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Agony Aunt Column


Or are the Rumors all Fiction?

Lots of talk out there. It would seem there are fractures of the political parties and more so chaotic behind the scenes with infighting. Or are the rumors all fiction?

Yes, time to reinvent yourself. Does that entail hiring a new house keeper? Or are the rumors all fiction?
Does the school board have the best interest of the taxpayers in selling the Middle School? In rezoning the Middle School for the new owner they lined up already? Should the Planning Commission evaluate the process or at least have input? And does anyone know when the Planning Commission meets? The City did not know when I called and asked them as I wish to sign up to speak before the Planning Commission. Why must this all be so smoke and mirrors? Why not just upfront, honest decisions on how to maximize the best possible sale price for the building? After all, won't the tax payers already be losing money? If so, how much and why? The School Board announced the minimum sale they will accept is $150,000 for the whole building and property. That's quite a deal. How can we be sure this will not happen again? 
Or are the rumors all fiction?

  That those in power would be corrupt enough to lose a piece of paper, that corruption is too deep that inside workers are used to do the bidding for powerful leaders who for years have had things there way. Or are the rumors all fiction?


DA Caitlyn Spotted Misstepping

​A Special News Report coming down now. There was a sighting of the DA just recently the other day. Was it really her? Some are not sure. They saw the Limo go by and they just assumed the DA was riding in it but the funniest thing behind it was that a car was following kind of close behind it that looked like somewhat like an old wreck. And the funniest thing about it some people say it looked like the DA was driving it. 

​So is that really what is going on? Is the DA really not in the Limo? Just hiding out and following behind in an old wreck, barely getting by, avoiding all public appearances, clinging on to the aspect that she has followers that don't seem to be there? Has the Queen fallen into disrepair? Some say that's exactly what has occurred.

She's gone so far down that some people say they have even seen her hitchhiking. Of course we know that is not true, people make up all sorts of things when politicians go into hiding and run away from people and issues as they cover their tracks. The real question becomes if she was hitch hiking would anybody stop to pick her up or are they afraid what if it is the DA. What if it is her? Can you really give the Queen a ride? I don't think so. Even her own people don't want to be seen with her.  

​First of all, most of these people wouldn't want to stop and give her a ride and I'll tell you why. Because they are not really her friend, they really don't want to know her, they prefer that she can live in her delusion of being a Queen but most think the only thing she is Queen is Queen of is the dog house.

So on another note, rumor has it the Puppet Master is hold up in an apartment. Yes, that's right. He's held up somewhere trying to hide on out because he doesn't want to come on out to the ball park, doesn't want the publicity, and doesn't want the press. Well guess what Bobby, the next appeal is almost decided and it looks like you will be outed. Just wants to hold up in this apartment trying to relieve old memories, trying to hang out with the younger crowd, trying to hang out with the illusion that he is still the greatest Puppet Master of all time. That there isn't nobody that knows how to play the bases like he does. There's nobody like him that knows how to play the field and he can play either side of the field, that's for sure. He can play the school bloc side or the other side. That's why he sees himself as the master Puppet Master.

​He still thinks that he's in his prime. Some say that's left quite a bit of time. He's clinging to the past and clinging to the young, clinging to those who are willing to hear the stories of all his great fun. Clinging to the past and the young that will listen so that he can tell the stories of the boastingness of high, of all the fun he had and all of his pride.

But the sad state of affairs that he only seems to be true is he's hold up in an apartment just him and a friend of we don't know who.

And since we're speaking about delusion, or allusion, or is it confusion, we might as well tell you about the school bloc. Yup, word has finally come down. They finally missed that step all right. Down on there luck, down on there feet, so far down some say they are sweeping the street.

​Well, you can be high an mighty all you want but sometimes you have to come on down and know that you have to be upfront. Be upfront with yourself and even your friends around you and tell them you know you're in a land of confusion, a land of your own delusion, in a land of where there is nothing but an obtrusion, protrusion in your own mind of how great you think you might be only to find out that you have suffered with this delusion type of reality. 

​It's come down swift and hard and as hard as can be. Some people say they were Kelly the best but the best is far behind in a lot of those scenes. One can only be down so far when the only way to see anything is to look up. Look up she does to the skies so bright, knowing that she is down on her woes, she's down with no might. She's down so far that she hopes that she is out of sight. If people see what she truly was they understand and know that she's nothing to be, she's not even Queen, those days are gone you see. 


