The Return of Gypsy Caravan

Agony Aunt Column


Jerry Upsets TV Tom

Oh, Jerry and Tom as many of you know was quite the cartoon. Jerry the Mouse always came out on top because he was smarter by far and he was honest to the top.

I know someone named Jerry who is hopefully running for a seat to be a commissioner and that will be so sweet.

For he's honest and sincere to the tax payers that he wants to endear. He's good over all, he's quick on his feet. He thinks with his heart and he's not here to let any corruption sleep. He'll set things straight, he'll make things right, he'll be a commissioner we can be proud of not one like TV Tom who's slinks around at night.


The Cambria County Commissioners voted at the last meeting to pay $10,000 dollars to hire special council C.J. Webb. Below is the legal action they have just taken against me to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.
They are challenging me because they realize that I don't have help hoping that by doing it that way they have the best chance of making this lawsuit go away because they don't want the transparency, they don't want people to know what is going on with tax payer dollars.
They are not just destroying the Freedom of Information Act in Johnstown but through the entire state and if they do that how many other sates will have challenges arise that will create havoc throughout the entire nation.
I find it sad they would take such a route like this to try to dismantle the Right to Know Law simply because they don't want to allow any transparency in government and they wish to hide the details of where all this money is going by using a standard smoke screen that politicians have a tendency to do.
I can only hope that the courts are going to look at this and look at he basis of what our country was founded upon; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and knowing in order to have Democracy we must have a government that is transparent, honest and willing to let the tax payers know where there money is being spent.
Does Attorney General Josh Shapiro step in because if they win here doesn't this effect the entire state? I am asking Attorney General Shapiro as a humble man to step forward and do what is necessary to make sure that the state laws are adhered too and I behoove him to come forward. He needs to step forward and look at this issue and see whether or not this is appropriate. Doesn't this mean that anyone who begins to request information from the Freedom of Information act will be denied?


TV Tom Rumored to be Shredding Away

TV Tom, oh, shredding records are we now? Doing what most political clowns would always do? Put on that smile, put on that face, because you really know that you are a disgrace.

Hide the tax payer's money, maneuver it here and there, everywhere but where it probably should be. How honest are you being paid under the table one might say? Oh, the truth will set us free. Oh, TV Tom what is there for you to say?


Political Corruption Unveiled

Oh, Cindy, Bobby, I see you are dancing away. Hidden off somewhere hoping you can have a holiday away.

Let's hide the facts, let's hide the truth, tax payers don't need to know what we do with all the dollar signs.

Oh, what can I say? Oh, what can I do? I see you dancing, just dancing away. But your time has come, you'll be off the show. That dancing with stars your not making the show.

Oh, it's on the line, Freedom of Speech. How much more is it going to take for our Freedom of Speech that allows our politicians to understand they need to take. Avoid the answers, avoid the truth. Many of us are so tired of the smoke, the mirrors and confusion too, it is only a matter of time the politicians will be falling soon.


DA Dodging The Dynamite of Her Corruption

Oh, DA Caitlyn, you have to run like TV Tom. You have to order a new shredder just to make it extra quick. Oh, do what you can, hide what you may, the truth will come out, oh, one of these days.

Some say you have been praying but not to God. Been to the bar because it's gone to far. What will you do when it's time to say, “I pray that no one knows how many I've cheated today”.


Who's Protecting the Tax Dollars?

Well, here we are, 3 little appeals all in a county row. Is the Wolf in the Hen House? The Politicians really want to know. What can one say and what can one do? Give us the truth and it will set us free, the tax payers, me and you.


What's Next In Our Corruption Locally?

Oh, the Political Maze, sometimes it's caught in it's own sort of haze.

When you have politics that use smokescreens sometimes you begin to wonder if these Politicians know where they are really going. But the citizens have no worries for the Champion has appeared.

He's blowing the smokescreens clear. He's making the corruption the forefront of what needs to change and you can be assured that will the help of the Arch Angels the slaying shall begin, the corruption shall end and through this Political Maze you'll wonder who might be next, who's on the list, the hit list as some might say, to be brought to the light of their corruption so that there can be a whole brand new day.

The corruption is rampant in many offices, they say. Oh, who will be next as we walk through the Political Maze? Stay tuned, my friends, and you shall see the next corruption is unfolding with ease.


Bobby's Bandito's

Some say Bobby's Band is under fire. All his people are in a Tizzy. Some people say they can't even get a Wizzy. Oh, but they're certainly in that Tizzy and that's because Bobby doesn't know whether or not he is having a Fizzy.

He's losing it they say and where it will go we don't know. Let me say without a doubt, Bobby just really wants to scream and shout. He wants to let it all really come out as it turns out the citizens certainly have a doubt. What does he have to hide? Who is Bobby's Boys and probably a few girls that are doing what they are doing behind the scenes?

A champion of the people seems to be coming in to slay Bobby's scene. Or the corruption of it will end, Bobby will fall but that won't be the end


The Queen's Downfall

​The picture described is a parody you see. The picture itself shows the illusion of what some people might think they see.

​All good fairy tales must come to an end.

​Oh, there was a poem sent into us recently.

​Fiddly Dee and Fiddly Foe, a Puppet Master, is he friend or foe?

​Did he report his friend to the IRS for using her church to get elected?

