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From part of my speech at tonight's school board meeting: "Have you ever heard the word “nepotism”? I'm sure that you have as you are suppose to be a learned group of educated folks who educate our children but now what you want to do is put the fox in charge of the hen house or at least that is how I'm seeing it. You want to take Bobby's daughter in law and you want to make her the superintendent? I'm telling you this stinks of a lot of inside stuff going on and I just don't think you guys seem to get it. You don't seem to care that this is still a good old boys network, it's all whatever Mr. Bobby wants and I'm telling you I would hope this board would wake up and really take a hard look at themselves and make some changes so our students can get educated because appointing her is the biggest mistake you are ever going to make and I can assure you of that."


From my first speech at the school board meeting: "Well, you know I have to thank the school board because I've certainly had an education being a public servant out here in the community representing myself and I believe other tax payers in our community because with all the suing I've had to do, all the investigations I've had to help bring forth have made you, the school board, much more aware of the aspect of your total lack of understanding how to truly represent those that have elected you in your community. And since you seem to lack that aspect it takes someone like me to, in a sense, educate you just like you have educated me that I've had to learn how to maneuver, sue, and understand and bring in when necessary outside investigative forces when you, as a school board, are actually not operating honestly and with integrity because prior to this I don't think there was much of this going on. So I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to sue you, to make sure you got investigated, and I want to continue to thank you because you are giving me the opportunity to make sure that I can show the community how inept many of you are. Here are the update letters from the State Ethics Commission investigation. They have authorized the final 90 days of the investigation and then you will have to respond to the report findings."
Thank you to WJAC for covering this story.



The Spin Doctors

There are those people that are just like what we call for the politicians that are the Spin Doctors, that are the one's out there that put out the falsehoods, the one's that spin the tales of untruths, and they are the people out there for a long time trying to spin tales and talk about all these different things about me, none of it related to truth.

One just has to begin to wonder why is it that there are so many people so concerned, in a sense, of spreading lies about me? Why? Why are they so concerned? What are they afraid of?

Join me Tuesday, November 13th for the Greater Johnstown School Board meeting to see the anointment of Amy Arcurio as Superintendent, on Wednesday, November 14th at the Johnstown City Council Meeting and on Thursday, November 15th at the Cambria County Commissioners Meeting and find out why it appears all these politicians seem to be closed mouth, not willing to talk, not willing to communicate to the media or to others for they are afraid of what they say. Instead they rather hide and ignore the truth of the situation as it may be. 


The last of 4 update letters on the Greater Johnstown School Board investigation. I wonder who next will resign? Or will they wait until Amy is anointed as Superintendent to resign? One thing is for sure, Bobby campaigned hard for Barbin and lost. His empire is crumbling and he knows TV Tom and KA Kelly are next to be voted out. As the county swings Republican opposing decades of Arcurio control, it is clear change is coming. I'll keep you all posted. And if you are still reading, Chip, stop covering this up because you are in league with the school bloc and do your job.

Here's the article on one ex board members investigation.

Here's the story when they were advised not to comment by their Solicitor.

Here is WJAC coverage when Vince Arcurio resigned. The investigation is mentioned and I suspect when it breaks WJAC will cover it.





Vote for Jim Rigby for PA State Rep of the 71st District on Tuesday, November 6th.




Earlier today I spoke during hearing of the citizens at the Johnstown Housing Authority monthly meeting. My local Johnstown Housing Authority agency has 7 million dollars in CD's making a dismal low percent and guess at which bank? Ameriserv. Who would have guessed? The JHA has property in Johnstown that is not being used to build housing and I asked them to investigate and see if they doing there job correctly for the citizens of our community. Why do they have this money? What are they doing with this money and are they really doing what is right for our community in following the guidelines that HUD sets? The land is in Upper Yoder and West End. You can build units there and break up the concentration of poverty in Johnstown but is it the rich do not want these units near them? You have several parcels of property in Upper Yoder and West End. You have had these for a long time. Are you hoping it will go up in property values? Do you have a reason? Shouldn't the tax payers know?  Are you holding it tax free until you can give it to one of your friends? Couldn't they be sold to buy properties in a  lower income area that could serve more of your cliental? Shouldn't the tax payers know? Built on it or sell. Do something with it. 
     We have a Certificate of Deposits here and Certificate of Deposits there and you wonder where all this money is really going? Why is the interest rate so low? .30%. Some are 35%? .75%? Others higher. Seriously? What's all this really doing because it seems to be sitting around does that mean it is drawing interest? And if the account is drawing interest where is the interest going? And, by the way, who has an interest in the interest? And while we are on the subject what does that have to do with influencing elections? How do you pick the bank that gets to invest this 7 million dollars? It was 10 million. Why isn't this discussed openly at meetings that I had to file a right to know request to find out you had this surplus? It is time that we made our community great and wonderful again by being transformative, by being more thoughtful of our approach with our tax payer money, and being more transparent with what's the money going towards and who's doing what with it and why?
Well, you can be assured I've be asking some of these questions for a while now as why you will not vote for a joint meeting to address crime, blight, drugs, and the concentration of poverty and I know many of these politicians would love for me to go away but the strangest thing is it seems a lot of common, tax paying people out there would like just some answers. Why won't this board agree to meet? How about we call the truth? I know that is hard to find in our political circle especially with law makers but I think that is what we need is some exposure with these hidden, secret accounts of money that are hidden away from the public, from parcels of land that are not being utilized, and the fact that you refuse to meet, you refuse to do anything for that matter.
I'm what you call an America Tax paying citizen that wants some answers and let me assure you, the public watching this wants answers so all you need to be supportive of these issues and hey, if these newspapers are really going to cover these issues instead of fake news then this is a story they should be all on top of because you see, I think we all want to know. We want to know what our government is doing with our tax payer dollars.
So let's more forward. Let's charge ahead and bring up these secrets and why you won't have a joint meeting and expose this so we can see what's really going on in our local government.
I filed a complaint with HUD to investigate why you have these funds and parcels of land. I am wondering if there are other things hidden in your program and you are not following the other guidelines the government has set and I am asking for an audit of the Johnstown Housing Authority. I have this right to know request asking for previous audits you have completed.










