too. 

The Puppet Master is quite the guy who thinks a lot more highly of himself than probably what is real but then again that's the Puppet Master and he is at least the real deal as in the sense that one is as confused as one can be.

He's neither up, he's neither down, and he's neither in between.

He's so confused as all can see that he's not sure whether or not he is here or there but does it really make a difference? And do we really care?

There are those out there that are on the team but they want to be where the pitcher is, in the limelight is seems. Well, one must realize in order to throw the ball one must be in a position of understanding what a pitcher does above all. And that is that he practices day and he practices night and he also knows how to throw the ball just right. 

For there are those that are out there that fumble and flail and just plain right fail and that's because when it comes to the game, if you don't understand baseball, which happens to be the name of the game, you can't be the pitcher, you can't be the catcher, you can't even play on the team cause it really takes an awful lot for those who understand the dream. 

That you can't be in the limelight without taking the heat because there could be sun stroke unless you know exactly how to tweak. 

So in the mist of it all it is so simple to say all of you out there you better learn how to play.

Comes a time in the mist of the baseball season when you get rid of the dead weight, when you get rid of the non productive players and have them resign and send them back to the B league.

For all of you that follow this story so right some of you knew, or thought you knew and you thought you were right. It was just to see who was paying attention and truthfully you never knew who The Flimsy Man really is.

But in the mist of the flow, in the mist of it all, what you really didn't know The Flimsy Man is not who you thought it might be.

It's a different little person. A squirmy, wormy one it might be. One that thought that perhaps I wouldn't know but oh, what a mistake for I do really know. 




My regular monthly submission to the school board prior to Tuesday, August 7th's at 5 pm school board meeting. Please join us.


Dear Greater Johnstown School Board,


I just want to bring this fact of information to your attention of the Dawn L. v. Greater Johnstown School District opinion. I'm wondering if you are aware of these facts and if you are then why was this individual with this knowledge appointed as a superintendent here in our district? And if you are not aware of these facts now that you are don't you think you should reconsider the appointment? Don't you think that we need to take into consideration that we need to make sure that things are well protected for our children and that, in a sense, that if you as you say claim to are into the transparency of government that this would be a perfect thing for you to be telling us the truth about?


What I am asking for is when you appointed this individual were you aware of this lawsuit? Yes or No? If you were not aware of it and now you are aware of it are you going to reconsider the appointment?


To say things are personnel matters, you know, I understand you feel you can only take transparency so far but when it comes to the safety of our children, when it comes to the aspect of the voters knowing what is going on I think it is important that you, as school board members, need to take things into true consideration and realize whether or not is this a personnel matter or are these things the public needs to know about?


You can only hide behind something like this so long before the concerned citizens, the tax payers, are going to want to know the answers. I expect your response at the next school board meeting. If you do not do anything about this it shows the ultimate failure of the school board who obviously must be controlled by other interests to overlook this person and why? Why would you appoint someone like this with this kind of record of the past and you are claiming transparency so if this is public knowledge you either were aware of this or not. And if you were aware of this then why did you appoint him? Who suggested him for the position?

John DeBartola

Please read the full opinion for more information:​


Mystery Investigation Unmasked at the School Board?

It is important to say that when posting a column one can only say you can never be prepared for the unexpected, or whatever is going to come your way. 

But as you watch and follow this column one will plainly see that with all the twists and turns, ups and downs and in betweens, that one thing is for sure, that like a Tree you got to stay strong, straight, and blow and bend with the wheeze, or should I say breeze. 

For what is important I am sure all of you can see is that there is always something that is occurring out here in reality. 

There are lawsuits out there and we are waiting for the verdicts. So when is the truth finally going to set me free?

And isn't it time that the school board admit to the truth about the investigations? I ask once again for all those out there to stand free in who they are as I have stood free asking for those to simply admit what they have done, to take responsibility for their actions, to stand firm in who they are, to stand in their truth as I stand in mine. 

Do they have the guts? Do they have the courage? Only time can tell with that. 

Do we need to press forward? Do we need to go to court? Do we need to air this in the Chambers of Justice? Do we need the newspapers and the media to cover these injustices?

