~Dance it, Speak it, Poet~

By Jan Drake Bakke


March Madness! Gladness! 2018!


It’s new and exciting

And love is in the air!

Spring fever about to pounce

Revival is upon us everywhere!

Step out into new discoveries and rejuvenations

Drink down revelations, epiphanies and inspirations

Walk into the sunlight

Skip under the moon’s shining white

Run to the blazing wave of energetic might

Dance into your dreams of titillating delight

It is March Madness Gladness of the beautiful year

Of 2018

Remember to speak life over everything

Remember to laugh and to cheer!


"Magestic Butterfly"
We can agree to disagree
And try to love more peacefully
With beauty and wonder
Kindness and surrender
With color and design
And texture that is fine!
With calm and elation
It is a sweet sensation!
Seeing the best in ourselves and others
Always we can try!
And then take a trip on the back of a
Magestic Butterfly!
 Magic is a spark that ignites a divinity
 The smile on your face is one of magic that brings a heart felt affinity
 The sparkles in your eyes are magic and they take sadness out of our cries
 There is magic in words we speak to one another
  That allows  truth to over come lies
 There is magic in our touch, our carresses that we share
 Magic, like love is part of our true nature
 It is something we all wear!
 Magic is inherent and part of the souls ascension
 Without it we would not be traveling in this magnificent dimension
 Magic is for all to express in
experience and to practice
 It is already there for us
 Part of us
It is natural like a hug and a kiss!! 

 "Say Better Things"

Sometimes we or our family or friends hurt us

Words come out that aren't well said

Give them a chance to say better things later!


"So Fairy"

She hearz chimez, pingz, bellz of thoz present and past

She travelz thru the air on animalz, butterflyz, and dragon fly wingz

They are heaven sent

She looks thru her eyez of pure awareness and delicacy

They are gifts of her soul

It iz what the spirit bringz

She is a cozmic agent!


"Zig Zagging"

Zig zagging

Curley Q

It's not always a straight line

As we live this life thru

We do what we need to do

And do it better when we know to

Zig zagging

Curley Q

As we live this life thru!











 As we learn!





A good judgement!





We have discernment!


"Go Elemental"

Take a break from it all

And go elemental

Feel the magic and fly

So fairy

So dragonfly

So gentle

Oh my!


"Speak Well of Others"

No matter how much unacceptance one receives

From family or friends

It's nicer to do this!

Speak well of others!



Forgiveness holds space for all of your bad

To turn it later into your glad!


"Rose Colored Glasses"

It's always nice to look thru rose colored glasses

There are thousands of roses there!


"Inherant Love--Wild Moon Woman"


May your inherant love recieve you

And always shine forth

Let it burst out of you

East, West, South and North!

Let it free your soul to its core

Let it shake your wild

Like never before!


"As I Hold My Palm In Love"


An open palm holds one with freedom

A closed tight palm as a fist may create pain

A palm of boundary is strong but gentle

To keep on staying safe and sane

I keep my heart near the rainbow above

in cool waters

As I hold my palm in love!


"Peace in 2018"

No matter who or what we are

Our hearts and souls still pulse a breath and resonate close and far

That we always remember we are not alone

That we are still here in peace

And we have grown!


So that your creative energy is set free

And sometimes we may agree or disagree

But that we might hold hands in a circle so wide!

That is extends thruout the earth

Even if it is in one's mind

It ripples unity, peace and rebirth


God has tabs on each one of us along life's journey and road

The signs are also shown and right near us as we may also be told

That each of us will stand in our peace and never demean

Our soul's path that maybe of many remarkable things!


"Speak Peace"

Speak peace to our enemies

Then peace will be with them

Pray for peace to our foes

As peace will be blessed on them

As a precious gem!


"Don't judge or condemn others of something you may of done already or may end up doing later!"




Some days are forgiving
Some are just plain forlorn
Some give us joy
Some are full of poem corn
Some days are waiting to be better
Some are great in the morn!
Some give us havoc!
UntIl I met a UNICORN!
Silently in quiet observance
The answers come thru the dense interference
Some piercing
Some subtle
I am grateful for all of this experience!
Love, Jan
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