Thank you, Chip, for recognizing that I always speak the truth and that by losing I still win in the end.

"If you’ve seen the movie “Liar Liar,” you’ll recall that actor Jim Carrey’s character – attorney Fletcher Reede – can not tell a lie for 24 hours thanks to a birthday wish uttered by his son as he blew out the candles on his cake.

Reede nearly loses a high-paying case because he can’t fib – or even let his witnesses do so in their testimony – until saved by a legal loophole that gives his client the courtroom victory, which prompts Reede to proclaim: “And the truth will set you free!”

That phrase, from the Gospel of John, is indeed gospel for those who make their living reporting on the news of their communities."~ Chip Minemyer, Tribune Democrat,











Secret Joint Wide Meet

Well, rumor has it there was a secret meeting, a coming together of a variety of different people representing the city, county and other agencies all to talk about what can they do about citizens who speak out, citizens who want to take them to task.

What I find most interesting about this is it would seem that these individuals can all get together from their perspective groups and yet they can't come together in a public place to solve our problems but they can certainly get together to bitch and complain that some citizens out there are actually taking them to task, are making them have to answer questions as to what they really are doing rather then as what most politicians do, blow a lot of smoke, play with a lot of mirrors. It is a sad state when there can be a secret meeting like this but they can't agree to come together publicly to solve their problems.

I'm sure it was, by the way, a good money maker for the bar. I'm sure they slugged back a few and had a lot to say about that citizen who has been speaking up. Maybe they should be rest assured that if they continue with their arrogance it will be their downfall.






The Flimsy Man Enters the Scene

What a web the spider can weave when all the players are all so deceitful it seems. Here it is, we're in Summer and AAABA baseball is in full swing and the Puppet Master is back, and he's back in the scene but which team is he playing for?

Well, that is still the mystery as you can see. He's not sure whether is he is left or right as friends abandon him and his team or maybe he's in between but one thing is for sure the Puppet Master is back, he's back in the scene. 

He's back to do whatever it is he thinks he's gonna do and if he figures it out perhaps he'll let us know what he is really up too. 

The Puppet Master is quite the guy who thinks a lot more highly of himself than probably what is real but then again that's the Puppet Master and he is at least the real deal as in the sense that one is as confused as one can be.

He's neither up, he's neither down, and he's neither in between.

He's so confused as all can see that he's not sure whether or not he is here or there but does it really make a difference? And do we really care?

There are those out there that are on the team but they want to be where the pitcher is, in the limelight is seems. Well, one must realize in order to throw the ball one must be in a position of understanding what a pitcher does above all. And that is that he practices day and he practices night and he also knows how to throw the ball just right. 

For there are those that are out there that fumble and flail and just plain right fail and that's because when it comes to the game, if you don't understand baseball, which happens to be the name of the game, you can't be the pitcher, you can't be the catcher, you can't even play on the team cause it really takes an awful lot for those who understand the dream. 

That you can't be in the limelight without taking the heat because there could be sun stroke unless you know exactly how to tweak. 

So in the mist of it all it is so simple to say all of you out there you better learn how to play.

Comes a time in the mist of the baseball season when you get rid of the dead weight, when you get rid of the non productive players and have them resign and send them back to the B league.

For all of you that follow this story so right some of you knew, or thought you knew and you thought you were right. It was just to see who was paying attention and truthfully you never knew who The Flimsy Man really is.

But in the mist of the flow, in the mist of it all, what you really didn't know The Flimsy Man is not who you thought it might be.

It's a different little person. A squirmy, wormy one it might be. One that thought that perhaps I wouldn't know but oh, what a mistake for I do really know. 




My regular monthly submission to the school board prior to Tuesday, August 7th's at 5 pm school board meeting. Please join us.


Dear Greater Johnstown School Board,


I just want to bring this fact of information to your attention of the Dawn L. v. Greater Johnstown School District opinion. I'm wondering if you are aware of these facts and if you are then why was this individual with this knowledge appointed as a superintendent here in our district? And if you are not aware of these facts now that you are don't you think you should reconsider the appointment? Don't you think that we need to take into consideration that we need to make sure that things are well protected for our children and that, in a sense, that if you as you say claim to are into the transparency of government that this would be a perfect thing for you to be telling us the truth about?


What I am asking for is when you appointed this individual were you aware of this lawsuit? Yes or No? If you were not aware of it and now you are aware of it are you going to reconsider the appointment?


To say things are personnel matters, you know, I understand you feel you can only take transparency so far but when it comes to the safety of our children, when it comes to the aspect of the voters knowing what is going on I think it is important that you, as school board members, need to take things into true consideration and realize whether or not is this a personnel matter or are these things the public needs to know about?


You can only hide behind something like this so long before the concerned citizens, the tax payers, are going to want to know the answers. I expect your response at the next school board meeting. If you do not do anything about this it shows the ultimate failure of the school board who obviously must be controlled by other interests to overlook this person and why? Why would you appoint someone like this with this kind of record of the past and you are claiming transparency so if this is public knowledge you either were aware of this or not. And if you were aware of this then why did you appoint him? Who suggested him for the position?

John DeBartola

Please read the full opinion for more information:​

 with any questions or comments.