A Tree can stand as study as can be but when you have people, loggers, who want to cut down Johnny the Tree even when they realize they are doing it just in spite of thee. 

A Tree stands tall. It sways with the wind and the times of change but when the acts of injustice heads on it's way what can we do except ask for what there needs to be and that simply is the truth.

So the investigations, oh, do they really exist? Is there a Diary out there? One would question and wonder about all of this.

But yet some say there's someone out there watching in the wings today. Watching all these people as they move, as they sway, as they seem to dance their cares away. But are they just watching or collecting testimony and evidence to be used your way?

An admirer they so be but one that has not yet come forward. For I await what is to come when the investigation comes full circle for we know they will know when it is time to move forward now for we all know that the dance of life needs to be done with each of us taking our songs unsung and opening our hearts and keeping them wide so we can see that love is the best in all realities.  


Something The Bean Counter Told Me

Well, of course there are doubters as there have always been but those that are really in with the swim realize that you don't swim against the current, you flow with what there is.

Many have had time to make an appease and to give the acknowledgment to the investigation where it really does need. To put this behind them and to let go of it all but still what they do is go against the current, but ah, but once more. 

You can only swim against the river so long before it will take you and drag you along. This could go deeper, as deep as trial can be. Depends on what is really in there plan. Are they stubborn? So stuck? Or just don't understand? Resignations across the board really does free there hands.

So let's talk about some fairy tales. There are certainly quite a few people here in Johnstown who are living them and those that do most of the time certainly are wearing a cheap mullet for a haircut. 

Light, camera, action! The Johnstown Star, or sometimes known as the President, is out there delighting in the aspect that once again the spotlight is on her. Let her soak it in now because she is still living in that dream world and she is still living with that cheap mullet for a haircut. 

Those within the realm we understand and know why now sometimes people are sometimes called bull dyke. For one they are full of bull and two they use there weight and push around and hurt people in all sorts of ways saying they should do back flips off bridges and never resign, just hoping it will go away and be forgotten so they can be re-elected. Is this necessary? 

The Cindy Mullet of Johnstown, she has appeared. Is she full of it? Is it real? Is it insanity? Has she looked in the mirror and really seen? Or is she just an uptight bitch with an inexpensive outdated haircut?

The President can walk around in all her pomp but she destroys herself because she's so staunch. She can't forgive, she can't forget, she can't tell the truth, she just can't let. And if she'd resign what would it be? She would show the world that she is not so free. That she is not the President that she lays out to be. Perhaps what she is as we've said is just an uptight bitch with an inexpensive haircut. 

Even in the fairy tales as we can see the bitchy old queen looks in the mirror and says, "Who's the fairest of them all?" And the mirror lies to her, "Come on, we all know". She ain't seen the truth even if it is right in front of her eyes. She really is just a bitch with an inexpensive mullet that needs to resign. 

So the dirt can certainly be released but is there dirt right here in Johnstown? What's the dirt and is the paper gonna cover it? It is gonna be released to the press? Is this a story that is bubbling up to the surface? Is this one that is going to rock Johnstown? Will they confirm the investigation? Is it gonna make people wake up and say whoa, what's going on here? And why is this happening? Is there really a diary?

Is it because of weak minded people? People that don't want to budge? People that claim one thing but certainly are another? People that play for more than one team? What is it that's out there? And will this bring it all to the surface? Stay tuned.

And oh, by the way, let's not forget it reaches way beyond Johnstown. So where does this reach? Stay tuned and we will see.

So there are those that have played for more than one team. All they need to do now is resign and come clean. 


In the mist of the confusion and for all of those who have been an intrusion and for those who don't seem to get the facts, let us just say as we set it sort of straight which would be a hard thing to do if one was gay but the facts are the facts as even as can be and when the truth be told it certainly set me free.

There are those that say the president's insane. There are those that say she has gone crazy. Is she under investigation? Will she break her silence and confirm or deny the rumors? For when you do it like that all can be told. Whether you are at the top of the story or at the end of a page, whether you can spell or you can't rhythm at all, whether you are a poet or you don't even know it, makes no difference within the scene for what's going on is as straight as it seems.