DA in a Quandary 

The District Attorney has lost face with a lot of other District Attorney's across the state. There are things going on behind the scene that most don't even see.

The District Attorney is a joke for our community. The District Attorney is someone who is eluded the tax payers money, snubs her nose, and thinks that she is above the law that she so claims to represents. Some great record keeping there. I asked in my original request for any sensitive records to be redacted given the criminal history with this account and Kevin Price and Justin Arcurio who both have been in the news for theft from this account and both who are listed as receiving funds. The one document references $25,000 to Kevin Price for the year 2015 to buy drugs. They should redact cases numbers and names but there should be an accounting of how the money was spent and serial numbers on the bills. You see how easy it is for everyone to pocket the money. I have filed an appeal for this information and suspect should I win the District Attorney will simply sue me again to stop the release of this information. 

It is a sad state of affairs when our elected officials believe that they are better then the common voter that they supposedly serve. It's ever sadder state of affairs when the arrogance of those in office believe that they can and are entitled to be not only above the law but to be able to maneuver around it, to be able to hide and cheat and lie even though that is what they would prosecute others for. Yes, a true sad state of affairs when we have a district attorney who just can't be open, honest and transparent with what is really going on with tax payer money and who when presented with possible wrong doing just covers it up and hopes it goes away.

It's a sad state of affairs because rumor has it many other District Attorney's have turned their back on what she is doing for they know they wouldn't do that within their community.


The Art of the Show

​Should we bring professionalism to the school board meetings? Well, that's the question on many people's minds. I have court on Oct 17th to address if the meeting rules and powers of the board are, in fact, creating a chilling effect violating the 1st Amendment. And let us just say for those that I spoke with, for those that are protesters of the school bloc, the time has come as many of us have now agreed we must have professionalism. We must have a school that is not, in a sense, seen as not professional.

​We must also have professionalism, in a sense, for those that are within the school, for those that might be tempted to steal from the school with buy outs, pay offs, nepotism, or with millions of dollars in loans they hide from the public they hope to sneak through and announce after the election when they raise taxes yet again, to take glory that is not there's, or to pretend to be more professional then they truly are, or to lie, or to cheat on their qualifications, their experience. 

​Those that are honest, upright citizens in that sense if they have difficulties they are willing to admit it. That, perhaps, in the past they have had difficulties, but that is just that, the past. They are now the professional individuals that they are performing to the high standards that are necessary to really show that they, as individuals, are true performers, true professionals, true individuals who value their work, who value the fact that when they perform they know they are doing their best, that they are performing at 100 percent, that they are performing in such a way that brings honor and dignity to this profession, that they, as individuals, are willing to act in a professional manner, not only just on TV for show but in life. That they are willing to move forward and when they win these professional school board director seats again and again they will carry that professional image of a true concerned person with honor, with integrity, and, just as importantly, with humility. 

​For having known that it was the professionalism that gave them the edge they needed to win. That their professionalism, their dedication to their politics is what makes them stand out. Not their desire to hire their families, use the school as a personal piggy bank and rape the tax payers for their own personal uplifting. 

​So it is time, I say, that we unify the aspects of what we look for in these politicians. That all of us begin to only accept those professionals who are willing to stand up, be honest, be sincere, and truly see this as a performance of life that only true professionals can do. Not wannabee's. Not hasbeens. Not people who are sloppy. Not people who are not clean. Not people who are not willing to cut family from 6 digit positions and force millions of loans to pay them and further raise taxes not caring what people say but people who care and do the right thing. 

​And so I ask fellow citizens and especially those that I have already communicated with let us step up, let us make these meetings and our school board for the future forward that they are a board we can be proud of, not a board under investigation by the auditor general and ethics investigation. That these positions have directors that are honest, sincere, professionals there to perform to their highest capacity. There are not to cheat, not to lie, not to connive, not to gossip but be there to perform there job in the most professional manner possible.

​I certainly welcome feedback on this subject as I know many of the other professional people I have talked to know it is time they must take this seriously, we must end the politicians that no longer serve the people but only themselves. Join me in asking the school board to resign. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to the next meeting on September 14, 2017 at 6 pm. Please join us. 


Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Sometimes one has to take drastic measures and one must speak at the mind to get the attention of the politicans.

I'm going to stand up for the little person, for those that can not stand up for them and I am tired of these politicians who play nothing but games, put nothing but smoke screens and do nothing to serve the public.

