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Ghandi told us to be the change we wanted to see in the world. 
With the current administration failing, but not yet leaving, it
seems as though we do, indeed, neet to grab the bull by the horns.

In fact, our own beloved John DeBartola is running for office in 
Johnstown. I couldn't be more proud of him. 

That's the kind of example and leadership we need right now.

But, we're not all cut out for political office, and that's fine.
For some of us being the change means signing petitions, contacting
our senators and representatives. It may mean starting a petition,
a movement, or maybe even an organization. It could be something
as simple as donating money to a cause or causes that is/are 
important to us. 

It doesn't matter what form the change takes, per se, what matters
is that we're doing something. As a woman, an LGBT, and a Latina
(yes, I'm a legal citizen. My father was born in Puerto Rico which
is a US territory, and I was born here in the States), I feel very
trampled upon by this current administration. That doesn't mean I'm
going to remain silent. Not by a long shot.

Neither should you. There is not only safety in numbers, but strength
as well. The LGBT community and its allies need to come together
and unify against the hate, ignorance and bigotry that we are facing

Yes, there is an uptick in hate crimes. That does not, and cannot,
mean that we hide in the shadows. Instead, it means that we travel
in groups, we stay prepared and protected, we act smartly and 
proactively. Being the change also means being courageous, especially
when you're most afraid.

New things continue to unfold "As The Whitehouse Turns." You never
know what new or amazing scandal, gaffe, or political blunder will
happen next, but you are guaranteed at least one daily.

Stay strong, my friends. I know these are trying, and very scary
times. I'm living them, too. Trust me. But we have to stick together,
we have to stick to our guns, and we have to - above all else - we
have to stay strong. We cannot let them defeat us and push us back
into the closests and the dark ages of LGBT history. We can, and we
will overcome.

Lauren Shiro
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