The truth is the truth as I said before. It sets you free. Is Cyndi, Vince, Eugene and Dan all under investigation? Is Bubbly Barbin tied to it? Is Bobby in the mix? Confirm or deny or as we once use to say, fact or fiction? 

So let's get it straight and head on down to the school and let's see what's gonna happen to the bloc.

Are you in it? Are you out? Are you an informant? Are you in between? And you here with the local dancing scene?

So it's down to the wire and everyone can see that the trio of three Musketeers has split indifferently. One goes this way and one goes that and one is a president and we know about that.

So here we are in the mist of confusion one praying there is some resolution. One saying, dam, with their foot in their mouth. The other sitting there like a slouch. 

Will they see as they face the fire that the more they spit out their bad desires the more it enrages and increase the heat and makes them want to weep.

It's time for those to disagree, to resign away and let set everything truly free. 

The script's unwritten and time can tell. So give me your feedback cause who can tell? Is the investigation about me? Or is it you? Your neighbor or friend? Or the local DA? Stay tuned and you will see and perhaps there will be another protest to see.


The Investigation?

So you want to know more? You want even more exposed? So let's see the side of the School Bloc and how it unfolds.

This way and that, up and down but without a doubt here's the facts so check it out and you will see where the truth really is and is it what you think it is or is it really a surprise?

But time will tell, in due hence, that if you check it out you can no longer be on the fence. You're either in, you're either out, it's either that or it is exposed beyond a doubt.

Because you know within yourself deep that those that stand out and are willing to take a stand can't be all bad especially if you really check and see there hand.

You'll see that there playing it, in a sense, no pun intended, as straight as can be because everything's up front for you to see.

You do not hide behind a false set of realities, or deny the truth with your silence as the school bloc has done, and don't comment as they do when asked for a simple truth but face the facts and the crowd that you can see and stand up and say, "I'm under investigation and that's me". 

There are those witchy woman out there who do exist and there is this one witchy woman who certainly is a bitch. And in her bitchyness as one can see, she loves to start trouble and keep it roaming as much as she can rather then to set it free. So for all those tired of dramas un-ended and all the stress that it creates and all the doubt and all the pout and crying that can be seen, isn't it time to stop the endless search for all this insanity?

Or is the witch or the bitch, depending on your term, ready to step forward and take it where she needs it? Which would be right in the truth and even though that can hurt perhaps what one needs in really a boot because one can take and toot the horn as often as they be but if what they are spilling is useless types of beans, what can one really find within the mix of hatred and deceit but a witchy bitchy person who really doesn't seem to fit into the scene. 

So as we go on with the witch or the bitch who some call Amy, as we said depending on your point of view, it's like a boxing match and one that she wonders who's really inside the room. 

She punches to the left, she punches to the right, she'll kick real low if she thinks you are out of sight. 

She'll do what she can to get you as much as she will for what she wants to do is for you to take this nasty, stinking, lousy pill that will put you in a position you seem of being so angry that you won't see that she's a witch, a bitch, or perhaps something in between but what's important for all of you there to see is that rumor has it Amy will be moving on to another job, another school, you see. 

But remember a witch or a bitch is as slick as they can be for they create the smoke scene, the fog, and the inbetween. They like to set the scene and make you think this way or that but never straight ahead and never the truth or the facts. So all of you there who want to see what's really happening, tune into the column, not into the smokescreen and ask the school board about the diary, investigation and to comment please. 

On a personal note to someone not in the school bloc who reads this column, well, a time has come to end with peace. I extend my hand with a warm embrace of saying now let's set the pace. Let's take the high road and see the view of all the truth that there is to consume. Let us be all set free by accepting this hand. Let's bring this truce. 

Between the battles of witches and warlocks no one truly wins but we can end this thing with one simple grin. A smile from me and a smile from you that both acknowledge that time has come to a stand still. To walk our ways in the ways we must but leave each other alone we must. We can do it now and it is like a truce. We can both stand firm and let the whole thing lose. So what do you say as I send you a smile your way?


