~Dance it, Speak it, Poet~

By Jan Drake Bakke

Gaylife Newsletter--August column 2018--"Dance it, Speak it, Poet"--"Atlantis Glimpses"


"Split Seconds"


In thoz split seconds

of total freedom

We remember eternity!"


"Breathe and Sparkle--Fairy Talk"


"Some days all we need to do is breathe and sparkle!"


No matter who or what we are

Our hearts and souls still pulse

a breath as we sparkle close and far

That we always remember how much we have grown

That we are still here in peace

And we are not alone!


"A Purple Realm--Magical Kingdom"


She sees and hears in another realm

Beyond the veil of time

As she steps thru the mirror


She is greeted with a magical kingdom

Then wakes up from her dream

With a smile and a tear!


The opening is there

For all who chooz

To see between dimensions

I will not refuze!


"Higher Dimensions"


Higher dimensions come from kindness

Love, forgiveness, charity

Service and integrity

From divine super powers!


I was in Eugene, Oregon in the 80's taking class in the dance gymnasium where we took classes in thoz dance dayz.  I was working on some choreography in one of my choreography classes and hearing music in my ears. I kept hearing a flute and drum as well.  Mostly the flute. I could hear it so clearly.  I was also seeing glimpses of a place.  This place I had been seeing flashes of since I was a little girl.  I still get these today.  They were particularly strong while I was working on this one dance that day. In the gym at Lane Community College otherwise known as  LCC. I loved that college and practically lived there while I was attending.  It was my home away from home. It was a safe zone for me there and I relaxed alot in that atmosphere. I loved dancing and was in that environment all day most days and then going outside on the lawn was very nice too there. There was alot of nature around in this area. It was Oregon country. It is really God's land. That is what they use to say anyway. We felt very proud to live there and I did love the environment and culture. It resonates with me highly. It is a very progressive place in all ways. The setting though is very country like and more of a small town but packed with artists and progressive living. A very unique place.


In these glimpses I was seeing the tropics, with trees, flowers, birds chirping and lots of water. I could sense a waterfall and me being very near this. The feeling was a sense of joyousness and elation.  Also feeling calm and a serenity at the same time.  I not only saw this place but felt all of this in split seconds.  It is so amazing to receive  them because they go so fast but while experiencing them they are full and wonderous. I also felt a longing for this place. It seems to be a part of me. I know this place and have since my childhood.  It feels like a home. I feel love from these visions and a heart centered pull in my emotions and thinking.  It is so fast but so present and powerful. There has been no doubt of these glimpses.  They are very real every time it happens. It's another realm for sure. It is a portal into another dimension and another time.


While hearing the music I choreographed  this dance for my dance companies I was dancing in at the time at school. I used movement that felt natural and that went along with the music I was hearing and the feeling of the place I was seeing too. I could also smell fresh air and a breeze over my face while working on this dance. It felt so good. I was doing this during this time and I though it was having some kind of de ja vu. That is what we said in that time alot. I wasn't familiar with other terms. I just thought it was cool. I did know it was unusual though too. Although, I had seen stuff since I was a little girl. I saw big orbs of colors and people inside

 of them and I could hear the people talking. I knew I had a psychic abilities. This did not scare me at all. I just went with it. I was guided by the glimpses and music.  I had been a part time teacher at this college teaching dance aerobics and being a dance substitute. I didn't really experience much of this during those times. It was when I was working on choreography that it would happen mostly. The dance piece came out very well and it was performed in a few concerts we did . It was awesome and my music was too. I had help from my teacher Mary getting it together too. Eventually I left this school and came back home to Las Vegas to dance still. Of course!


