~Dance it, Speak it, Poet~


By Jan Drake Bakke



Gaylife Newsletter September 2017 Column by Jan Drake Bakke--"Dance It, Speak It, Poet"---

"I'll Meet You There" Column


One of my all time fave quotes is "Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there." Then he adds,  "When the soul lies down in that grass the world is to full to talk about." Rumi



"I'll Meet You There"


I'll meet you there becuz I sent you a kiss

And I know you will find it there


I'll meet you there becuz we needed each other and it was how we survived

And it is ok!


I'll meet you there becuz not all is fair

And in this common ground I know we are a pair

We can live and we can dare!


I'll meet you there becuz we agree to disagree

And not every opinion or belief system we choose will always come together with others perfectly!


I'll meet you there becuz I am not perfect and neither are any one of us and neither are you

But we are children of God

No matter what we did, or have done or will ever do!


I'll meet you there becuz I am you and you are me

Let's live in this life more peacefully!


I'll meet you there becuz sometimes all we can do is breathe

And breathing is all we need for a day


I'll meet you there becuz that is where the sound of creation iz

A heavenly kingdom for all

No judgement

No fear

All are welcome

All are dear!


I'll meet you there becuz we love love

It belongs  to you and I

As our hearts fly!


I'll meet you there as we will dance with joyous elation

Dance is a sweet sensation


I'll meet you there as I walk thru my destiny

As I search for you 

As I am finding me!


I'll meet you there as with truth there is no judgement!


I'll meet you there becuz time stops and flow begins

Synchronicity abounds

And love wins!


I'll meet you there were no worries deplete us

A place where energy is in surplus


I'll meet you there as I follow my heart

And knowing there is no beginning 

and there is no end!


I'll meet you there az my broken heart iz reminded of the muzic we gave each other

Thoz  passionate dayz

Drinking each otherz wordz!


I'll meet you there as we carry our own majestic

into our destiny

With no shame

And noone to blame!


I'll meet you there so we can drink each others colors

And laugh with majestic ecstacy!


I'll meet you there becuz we are wild and free

Our souls can now see!


I'll meet you there where peace and love reign on the land

No fighting

No vindictiveness

Only joy!

Where people stand 

Hand in hand!




"The Link"


We are all a link to each other

In a chain

Of our soul's growth!




"Wild and Free"


I am wild and free

Let the flowers and trees carry me 

Simple and alive

For my soul to see!




"To See"


When we see

It is

Part of you

Part of me


The challenge is to see

Without judgement or disaray

But with a third eye 

Of wisdom and sincerity

Revelation and clarity

Then all is ok!




"Nothing Is  Mine"


Nothing is  mine

None of it

belongs to me

But I try to take

responsibility for it 


All of my heart!



"The Kiss--In Love's Destiny"


I sent you a kiss

When it finds you

You will know it is me

Please find me

Our souls are free

In love's destiny!




"Soul Connections"


How enchanting 

As we meet again

With different looks

It doesn't end


Soul connections

last forever

Thru ages of time

It is sublime!




"I'm With You"


I'm with you!

And so let's kiss

And keep it!



"Angels Air"


Take some breaths of angels air

And go on

Nothing is completely fair

Jump on the train to

Heavenly town

Don't let anything

Bring you down!




"An Angel is Near"


Sometimes when we feel so badly the time is slow

But it will pass

An angel is near 

So be glad

You will get thru this earth class!




"More Heart"


Less thinking

More heart

In the center of everything

Less worry and stress

But with more heart and openess!!




"Her Naivity"


Her ancient wisdom

gave her strength to 

Go forward

Her naivity was her charm

But also her downfall

She loved too much

And also the mall!




"I Open My Hands"


I open my hands to freedom

Letting go of needing approval

Loving myself and others

With no rejection

But with unconditional love

I let my heart rule

I receive unconditional affection!




"To Swirl In Change"





In stone


One's philosophy

Or identity

Or feelings

If one chooses

We can

count on change

How lucky we are

 to change

To swirl

In change!





"With truth

There are no judgments!



"In Rays Of Gold"


If I were I

I would be a flower

I would salute to the sun

And sing a song

In rays of gold!


I am a flower

That longs for its songs to kiss the 

new day

Of peace

Of passion

A flower

That scents never grow old!