The Mayor certainly has to attack me to cut some lawns because he can barely cut his own grass and he is trying to do all he can so that people don't realize how bought off he is. His election was bought off by the richest man in town who gave him $20,000 dollars and he is in his pocket.

I want to know why no one wants to investigate how the District Attorney uses our tax dollars. What kind of citizens, what kind of politicians, do we have that don't want to look into what is going on with all this money? Are they all a pack of wolves? That certainly is what is looks like. They are all out for themselves and their special interests. And as long as they can keep themselves in power they will continue to do this.

Until the populace wakes up and gets rid of these individuals we are stuck in that particular sense.

Plus, you need to understand that change is only going to come when we realize the smoke screens and the ridiculousness these politicians to keep their own in office, to protect their own backs. No one is interested in job creation. What they are interested in is creating smoke screens and putting powerful people into positions sometimes holding 3 or 4 jobs making a fortune instead of allowing for those of us unemployed to have a job.

So what does that tell you? Is it right that we have citizens that have 3 and 4 jobs making a fortune of money when there can be 3 or 4 unemployed people who could be back into the work force? I ask you, what's fair? On top of that, those people that have this hide how much they make because they continue to support their own greed. It's time for the populace to wake up. It's time for change to come. It's time we make Johnstown great again by getting rid of the wolves, by getting rid of those that do not support the will of the people.


A Confusion of Delusion

​Please check out the notice that I have court with the school for Freedom of Speech on Tuesday, October 17th at 1 pm. 

​Well, as most of you probably know we've dug back into the achieves, we've looked at the past simply because of what the future already has in store for us and for the Puppet Master and for other players on the scene. 

​It's come to our attention that recently in a TV interview and on TV some of the players were mentioned. And boy, some of these players are pretty upset that there name was mentioned. They are upset because, in a sense, they don't see the glory that they perceived should be coming from being mentioned, they don't see the opportunity for themselves to be the bigger then life that they see themselves to be.

​The Puppet Master thinks that the way that it went is that he's history, that he is the past, that he is a forgotten team member. He's no longer on the roaster, he's no longer playing the field. Matter of fact, some say he is no longer playing for either team. 

​And so rumor has it is that because he's caught up in drama, he's caught up in dealing cards, he's caught up in dumbness, or as our friend says, perhaps it is the Three D's. If so, we only wish him the best knowing his glory days are behind him. His opportunities now are different. He's not the baseball player he was. That is the past. 

​Can he still play the game? Well, certainly some say he can. But can he play the game at the capacity that he was at before? Plain and simple, no. 

​Does he still play within the DA's court? Our rumor says no. He's left the DA's court. The DA's Court has totally fallen apart and she's in disgrace. She's no where sometimes to be seen and when she is some say it's definitely a royal disgrace. It's definitely something that is not pretty.

​And why is that? Because just like baseball players they are beyond their prime, they are beyond their delusion, stuck in their confusions, stuck in still thinking they are more then what they are. When the Peasant believes they are a Queen eventually reality must hit. And when it does, it is a shock not just for the one with the delusion but for those that have been supportive or feed the illusion because how the cared for that person so it can be a shock for many. And when that occurs you can only say, we wish for the best, the best that someone, somewhere, can tell this person, face the truth, face reality, and move forward. For staying stuck in your own confusion or delusion only continues to create further difficulties, problems, and, just as importantly, drama. Drama that will play out in such a way that is won't be good for anybody, in particular, for anybody that thinks they're a Queen. 

​And let us just say, we think it's wonderful and important that we all in our own ways can think at times we are King's and Queen's but the hard facts of reality come into place and most of us begin to realize that if we're King or we're Queen it is of our reality. It is not of a bigger picture, it is not of one where we have servants, or we have subjects, or we have people that, in a sense, are bowing to us because of our great Puppet Master, DA or Kingdom.

​For those of us in the real world realize we can be King or Queen of our domain but that doesn't mean that we take it so literally that we think that others must see us in that great royalty. And those that continue to do so only continue to erode away their own delusion and confusion setting forth for themselves more and more problems as they don't face reality. We pray for them hoping that they see the light before it's too late. 


The Illusion of Disillusionment

​Sometimes a Power Broker is an Illusionist. In other words, because they have the illusion of power, but the power is subtle, the power is in the words, the power is in the maneuvering, the power is in the persuasiveness of motivating and when necessary manipulating groups of people to look at issues solidly in those specific ways.