​Does he play on left field? Does he play on right? Is he up or down? Or is he in between?

​Is he floating? Is he sailing? Or is he just stuck in the shit waiting for the verdict in between?

​Well, some say he is right where he needs to be stuck in the same old ship that he doesn't want to look at or see waiting for his friends to receive their subpoena's to go to Pittsburgh, you see.

​His nostrils are flaring, it's probably from coca cola but what can we say. The Puppet Master swears that he's going to pray.

Well, there are some who say there's a church he wanted to control, certainly thought so that his illusion was part of his scene.

​And now the Puppet Master turns to the Queen. As struggle as much as she can and she be, turned out she isn't a Queen nor even a want to be.

​She can't even find or even know if herself is still alive within the shell of herself.

​As sad as can be, be it so sad because she doesn't know if she's who she is whether she is her or she's she.

​Whether she's here or me, he or she, she gets so confused you don't know what there is for thee let alone how much money is in her drug forfeiture accounts for thee.

​But one can say and one can be knowing that she is not a Queen and that's for sure for all to see.

So with it be as much as it can the Queen has fallen from her land.

Not much left to see or to do but what is for sure is her time is through.

​As sad as that can possible be time is still for the subjects to be free.

Free from the illusion of this Queen want to be for she was trying to let others see how mighty she can be.

​Instead what's occurred is falling flat on the face of the disgrace of the thing that just can't be.

​One can't be a Queen unless they stand tall. One can't be a Queen if they can't dance at the ball. One can't be Queen unless she's charged of the scene. One can't be Queen if nobody listens anymore to thee.

​She's tried to cause a ruckus and tried to say this and that and mark a person or two as though they were nothing at that but, oh, the details of how this was turned how she is hiding information, refusing to face the Attorney General, no royalty to be, and unfortunately rumor has it she's fallen from her royal type scene. No one even sees her at royal gatherings anymore, you see.

​Down in the dumps as sad as she can be without really a friend other then her drinking or anyone that could bow to their knees.

​It's slipping faster and faster they say, the Queen is going insane this day.

​Stay tuned for more and you will see for the disaster that's happening to the DA want to be.


Equinox Apex

​The Tree is in Limbo now because it's beginning to realize that the change of the season has come. The time when soon the Tree must go to sleep, must face the changing of the season, must await the Ethics Commission final report, the verdicts from the various judges on all the lawsuits, and see what the community thinks and feels as the landscape changes within the school bloc.

​And there are those out there that must face the changing of the season for some would say that baseball season would soon come to a close. Does that mean we will no longer need Puppet Master's? They will no longer need people playing the outfield or the infield? Will the DA and Commissioners surrender the DUI and Drug Forfeiture Accounts? Will they resign? Will it be time for rest? Will it be time for more warfare? What will it be a time for?

​Well, certainly it will be a time for introspection. It will be a time for opportunity. It will be a time to get ready for the season's as they come. It will be a time for facing the facts of this great change and that sometimes we must reach a point where that great change takes us to a new level, to a new opportunity, to a new horizon. And with that new horizon who will be the people that you'll meet on that horizon? Who will make all this work?

​Well, only time can tell with that but one thing that certainly is for sure is that opportunity itself only comes to those that are ready to accept it. What are you ready to accept?


Common Courtesy or Self Destruction?

​So let's talk about common courtesy. Let us talk about what is right. Let us talk about what is really going on. Let us talk about why we need to move forward.

​Well, first, let us start it is common courtesy to speak to someone in a civil tone even if you don't like them because shouldn't you be taking the higher ground? Isn't it common courtesy when someone speaks to you that at least you are not so bitter and caught up in your own anxieties and fears that you can speak with common courtesy?

​As many of you know a new time has come, a new dawning, a new opportunity of where once again common courtesy will be returning to Johnstown. Can the common courtesy of an apology be given? Or will it take a court order to set free the community? For it was courtesy that created this, the courtesy of silencing freedom of speech, arresting a mother, smirking, drawn out meetings, the courtesy and respect to talk civilly and honestly with one another that set into motion opportunity, opportunity for success. Those that turn their back on common courtesy are destined to fail, are destined to be forgotten, are destined to be a blip of a memory in history.

​And as we move forward know that those that can and do practice common courtesy will succeed.


The Truth About Johnny

If you want some insight about Johnny there is going to be some. It's going to be on the local airwaves, well, and maybe in print too.

​So for those of you out there that always wanted to know a little bit more about

Johnny the Tree, or whether other numerous names he might go by, stay tuned. Some people call him Queen John and some people just say he's one heck of a promoter and, of course, some say he's just one heck of a guy.

​Some say he should be written in as Mayor. Some say he is a Wizard. Well, whatever he is, he's a person. He's a male and he does some incredible things. These stories will tell you some sides of Johnny that you may not know. They may tell you about his strife and his struggles against opposition, against those who had wished that he would have gone away but he can't for he has a mission.

​His mission is to expose and get rid of the corruption, his mission is to bring knowledge and information to people who need it, his mission is to enlighten those of the prejudice that lies sometimes within the community against itself.

​We must look at all these issues, these things much more deeply. And is it true that he's had to struggle through this? Read the stories and see. Stay tuned for the upcoming list of what is coming next. with any questions orcomments.