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The Keystone Alliance/GayLife Newsletter is a no-profit newsletter and political organization whose mission is to be actively involved with the GLBT Community and their family and friends to increase the quality of life for all people through responding to the needs of our community. Newsletter Columnists are responsible for the content of their own newsletter column. Opinions in the Newsletter does not reflect or is agreed by the Newsletter's Editor, Staff or other Subscribers. All columns are fictitious and not about anyone.


Keystone Alliance, GayLife Newsletter, GayLife Newsletter Reader's Choice Awards, GayLife Newsletter's Pageant and Keystone Alliance Pageant, Miss Pittsburgh Public Access TV Pageant, Miss Public Access TV Pageant, Johnstown Pride Celebration and Altoona Pride Celebration are registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Department of State; Corporation Bureau in Harrisburg, Pa (Fictitious Name). and is owned by the Keystone Alliance/GayLife Newsletter: John A. DeBartola. Entity Number is available upon request. We are registered as a NO-Profit Organization.

Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter
Mission Statement:

As a population of different people and perspectives, we aspire to promote the growth of all people in their lives. GLBT members of the community and their allies join together to create an organization where people exchange ideas, listen to one another with consideration and respect, and are committed to fostering civility. We, as members of the GLBT community and others, strive to achieve the following individual commitments: 1. To strengthen the community; 2. To foster an environment for personal growth, to be helpful to others and respect their rights. We will discourage intolerance, hatred, and injustice, and promote constructive resolution of conflict; 3. To contribute to the future of the betterment of the community: ourselves, the community, the nation, and the world. We believe in freedom of the mind and spirit and promote the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons to reach their potential.

Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter’s Vision:

We celebrate diversity and envision a society that embraces everyone,
including those of diverse sexual orientations and gender identies.









-John A. DeBartola-

President Executive Board

Editor/Publisher/Show Director/Columnist




-Wade Bowers-

Vice President Executive Board

President of Cumberland Chapter

Newsletter Columnist




-Frank Bittinger-

Editor's Assistant Executive Board

Author/Newsletter Columnist




-Janet Palovich-

Secretary/Treasurer Executive Board

President Johnstown Chapter

Newsletter Columnist





-Sue Marie Isbell-

President, The Quad Cities Chapter, Idaho

Executive Board Member at Large

Newsletter Columnist




-Keith Morrow-

Executive Board Member at Large

Newsletter Columnist




-Jonathon Downing-

Executive Board Member at Large

Newsletter Staff




-John J. Michaels-

Executive Board Member at Large

Newsletter Staff



Emeritus Executive Board Members:

Elizabeth Folta

Max Van Sickle

Catherine S. Cox



-Janine Boe-Newsletter Columnist, Past President Spokane Chapter Keystone Alliance 


~Christian Diane~ Newsletter Columnist

Isaiah Smith

~Walter G. Meyer- Author/Newsletter Columnist/ www.waltergmeyer.com

~Lee Lynch- Author/Newsletter Columnist/ http://facebook.com/lynchly

~Becky Chase- Newsletter Columnist

~Jade Nite~ Newsletter Columnist

Gary Hardin~ Author/ Newsletter Columnist

~Philip Bayush~ Newsletter Columnist and Special Projects Consultant

~Melinda Beazer~ Newsletter Columnist, President Spokane Chapter of the Keystone Alliance

~ Allison Wonderland~ Newsletter Columnist 

~Diana Ross~ Senior Columnist 


  ~Shannon Victoria DeLectra~ Newsletter Columnist

Jennifer Biggs~ Newsletter Columnist

~Brian Pavic~ Newsletter Columnist

~Br. Bjorn~ Newsletter Columnist

~Mark Koch, Newsletter Columnist

Amanda Dodd~ Newsletter Columnist

~Jewel Alexander Sage~ Newsletter Columnist 

Freddy Folta~ Newsletter Columnist


~J.P Whitacre Whoever~ Newsletter Columnist, Our Dear Queer


~Lauren E. Harvey~ Author/Newsletter Columnist/ www.leharvey.com

~Jon Waldrup~ Author/ Astrology Columnist/ www.senseofvisionastrology.com

~Hollis Hollywood~ Guest Newsletter Columnist

~Richard Guy~ Newsletter Columnist

~Victoria Michaels~ Newsletter Columnist

~Sofia Rasmussen~ Newsletter Guest Blog Postings

~Athanasios~ Newsletter Columnist

~Winifred Adams~ Newsletter Columnist

~ Eric Svenson~ Special Project Consultant

~Violet Rayne~ Newsletter Guest Columnist

~Jan Drake Bakke~ Newsletter Columnist

~Author Laura Lee Mistycah~ Newsletter Columnist

~Claire Voyance~ Newsletter Columnist

~Elizabeth Folta~ Newsletter Columnist

~Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau~ Newsletter Columnist

~Marcelino Rosas, Author/ Columnist

~Joyce Parmelee, Karma Kitty~ Columnist

~Dave Casker~ Columnist

~Camille Leon~ Newsletter Columnist

Founder & Executive Director, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Coach & Co-Author, The Exhilaration Effect

Brian Tee~Newsletter Columnist and TV Show host

Maria Korns~ Columnist

Carla Fox~ Author and Columnist

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff~ Newsletter Columnist

William Bisignano~ Newsletter Columnist

Sue Kerr, Newsletter Columnist from Pittsburgh Lesbian Coorspondents

Lara Vezzani~ Author and Columnist


 Su'ganni Tiuza~Author and columnist

Joseph Drumheller~ Author and columnist

James Langteaux~ Author and columnist

Sherrida Woodley~ Author and columnist



Christian Diane, Miss Pittsburgh Public Access TV 2015/2016

Miss Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter


Previous Title Holders

Alicia Michaels, Miss Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter 2014-2015

Shaka Ashad, Miss Pittsburgh Public Access TV 2014-2015


Thea Trix, Miss Gaylife Newsletter 2013-2014

Lady Ashley Gilbert~ Miss Keystone Alliance 2013-2014

Miss Keystone Alliance 2012-2013

 Lady Ashley Gilbert


Christian Diane~ Miss Keystone Alliance Eternal

Miss Pittsburgh Public Access TV 2013, Vita Opulence


Miss Gaylife Newsletter 2011-2012

Allison Wonderland

Miss Gaylife Newsletter 2011

Lady Jezelle Van Cartier

Miss Gaylife All-Star 2009-2011

Akasha La Stat

Miss Gaylife All-Star 2009

Kourtney Brown




Mr. Gaylife All-Star 2009-2011

Miss Diana Ross

Miss GaylifeTime

Miss Keystone Alliance 2011-2012

Kitty Klottsalot

Miss Keystone Alliance 2010-2011

Thea Trix

Miss Keystone Alliance 2009-2010

Waynonna Juggs

Miss Keystone Alliance 2009

Damanda Dollar

Miss Keystone Alliance 2008-2009

Christian Diane, First Lady of the Keystone Alliance

The Honorary Queen of the Keystone Alliance

Lady Genna Tailya



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