​That sometimes if it is necessary one uses illusion to do that and if necessary one can use this illusion as well by disillusioning certain individuals they can be in a position to not want to go with a certain direction because they are so disillusioned over it. If they are disillusioned over a candidate then they are going to look for their leader or someone to point a proper candidate to go in a new and different direction, right?

​And so with that you find Power Brokers are maneuvers of Illusion. They are great manipulators of words, phases, and political content but most importantly what they are is there illusion is, in a sense, that it is hard for most people to determine truly where the Power Broker stands because a Power Broker is one that can maneuver on the tight rope, they can maneuver left or right with great balance without appearing to move from the center. 

​So a Power Broker can do many wondrous things and most Power Brokers are struggling to do it at being illusionary themselves. In other words, it is hard for some people to understand what the Power Broker might even be truly doing, thinking, or maneuvering because it's done with such skill and such grace that it's hard for people to understand. 

​Also, the Power Broker can and does usually create illusion about themselves, the illusion being in a sense that they are, perhaps, wealthy, sophisticated, highly intelligent individual, or, maybe, they can be an individual living on the edge, totally broke with no job and no money. But that is not what people see. People see the illusion. 

​So how does one find the Power Broker, The Illusionist, in their life? Why don't you start by looking in the mirror. Why don't you start by elevating where does the power lie? Cause all people have some power. But are they a Power Broker? Are they one that can utilize power? Are they a Shaman in disguise that can bring power from the other worlds into this one and create and manifest that? That all needs to be looked at. Most importantly, start by looking in the mirror. Start by looking to see where your power lies and remember some of the greatest Power Brokers probably are not what they appear to be. 


Puppet Master Reorganizing 

We've dealt with the past, we've dealt with the future and now we are dealing with the now.

Well, here it is the beginning of September and what is on the scope for today? Well, word has dropped out that The Misfits are trying to reorganize their team in Ebensburg.

The Puppet Master says he doesn't want to play in left field nor does he want to be left out but truth be the matter is can this team really be reorganized and put back in shape so it can really create or do something or is the Puppet Master dead?

Is he dead to the aspect of what he has created for himself? Has it finally come back to haunt him? And is the Puppet Master really much of a baseball player anyway or was it just a lot of hype? Was it just a lot of hot air on his part?

And The Misfits themselves are they really quite the team they claim to be or was it just like him and a lot of hot air? And is it a lot of this and a lot of that but not much of really a lot of anything?

Well, only you can tell in 2018 as it begins to unfold but let's just say rumor has it that although they are trying to warm up their training camp in Ebensburg even the weather where they are at is not that good.

Well, the reason why is, well, when you got a team called The Misfits what do you think it exemplifies? It exemplifies maybe some commissioners, a DA, a controller, a school board, some hasbeens, some people who think they can do a great job but many of them just don't cut the mustard as one would say. They really probably can't form the team they really want to do and really the last number of years not only because of their incompetence but to the fact of their inflated egos put them in a position they might have thought they were queen or king of something when it turned out they were lucky if they were rated king of the junk yard because of all the stuff certainly has been pushed into a junk yard. All the lies and innuendos and things that flew out of their so called public relations department was filled with as much hot air as most politicians.

And so I just want to say, hey. We are heading into a new year with an investigation and if you don't hear a lot about this team it's because really it is not going anywhere. We have doubts it's going to be able to get into the play. And we are not even sure that some of these people can still even run around the ball field let alone the bases. 

​And with as much hot air is coming out of there it looks like 2018 finally deflated and with that, well, all you got is a bunch of Misfits, Wannabes, and people who think more highly of themselves then they deserve.

​So here's to a great new year, 2018, and let's hope that this upcoming season truly sees the professionals playing not The Misfits. 



Hurricane Hits Politics

This is the Shaman's Surprise because when the Shaman works with the aspect of working with the energies sometimes they do it to move or effect the weather. It's this thing called Weather Shamanism. Those people are trained to deal with weather and so those people who want to work at things sometimes you have to move the Hurricane of course, you have to more to the water so it does not effect land.

​And a huge conglomerate of Shaman's can do something such as that. They can move a Hurricane and make it redirect it's energies.

And for some people a Hurricane is something that we are in politically.


The 4 Year War

Realize that sometimes there is a time when finally a war can end, when there is finally a time when peace, perhaps, can be made, when all those that have made havoc, all those that have created problems now have been dealt with, have fallen to the wayside.

