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Agony Aunt Column


Is the Pizza Man Plundering The Machines?

The Pizza Delievery Man, oh where or where is he? Skimming money from the machines some say, who, oh he?

Oh Pizza Delievery Man, oh where he may might be, is in the background some where out there making money from all those machines.

Stealing a little here, stealing a little there, sneaking around in pizza pans, oh, I wonder where.

Oh Pizza Delievery Man, what can we say? Everyone knows he's stealing from the casino machines, some say.

Your stealing, stealing, stealing all your way. The truth might come this very day.


 School Board is a Mockery 

As you know there are 2 lawsuits for freedom of speech against the Greater Johnstown School Board. Can you imagine this, a school board, one that teaches our children about the freedom of America but doesn't allow freedom of speech? 

Sounds ironic, sounds almost like a moran would have thought of it this way but yes, our school board seems to want to fight free speech.

They want to the block aspects of the corruption that has occurred here. They want to stop the aspects of the tax paying citizens to know that although they elected these individual board members most of them are into it because of the fact that it benefits them or family members. That they have no intentions of the truth being let loose or the truth being told nor do they seem to care about our children. What they care about is their political power. Oh, they may have convinced enough people to be elected but the election is a sham. A sham, in a sense, that these individuals who claim to be representatives of the people are making back door deals, blocking free speech, and looking out for their own self interests.

The time has come for this to end and I, as one, can claim victory, victory in the sense that our democracy is built upon freedom and I will continue to fight for that freedom as I know many others will. So please join me at the Freedom of Speech Trials this Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 1 pm in front of Judge Fleming and demand that we know the truth. Not the lies. But the truth. Where is all this money going? Who does work at the school? And why are their no background checks on people who can molest or harm our children? Does this make sense to you? It certainly doesn't to me.


No Subpoena List?

A brief means someone is willing to tell you the reasons why and what their viewpoint is. You don't submit one it makes you wonder. If you do, what does it really tell you? Is it honest? Is it sincere? And is it truthful?

And it's a real shame when they just don't want to give you the truth that is so natural to give. What are they hiding?

I'm following the procedures. They are suppose to give me a subpoena list and it appears they can not even seem to do that. What are they afraid of?


Bobby's Corrupt Empire

The intricate workings of our government system is a tangled web of corruption as one might say. And as many I know, know within at least this community but certainly there is that tangled web, a web of people like Bobby, a web of people that are in the back pockets of some of these people.

Yes, some say it touches the District Attorney. Some say it touches much more then that. It touches school board members, judges, perhaps former judges. Where will the corruption end? No one seems to really know. But as we dig deeper into the dirt of our corruption in our area of our community we can see it goes deep, that many have been touched by this corruption.

That there is money that can not be accounted for. Some of that money can't be accounted by nor does it want to be accounted for because now one of the people that can't be accounted for is a judge.

What does that tell you about our corruption? How deep does it really go? Will we ever know? That's hard to say so let's just be sure of one thing. That as God as my witness, that I, as a tax paying citizen, and a citizen of free speech, I will continue to defend the right of freedom loving American's to know what is truly going on within the political circles, to know about the corruption, to know about those who are fighting to stop it, to know about those who are trying to be honest, sincere servers of the public and those who are simply taking advantage of their positons of power.

Yes, some say it is David, or in this case, John vs. the Giant. The Giant being the corruption but the time has come for this to stop and it will for there is more to come.


DA is Discombobulated

DA Caitlyn, how sweet she is. Our little DA. Some say it stands for District Attorney. And some say it stands for Disassociated Idiot. It's your choice. What will it be? A DA with sense or no sense? What can you say to me?

She messes with the budget, she says she's within the law, but if you look at the records where will they fall? Is the DA Losing Trust?

News Flash. Detective Tom wants to desert the DA as hoping that the CIA or was it the FBI or the NIA. One of those agencies would be so right to be anywhere then with a DA who has lost her sight.