Cambria County: Is it Filled with Weeds?

Well, perhaps the time has come to air the laundry, to set things straight, to bring a lawsuit full frontal in front of the county face. To bring out of the closet all the haste and waste, all the egos and insanities that have been so disgraced. The time has come when the Giant must fall. Perhaps it takes just one small little pin ball. It's aimed just right at the center of the mess until for all the things to do it's best and for all that's right can be forward so quick so it allows everyone to do their trick.

And time will tell when the mist does clear and the fog does lift who is left and who is queer and who is full of ideologies that promotes nothing but fear. Ah, yes, but time will tell. Tis the end of a season. It's like baseball's grand finale and we all wonder what is the reason that player's play with egos high but some of them got there noses to the sky but then none of them know what they must do to just be like me or you. So let it unfold and let it be. Know the time has come for all to see a national unfoldment of a whole new Cambria county scene. And just like the days of old and Pandora's Box, the wrong kind of people didn't know what they unlocked. Kingdoms fell to and fro, King's and Queen's were all enthroned. Dictators and such were thrown aside. The people arose to see the truth and unleash the vengeance of the brown moose. 

Some say that things are rules by a board. A Johnstown board. A board of confusion. A board of illusion. A board that claims there is no statement they can make on the status of their union. The Johnstown board they seem to slip and slide. There like grease monkey's, they know how to hide. They can't seem to understand or see what they want and whom they represent or be upfront and this Johnstown board is it truly alive? Or is it dead? Has it cremated it's soul over time? The Johnstown Board is about to dive. Has it hit the depths? Has the bottom fallen out? Ah, time will tell for there is an investigation about but seeking the answers that we oh so need, seeking the answers of truth and where is shall be and those of you know that it's always hard to say when truth will show up and find it's way. But those of us know that have been there before that the board is strong but only if it knows how to fall and only if it knows when it truly is right and when it's been wronged and when it's been right. And if investigations galore are about to shine light, will through the holes to see what's in sight for the board's running scared as fast as can be to hide from their own insanity. As some would say it's easy to see that the board it bored with itself and bored with me. But can it end the complaint? Admit the investigation? Face up to the facts and set our county leaders free? Step up to the plate? Play the game just right? Or is the ball game over? Well, the answers tomorrow night. 


The Circus Court Continues?

There's those that believe that perhaps the circus is over but, oh, perhaps it's just begun. Perhaps there's but another chapter that is still left, it's not quite done. 

What is before us may seem as though the legalities were to rest but there are those that may protest and say that even with legal matters there can be appeals, there can be re-maneuvers but time will tell when the verdicts are cast. 

One does not know whether the circus is over until the circus tent is taken down and as it sits at this moment it certainly is standing in the middle of town. There's talk and there's controversy afloat, oh, there's those that said don't worry because we already cast our vote and we know beyond a doubt there is a united band of individuals that believe they have clout and they'll bash anything and they'll bash it about but it's all within the circus tent that is standing about. 

So is it over? Has it ended completely? We shall certainly see. Time is of the essence for all those that are free. 


Ensuing for the Truth

On with the Investigation over the Diary so that all can see. Is it time for lawsuits to be flying? This way and that, up and down. Who's going to court and who's out of town? Stay tuned to see as the drama unfolds so that you can see that the truth's exposed.

Will it take court? Will it take tea? Will it take suing to set those free? Only time can tell but the words you read may end up in court that day it could see. So if your tuned in take your time to see that what's most important is that the truth is said free.

So is it on with the lawsuit to clear the air? To make sure that those who have used our government and treated the community unfair, for those out there that try to destroy the lives and make one seem to live in hell. Is it time for retribution? Time will tell. Do they go to court? Do they file an appeal? Is it time to sue? Is it time to set things straight for me and for you?

 For those that have conspired behind the backs of those telling the truth maybe it's all going to come back. It is time to circle and really rethink?

Do I want to be involved in all of this stink? Do I want to play in the gutters of hell? Do I want to play and if I do, do I want to play fair and play well? Or do I want to slink and slide along and I know that things only get worse as I mutter along.