And for 4 years of perhaps struggle an end is in sight. Those that have brought the biggest problems are now falling as they have continued to fall to the wayside. The School Bloc has been dethroned. The Puppet Master is soon to be removed from the team. The DA's Court is falling apart. The Commissioners are falling apart. The Investigation is under way. The School Bloc is collapsing with no new opening in sight. All of the players have been seen out of sight.  

And what stands tall in all of this one must say is that finally the war is over for I am ending it this day. I have done what I can to do my best and now for a while this can finally come to rest. For all of you to see this and for all of you to know, this 4 year long war has ended as it finally should be.

 I put it to rest for all the people have finally set me free. They have fallen away in all their own ways, they fall to the wayside, they've fallen from fame and fortune, losing their positions of their regret leaving them in a sorry state but do not fret. I wish them no ill will along their path or journey. I'm just so glad that this war has ended for that is such a great and simple thrill to see a war when it is ended. 

For all those that created the havoc may they rest in peace as they move along their way still clinging to their delusion even those that have fallen away. 



Puppet Master Returns to the Forest

There are those that seem to be afraid to walk into the Forest for they are afraid they will see the Trees, they are afraid that they will have to confront the Great Tree, the Tree that has stood tall for, the Tree that, in a sense, has represented True Freedom for the Tree's and the community that it serves.

But there are those who have worked against the Tree. They are afraid to walk into the Forest, they are afraid to deal and come face to face with their own truth, their own illusions and delusions. They are afraid to come face to face with what they know was their wrongdoings, for they know that they wronged Johnny the Tree, that they wronged many others and they are back now and they must face the consequences of their actions whether they be Queen, or at least those that believe that they are, or whether they be Puppet Masters or whether they be Superintendents upon the sea.

So they must all come to terms with what they have done to the Tree. They, like DA's, commissioners, mayors and others must come to terms with how they have acted in responses and what they have done to rid the community of Trees.

For only time will tell for it would seem as though that The Tree continues to grow and stand strong even with all that was done against it. Many have fallen by the wayside but the Tree still moves forward on it's great journey of ending the corruption as it is and there are those left that are afraid to face that Tree, to walk in the Forest, to walk on the street for they do not wish to confront their own unhappiness, their own sadness, and their own delusion but do as they will at some point in time.

​And so on my last note I must say, I wish the Puppet Master well. I wish the Puppet Master to know I hold no animosity nor ill will and can only wish that he would understand the pain that he has caused. 


The Truth Will Set These Political Leaders Free or Bury Them?

The time has come the DA must face up. The DA must come clean. The DA is in the ride of her life. Time to get honest, time to get real, time to quit hiding.

And old Bobby, what can he do? Has had power so long he's just don't think it through? The time has come that all of this must end. You've got to understand you can not pretend. You have to be honest, you have to be sincere, tell us the truth what do you have to fear?

​I wonder what we shall hear from our great supposedly elected representatives this year. Will they be giving themselves more gifts and letting the people to suffer. Oh, wonder, wonder, what will tell? Labor Day is almost upon us when we will say this year.  Will they be bashing the holiday cheer? Too negative and not positive enough? Will they be saying Labor Day is great but let's make it so dear? Let's not make it as though you can really celebrate it with all it's fullest this year? 

​For Labor Day is for the bounty of all that their might be and certainly the politicians seems to have lined their pockets with plenty or so it would seem. But is the poor and hard working man really surviving? And is he feeling that this year of great celebration during the Ethic Fest or is he still wondering because it will come so soon, another government shut down made by this great politicians that say they all love you and your vote. 

​And what about the Christmas Holidays? Is it really a time to rejoice or is it just a time of when we do not hear too much of a voice. The politicians will be as silent as can be. Hey, Merry Christmas to you don't forget to vote for me. 

​Well, only time will tell to see what this holiday season may seem and what it may be but I'll leave you with this line to remind you of things. 

​A politician can be oh so sweet when he wants your vote when you do not meet but behind the scenes and between the sheets you wonder who he is doing in to give himself some meat. And is it right or is it wrong that he doesn't really seem to sing a holiday song? He puts on his feathers and his white cap saying, ho, ho, ho, I'll take your money back. I'll fill my pockets with all the gold and chains that I can find and give the pennies to those who wine. with any questions or comments.