~Dance it, Speak it, Poet~

By Jan Drake Bakke


"Love Is Not Gone"--My Twitter Poetry Column  by Jan Drake Bakke/"Dance it, Speak it, Poet"/Gaylife Newsletter July 2017 Issue


"Love is Not Gone"

I pondered why and carried on for this scorpio moon

Love is not gone

The thing about love

It never dies

It just makes new ties

 To make a new song!



We may luz some of them

They may turn on us, as we try to help them

They don't want to hear

Our point of view

They just need to be listened to!


"Butterfly Express"

Take me out to sea my butterfly express!

I will float on your wings

and jump through clouds

To rescue my insanity of brilliant naievty to caress


"Rainbow of Love"

Refresh my heart with your rainbow of love dear Lord

Let me see it

Hear it

Feel it


I will never get bored!


"Love Wins"

A place where no worries deplete us

A place where energy is in surplus

Where time stops and flow begins

Synchronicity abounds

Love wins!


"Only Surrender"

In moments of despair

All that matters is the present

Being grateful in those seconds of uncertainty and pain

There is only surrender!


"Pour Over Me'

Pour over me oh divine golden rays of loving essence and delight

By your gaze on me

Heal my plight!

I surrender!

In flight!


"Angels Air"

Take some breaths of angels air

And go on

Nothing is completely fair

Jump on the train to

Heavenly town

Don't let anything bring you down!


"The Kiss On Tree Nine"


The Kiss

The Kiss

The Kiss

Old souls

Sacred Bliss

On tree nine

Love takes root

Blooming leaves

Are its sign!


"Be The Peace"

Stop the k-os

Be the peace!

And that is what you will attract


"Peace 4 U"

Breathe in white

And see the light!

Breathe in God's increase

Breathe out serenity and peace

Look up at the blue

God is watching you!


"A Miracle"

Love is for one person,

a challenge

For another,

a miracle!


"My Butterfly Shoez"

I wood fly all over the earth

To find my shoez!

With wingz to amuze!

Never to refuze!

To find my butterfly shoez!



With truth

There is no judgement!



We are all our own kind of geniuses

In our own kind of insanity!


In our own special insanity

We find our own inherant genius!


We are our own genius

In our own sanity!


"If I Were I -Wind"

If I were I

I would trust my instincts

And move like the wind

Breezing with excitement

Following my heart and knowing

There is not beginnning and no end!


"Wear Him Regally"

She waited for his lips to devour her lonliness and passion

She's waited for eons of time to clothe her nakedness

With his touch

She would wear him regally

She loved him so much!


"Midst of Change"

In the midst of change and healing

We see miracles of our spirit unfold

With affirming it so

Angels come to caress us

with sparkles of gold!


"Open Palm"

True spirituality does not judge

It discerns!

It holds each other with an open palm

It takes its hands to make a circle

And chants and sings 

To be calm.


"Seek Peace"

However we seek peace

However we chuz to believe

It is  for positivity  to increase!

And for negativity to leave!


"Purple Peace"

The red and the blue

Make purple so true!

Peacefully and without a fight!

Let's let go of the anger

Let's enter the light!


I wish you a wonderful july of 2017!


Love, Jan


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