I could stand up and say as one recently did, "I've having heart pains and didn't like you I did". And all of you there that have conspired to bring downfall perhaps it's time to look in the mirror and say, Is it time to resign? Is it time to resist? Is it time to go on with other things rather than stay in the mist of all the controversy and untruths that arise. Only time will tell. Vince, maybe you should take your attorney's advice and resign. Stay tuned for the surprise. 

So let us continue with the prose for we know there are three of out there like desperadoes. The three of you may be on the same team but one is a Flimsy Man or so it does seem.

Will they come to their senses and will they see? The more they stir the mud the dirtier they be? Or are they like children no thoughts of themselves? Not really caring that mud is all over the shelf. Can they see that what they do only makes it reflect on them two? Are they strong or are they weak? Is Suicide Cindy going to resign when her summer is over too? Are they strong or are they weak? Can they stand by as 6 others walk out and leave a job as The Puppet Master introduces himself? Are they willing to speak the truth at this time so that it may be set free?

They know who they are and so do you. So step up to the plate and tell us what do you do? Do you stay in the game to the bloody end? Do you go to court hoping all will end? Or do you do the honorable thing and say, "Let's have this all end. Here's my part that I did play. Judge for yourself as I resign this day".

For all those wizards, witches, warlocks and weird ones out there is the internet filled with magic and spells? Is the State Representative also under the investigation Dairy Spell? Was a complaint filed and opened on Bubbly Barbin as well? Will you cry and leave the room once again? Who did file that complaint, I wonder? When you click on the Agony Aunt Column does it set off the bells? And if there is magic and if there are spells and it's connected to the column the internet is swell cause spread the word as quick as can be and magic flows from you to me. 



Someone can set themselves up as a representative but it does not mean they have a kingdom or anyone to follow them and that certainly is what this person needs to see in this particular situation. 

Sometimes when we talk about the Diary it can have more chapters and information and you really don't know what was filed in the complaint, do you? Is it just on Bobby? Or does it encompass his entire network?

Well, I guess for many of you out there that read this column on a regular basis you know there is nothing but chaos out there. And certainly there's people that want some heads to roll, including mine. The verdict is still not issued and as more and more reports of the investigation are leaked out from people signing deals and snitching it makes many wonder what was in the Diary.

So I am just wondering what are people thinking out there? Is it time for my head to roll? Is it time for these other people's heads to roll? What's really going on? Is Johnstown exploding in insanity here?

Where are we going with all this? Is the controversy too much? Is the truth too much for people to handle? Do they have the nerve to silence the media? Can they really do it? Should it be allowed? These are lots of questions, no doubt.

What is it you people that read this column think? Are some of you willing to send in what you think about things? Is it really chaotic? Is it as big as everyone says it is? Or is it not? Is this an illusion or is it confusion?

To the Three Musketeers who are helping to defend, a thank you.

The Three Musketeers are sometimes defenders of the underdog, the defenders of those that need to be defended and also they are those that would stand forth and protect someone when they know the aspect of those around them would seem the odds are against them.

The Three Musketeers would enjoy that aspect, defending against the odds. And I am sure many would wonder who the three would be. And all I say is they know who they are to be and they are the ones who have served to help set me free.


The Flimsy Man

​Just because one is a Flimsy Man doesn't mean he knows which team he is really on. 

​Here is a guy that claims to be one thing but is he? What does he portray to be and is it real? Even though he negotiates and pretends to be part of the team since he is a Flimsy Man does it really seem? 

​Will he stick and will he stay? Will he support life as they seem? Or is he just biding time to see what he can see?

​Is he playing in the field because it seems to be a delight or is he doing it out of spite?

​Only time will tell how true he really is. Is he friend or just in it for the digs? Is he in because for what it seems to create, the talk of the town but let's keep it straight. 

​And by the way to The Bean Counter, how long do you think you will be on that throne when reality hits you in the face?

​If you have enjoyed the drama and all the sayings that are on these pages stay tuned for what is next when the verdict appears. For then you will see when it comes out the great reviews that will be found.