Bobby's Bamboozling

Oh Babbling Bobby, his empire is crumbling.

Oh what can we do? For Babbling Bobby a bamboozling bunch of booze is bubbling over into the stew.

The stew of cronies, the stew of corruption. Oh, what can you say? But when you have this much Bobby just wants to make it go away. That will not be for it's a whole new day. The end of cronyism is on it's way. Bobby may think that he is as powerful as can be but look in the mirror. How old are we?


Misinformation from B's Army

Thank you. I want to thank you to all the misinformation that is out there about me. I must say these individuals who love to spread these rumors, this misinformation, certainly is working over time. Yes, little old me, a person who's just a simple, hard working, taxpaying citizen is being trashed right and left. Misinformation being fed to the media and to the rest of the public purely to stop me from speaking my truth, purely to stop me from asking for the freedom that our fore fathers fought for.

I ask you, the public, can you really believe that these people would go to this much trouble for an individual who works hard, pays taxes, tries to mind his own business, that is an honest, tax paying citizen who just wants the truth? Why did they work so hard, so overtime, to smear me? Is it because they fear the truth? I believe it is. So they can spread whatever rumors they want it will not deter me, nor will it deter my supporters, nor will it deter the truth. For as God has said, speak the truth and it shall set you free and so it has for me. It has set me free and I will not be tainted by the corruption of these evil officials who wish to spread misinformation. They can do so but it only shows how low they as individuals can go. They are like false Christians praising a God of Corruption.


The state seems to agree with me. It's time for you to become honest and upfront about what is really going on with tax payer money. It's your duty. It's your job. Let's see you become honest and straight forward about this.


FB or is it an I watching over us?

The Female Body Inspectors are all headed by a specific Dyke Squad. And so they are looking out there to see what's on the cutting edge of things. And they are watching out for those that really want to play with the darts because for some of them they know would want to throw it at more then just the dart board. And so since they are aware of this they have to make sure they are watching the right bodies. And they are checking all over the place. They are checking from the DA down to the city council. And let me tell you, since even though they are Female Body Inspectors they do have special permission to check even male bodies now and then. So in this particular case, they are keeping a close eye on the big dicks out there because they know some of them just really don't have the balls.


Dart Game: Latest Craze in Johnstown Area 

Just want to let you know I heard there's a new game out. And you know, it's endorsed by the District Attorney, the school bloc, and endorsed by supposedly several Commissioners and a variety of probably other city council and other members and it's called the Johnny Dart Board. And supposedly it has a picture of yes, you guessed it, ME.

Several people try to hit the bull's eye which is, of course, is where my picture is and it is the latest and newest dart game and apparently it's the talk of the town and supposedly the District Attorney has been playing it for quite a while now and actually is quite good at getting close to the bull's eye.

Also, some say that she is not the only one playing this dart game in the local bars lately. I hear they are cursing me up and down. But that also they are bringing in these other people to play this game. Oh, let me tell you they want to play this game because for them the dart's the closest thing so far that they have gotten to hitting a bull's eye on just about anything.

And so I just want you to know I heard it is a great game. Let me know when you are playing it down there at the bar or at home. Invite me to come by. I'd love to have a shot at it. After all, I'd like to see this dart game and how it works.


DA Caitlyn: What's she hiding now?

Oh, DA Caitlyn, wonder where she be? Somebody said she hasn't been to the bar lately.

Oh, we wonder why or where can she be? That DA Caitlyn, merry, merry so she be but what's she's hiding and where it's at? In the safe? Is it out back? Oh, some say wonder and some say where that DA Caitlyn, I wonder where?

She doesn't say much or she doesn't care but the most important thing is that she has to shampoo her hair of all the dirt and grime there's been. It's hard to wash off all that sin. And throw away as much as she can. The corruption still is on her hands. Oh, time will tell if that be true that DA Corruption is part of the due. She'll soon be a sight for all to see like the Emperor with no clothes for people to see. with any questions or comments.