I got a job in Reno, Nevada to work in a show and I continued to work on the dance number I had choregraphed for my school dance companies. I was trying to extend it. I would do this in the break between shows at "Hello Hollywood Hello' sometimes. So many of us rehearsed stuff during the break. It was fabulous to watch everyone during those breaks. It was a village of dancers and performers.  Then a few friends of mine wanted to audition for a show in the Bahamas in Las Vegas. It was perfect so I went too to watch them and also visit my parents.  Oh my! I was not dressed to dance. I just went to watch. The producer though immediately came up to me and said "You have to be in my show!" Boom just like that!  I said I wasn't auditioning. I have my job and I am fine." He kept at it and asked me to audition for fun. He told me that I had the job point blank no matter what. He really wanted me to try the dance to see how it felt. All I can think is that it was just a magnetic pull for him to ask me to be in this place.  He was so correct. LOL!! I did well in the audition and picked up the choreography easily. It was fun. He said I knew you would. I didn't know this man and had never met him. I did not tell him yes. This was such a turn around for me. I had been to so many auditions in my dance career and wanting the job so much and not getting it. Not getting chosen. There was so much disappointment during that time. I would not give up though! Ever!  Now it was the other way around. I was in awe of just that. All of my hard work and dedication had paid off.  I hope my teachers will read this to know this. You deserve so much credit for this too. All of you! So after several phone calls of talking to this producer on the phone he talked me into it finally. It was actually a few days of phone calls that he was after me on this. He the very esteemed  producer  Richard Francisco! We called him Dick!  He was such a nice man!So kind, so caring and so wonderful to me and all of us! He must of been family to me somewhere in another time too. I had no hitches of any kind with him. He was a clear energy for me. In fact that whole show was a breeze and so was the town. There were other elements that didn't go so well for some of it but for the most part it did. That is how it went. My two friends and coworkers in the Reno show were not hired that day but they got other amazing work later in their careers. It's so amazing how this works out. Although, I did talk to Dick  later on and he said he loved the two girls with me. He would love to hire them at another time. So, it is alot of timing in life on when and where and why stuff occurs. Not necessarily dead ends. 


I loved it there in Nassau. As Dick said I would. It had almost everything I needed. The sun, the water and beach, dance, beautiful people, and my dog Mugsy! I was given this boxer from the other show on Paradise Island from one of the acrobats and her husband. My friend in this show Saris arranged this and it worked out so well. I was so well cared for there. Well, we all cared for each other. My roommate was Kevin Cashmore  from my show in Reno. I had no idea he had auditioned for it until later. We got on so well as roommates too. We had a blast! Both if us loving the elements so much! Then one day my friend Lorrie(Haydock) Mancini asked me if I wanted to put on an after hour show with her. She had worked in the Tropicana show Folies Bergere here in Las Vegas and  came over to do this show in the Bahamas.  She had heard I did choreography before and she wanted to collaborate. We worked on our dances in a dance studio we rented and got it together. The dance I created was still the same number I had started in Eugene, Oregon from  that time. I could still hear the music in my ears. The lead singer in our show David Adams offered to make some music for my dance. He had a total set up he brought with him to do this. His keyboard set. It was wonderful. So one day I worked with him and I hummed him the music I was hearing. I also showed him some of the dance I had choreographed. He took it from there. He played the instruments I was hearing from his elaborate keyboard set up and the tune that I heard and made it into a song. An original works. It was brilliant. I am so proud of it. I literally heard this. Dave made it into a beautiful song! He is brilliant. There it was! Then Lorrie had a few hot jazz dance numbers she choreographed and with Kevin, myself and a few others from our show we performed these. Her dance numbers were exciting and awesome. So fun to dance in! It was a learning experience too. I loved the style. My dance was a modern afro jazz fusion piece. Dave also sang in the show! It was a darling show we did at a club in Nassau. A club that showed local artists and their talents. Our producer Dick flew all the way from Seattle to see us too. I mean that was incredible! How nice of him! The crowd seemed to like it and so well done! Is all I can say! A great experience! 


I also had friends from the Paradise Island show and one named Perry DeCosta.  He was an Entertainment Director over there for that hotel on Paradise Island who offered to let me use some of his music for my piece. I didn't need it but it was kind of him. I have been friends with him ever since. The people of the Bahamas are just like that. They are so helpful and like a big family over there. Everyone knows each other. They all are cousins as they say.  I love that family feeling and people helping each other out like that. I had so many glimpses  when I was there. I was extremely psychic when I was there. It just lent itself to that for me. There are reasons why as I will share now.