​For there will be drama within this verdict and you will find what the opinion has to say may hit home more than you can think. For perhaps those that you see might be someone close to you, I think.


A Blast From The Past

​Sometimes columns are black and white and sometimes they shine the daylight in the night. 

​Sometimes the column can do the greatest aspect and bring truth to the surface so that those who have the minds to see can begin to realize am I talking about you or me?

​After dealing with all these players you have to wonder if there heads are screwed on right. 

​You have people that are what you call true friends but are not true friends. If they are not true friends then what are they doing and why do they pretend? 

​For it is just like poetry, it may rhyme but it may not yet be there time. 

​But the downfall is coming and they may well soon see but they may step in there own manure and pee. I am more aware of you then I pretend to be. 

Some of you may feel sadness at being left out from the blast. 

​As the saga seems to continue, for those of you that may have been left out look for future columns. 

​Remember you may be what I will describe or put in words or rhyme. Perhaps I will talk about you but stayed tuned to see what the Canary will sing. 


Freedom of Speech and God

​Freedom of speech. Last time I read the constitution that was one of the principles that our country was built on. 

Yet, it appears that many in power positions think free speech only means free if they are the ones talking, not anybody else. 

​Free speech means shutting anybody down, arresting those you disagree with and, if necessary, not responding if asked that board members are under investigation. 

​Shouldn't they stand up and admit they are under investigation? After all, might set a bad example for those that are arrogant and in power. We can't have that now, can we?

​Do we have the right to speak in this country? That's what it says in the constitution but is that how the local politicians take it? Or do they believe they are above all that? That they can threaten a citizen with a SLAP Lawsuit in order to silence them? Some say they are above the law. Some say they shouldn't be. Some say answers should be coming. 

​I say speak freely, speak the truth, as God says, set yourself free. ​Tell us the truth about the Diary and the investigation. 


Third Party: Criminals or Saints?

​Third Party Employees. That's an interesting subject, isn't it? If somebody is a Third Party Employee does that mean that nobody has to tell you who the Third Party is even if they are a crook? And what if they are family? 

What does the state, what does our nation, but, more importantly, where do we as citizens draw the line?

​Do we want honesty in government? Do we want open representation where the facts and everything is open so everybody can see? Or do we want a closed, secret government that is run by a handful of people who care only about their own interest?

​So that's, perhaps, is the big question. And that question is on the minds of many voters and people in the community. After all, you never know who will get a visit asking questions. You never know who might be in the Diary. 


School Board Investigation Sheds Light

Black and white. That's what words are in a Diary. What's the black and white of the school district? Well, the investigations coming and we can tell. Black and white? Did they do the community right or did they do it wrong? The investigation will tell. Will they be singing their swan song? Many of us think so.

There's been a lot of protests, a lot of action and a lot of board members down on the community for wanting them to resign but when the state announces what it's really found the community will be vindicated and we can only hope that the media and everybody else covers it with a thoroughness, honesty, and sincerity and sheds the light on what the truth is.

So now it is time for the community to listen, read, and understand what the state is saying and take back the power of their school district so that their kids can get educated.  



Prelude to School Board Cover Up?

​Well, anyone know what's in the Diary?

​Is it the continued corruption of a board member or 4? Of a Puppet Master? One who gives favor to, shall we say, shady people? Do we talk about the aspect of a superintendent that's superintendent one day and not the next but then back again? Do we talk about an illegal meeting to address these concerns to create more high paid positions out of thin air?

​Do we talk about the next audit that the state is getting ready to do? Do we talk about the 3rd party people that are hired, and one in particular, who lost his pass through grant for an entire county? 

​And what about free speech? The board was asked if 4 members were under investigation and about the existence of a Diary and all they could say was if it was true that someone had a Diary they might have to file criminal charges against them for having it. 

Is the board finally going to face this and answer these questions honestly?

​Well, certainly a whole lot of the community is gonna find out of this is fact or fiction. Is it going to be stonewalling or are there actually going to be members who serve their community, that speak the truth, and are willing to make the changes necessary to have an open, honest, sincere discussion with openness of what is really going on in the school district? with any questions or comments.