She travels thru air

on butteflies and dragon flies wings

She looks thru the eyes of pure awareness and delicasy

It is what the spirit brings!





"Giggly Lillies"


She finds safety as crushes

take her to levels

of sweet smells

and giggly lillies

She is a fairy

In flower time!




"Flower Tongue"


Her dance is with the flowers

She speaks in flower tongue

She scents in sweet aromas

all around her

She blooms in songs she has sung!



'Weighty Wisdom"


Your weight could be

One hundred, two hundred, or three hundred and SEXY!

Don't let them shrink your pink!




"In Our Fifties and Sixties....."


In our fifties and sixties..... we are old enough to be over the hill

And young enough to keep climbing it!



"Universal Wings"


Make good today

From your broken of yesterday

Hug the universe

And it will hug you back

Fly with your universal wings

And carry eternity!




"Breathe Out The Calm"


Is your voice going to be heard by the intensity of your own rage?

Breathe in the miraculous breath of life

Cast out words of kindness

Breathe out calm and feel less strife!





We cannot expect kindness from others

But we can give it!




"Happy September-Kindness"


Kindness begets kindness

Hate begets hate

Choose the one 

to be your fate!



"God's  Magical Kingdom"


We don't have to pay for kindness or love

It is free

It is part of God's magical kingdom

Part of us






"Sometimes all we can do is breathe in a day!





"Majestic Ecstacy"


Let's drink each other's colors

Until we are overwhelmingly in majestic delighting ecstasy of joy, laughter and love

with each other!




"We help each other by our differences

Along with our agreements!"



"A Healing from my Soul Sisters"


As I close my eyes and lift up into the clouds

Flying with uncertainty and wonder

As rainbows appear

I know my true self

Is near!




"The Heart and Eyes Know"


We feel







Our tribes

Soul mates

The traits

The energy

Won't deny itself

The heart and eyes know




"Bruce--Upon Death and Now"


I see you thru music

I listen to you thru colors

I feel you thru visions

I touch you thru others!



"The Floodz-- 2017"


We hold handz in a circle

We know we are one people

In timez like thoz

That our humanity has won!


A bridge is made for all

With hearts, smilez and criez

Humanity joinz with love to each other in the Floodz in India and Huston!





The only absolutes I could ever possibly consider

is that God is love

And love can multiply in all directions, dimensions and destinies!




"Dancers "


Dancers dance and some perform and share themselves

Their beautiful artistry of body and soul expressions

With costumes of divine designs

Of physicality and colors

In powerful energetic outbursts!




"Missing Us"


I cry for the pieces of you and I

Together our life cracks in motion of slow and fast

How did we manage to last?

Missing us!



"French Kissing"


When sweet overrides hate

And French kissing is never too late

When love is so serene

Wishing you all of that in 2017!





It's about the heart

The jagged wounds

Always about a male

It's a bumpy ride

Thru her destiny

While she ascends in this




"Soul Tie"


Our eyez met

And to my surprize

A familiarity

With no liez

A soul tie




"The Kiss--Vulnerability"


Take my kiss

As I give it to you

I surrender my rigidity and vulnerability

And allow your fluidity

Upon my heart

I will take your kiss

And dance with my words to make music

To make art!




"Majestic Butterfly"


We can agree to disagree

And try to live more peacefully

Always we can try

And then take a trip

on the back of a 

Majestic Butterfly!




"Think Good Thoughts"


Keep the good

Think good thoughts

Feel the good

You are good!


All is well

Let go of strife

Do well

Be well

You are well!




"Life is Glad"


Keep the good

Get rid of the mad

Do well

Be well

You are well

Life is glad!



"Nobody Really Knowz"


She gave herself to the treez

The wind

The seaz

She rides on the back of butterfliez and dragonflyz

She searches and spiez

She let go

Now she floats



And flowz

What and who she iz

Nobody really knowz!



"God Is Smiling At You"


Breathe in pink

Don't let your heart sink

Look up at the blue

God is smiling at you

It's ok to take a chance

It is time to dance!



"Purple  Poem--Peace Out"


Purple is for balance

of the colors red and blue

For strength and regal identity

For passion

For eternal trinity

Meditation and divinity!





Change is inevitable

We can count on it!



Have a super september! It's my birthday month! Virgo!

Love, Jan




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