I met Jethro Smith many years later after I left the Bahamas and had another life completely. Jethro became my psychic teacher and told me he had been my father in a past life from a place called Atlantis. This is a civilization that is ancient and supposedly had alot of very advanced people such as healers, psychics, prophets, holy people in general and alot of wealth there too.  With a very lush tropical atmosphere as well in some areas. That must be the area I was always sensing. They fell eventually and it is a long story. I don't know alot about it still and will want to research more about it. I thought it was nice of Jethro to tell me this info and really didn't think alot about Atlantis too much. I did think it was cool he had been my father in a past life. That made sense. He was teaching me his work and it was coming to me well. Both of us are very connected to animals and are very empathic now in this life.  He was a wonderful teacher to me. I am still  connected to Jethro and will always be. He means so much to me and was my first hands on psychic teacher. It has been an honor and privelege to of worked with him. Then about two years ago my friend Alana Clarke told me in a reading that I had had a past life in Atlantis.  I thought that was amazing to get this Atlantis connection once again. She said I worked with crystals and with my father. Wow! So close to what Jethro had siad  as well. This was all making sense to me. I do work with crystals still today. My brother Bruce always gave me crystals as presents too. I love them!  I could not or would not live without them. I finally looked up Atlantis and the location of it. The location that I was guided to was showing that it was right underneath the Bahamas. I was so in awe when I saw this! I just cried!  I know that the glimpses , the visions and music are from this place now! That I see, hear, feel, smell and have known all of my life! There it is! That is all for now in this column of this. Here are more poems. Have a wonderful August! Our last month of summer!




Crystals radiate their 

distinctive tones

Colorful dialects

of communications

Of sparkles of

healing language

of light!

Into our energetic senses

We receive their magnetism

and transformative gestures

Into our spirit

Their magic assists us

Day and night!



"Wrap Me In Blue"


Wrap me in blue

Where we can fly

With the infinite realmz

Where nothing

Can hurt us

And we are swirling in blue

And purple huez

In the middle of divine curley q'z

Tumbling with eaze

Dancing whatever we pleaze!

With music that romps

With our celestial parade

Nothing can make us fade!


"Purr Her a Song"


She disappeared into a  vortex of another kind

She was fragile and fierce

But many left her behind

No more sardonic temperments

To appeaze

She wanted to be free

And at eaze!


She wanted freedom to go home

To rid of a body she couldn't pleaz!

She loved blueberriez!

More of thoz pleaz!


She was into an abyss 

of many songs

Not just one

There were no rights

or wrongs!


She was fragile and fierce

But many didn't understand this

She was waiting for him

Her pain!

Her bliss!


She was red

Enuff said

She always dared to swoon

Loving and living by the moon!


She was barely holding on

Alwayz with her Kiki!

Her beloved

He would alwayz purr her a song!



"The Purple Zone"


Purple is for the balance of red and blue

For strength and elegance

Passion and confidence



And nobility


Spiritual identity

Meditation and divinity!



"For You, For Me"


She is the duality of sensuality

and naivity

While you are flying into this

I am waiting for you

As I am finding me

This is a change....



"Sometimes what we judge in others

Is what we see in ourselves

Be gentle with yourself!"


"She wandered off the page

and found an oblivian of divine dimensions!"


"She found more colors

as she allowed herself

To see!"


"Girl Under"


Girl under the purple tree

Awaiting in silence

Touching innate bliss

In perfect majesty!




I live in not knowing so many things

While I walk in uncertainty

With faith and surrender

My destiny is released

I ask for its appearance

for me to remember


Rapidly life shows itself daily

Slowly I take it all in

My destiny doesn't quiver

It is my fear that does

I won't let that win!


Silently in quiet observance

The answers come through

The dense interference

Some piercing

Some subtle

I am grateful for all

of this experience

I live in not knowing so many things

While I walk in uncertainty!

With faith and surrender

I am still loved

This I will always remember!

Love, Jan



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