~Dance it, Speak it, Poet~

By Jan Drake Bakke

"Peace-Everlasting Smiles"  For Thanksgiving by "Dance it, Speak it, Poet" Columnist in Gaylife Newsletter --Jan Drake Bakke


"Words of Wisdom"  For Thanksgiving 2017


Stay humble, but bountiful

 Stay grateful, but soulful

 Stay gentle, but powerful

 Stay discerning, but joyful

 The Lord of the supernatural

 The God of abundance

The Universe of omnipresence

The Great Spirit of advance

 Live lightly, give mightily

 Love unconditionally, above and beyond decidedly

 The gift of breakthrough

 The faith of miracles

 The prayers of greater things

  The meditations of higher visuals! 






"To Be Thankful"



To be thankful is a gift to your entire being

It is power inside of yourself that is healing and a wonderful  thing

Try to acknowledge what you are thankful for

Then bless it with a prayer of thanks

This expands your aura and energizes you much more!


Remember that all is well in affirmations and prayers

Abundance comes back to you when you do this in many layers!

Thanks to all of our family, friends, animals, guides, teachers, and spirit family on the other side

Give thanks to ourselves for a good year and everyday we get up to live this incredible ride!

We are thankful for all that surround us in loving light and divinity

We are thankful for all of it on Thanksgiving now and everyday unto eternity!!






"A Thanksgiving Prayer"
I pray that everyone has enough food where they live
That they have a good meal everyday!
That we have enough ourselves to be able to give
That we may live in abundance and can say:
Thank you God for this food that I eat daily
That nourishes my family, my animals and me!
I am grateful to have so much
To  have plenty!
Thank you God for all that I have
I am safe, warm and fed!
I have enough and will share whenever I can
To others  where I am led!










It is a new november and but the last month to have any warmth for a long while.  We are headed into winter but not quite yet here from Las Vegas. Today was sunny and warm. I can sit out with my shorts on still and get nice sun rays. Our city is still remembering the victims of the massacre from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. To the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival that occured on October 1, 2017 here in Las Vegas.  Several of us from my group I belong to in The Channeling Erik Mediums online have done psychic medium readings on this case. I did share Veronica Drake's reading with Dr. Elisa Medhus in a video on my public page and on my twitter page on this tragic event.  It is a very intense video and excellent reading from Veronica and spirit guide Erik Medhus. I do recommend looking at it but I will say to be careful because it is very potent and powerful. I would shield oneself before you watch it. It could make one cry and or feel some sorrowful feelings. It is a very sad event so this would make total sense here. She did a very good job on this. I am not aloud technically to share my findings because it was filed in a crime room I belong to from the Channeling Erik group as well. Once we file a case in the room it is confidential. However, I was able to share it to the FBI here in Las Vegas. So they did get to document my information. This being the town I grew up in and I live in presently I did feel the need and  obligation to work on this case and share it to our authorities.  I did not tell anyone whom I talked to at the FBI that day who my father was  at all.  He being an FBI agent in the 60's and 70's here in Las Vegas.  Please check out Veronica and Dr. Elisa's video. 


I have had some very intense health issues  this last month and also this month as well. I am trying to survive each day. One day at a time. Still working on crime cases and doing psychic readings as I can. Very few however right now. But still doing them.  I was able to attend a unique Halloween party this season. It was at well known Producer and Costume Designer Grant Philipo's lovely home. I enjoyed it so much. There was fabulous entertainment amongst his talented friends. Including singing, dancing, beautiful costumes, lovely people all around and food too. The decorations were exquisite as well. He took stunning pictures of us all as well. They are in archives forever.  It made my Halloween for sure this year!  Thanks to he and his friends.


  I am and so many of us  are just trying to stay positive and keep our lives going as usual. As much as possible. Mine is changing  and so I am trying to flow with it. I hope you had the best Halloween season and now we are into the Thanksgiving season! I hope you cherish every day! As I am so much now! Here are more poems from my twitter account that I share on a daily basis. Also on my facebook pages  as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Be blessed! Be alive and well!! 




"Butterfly Color"


The butterfly is birth and rebirth

It flutters and flies

Freely along the earth

Colorful shades it brings

As it gets ready for life's transitions

Vitality and attraction are its 

emerging life's positions!




"A Breath of Light"


A new breath

Is new life

For every minute and every hour

Breathe in the light

And breathe out a Heavenly power



"Places To See"


Some of us  were born into that challenge

We didn't know how else it could be

We had places to hide

Places to pretend

Places to run to

Places to see!




"So What"


So what now?


We can count on it!

So, what if that happened?

Get over it!

There is better stuff ahead!


So what

So what now?


We can count on it!

So what if that happened?

Get thru it!

There is better stuff

You are not dead!




"The Kiss  Magically"


Don't wait for love

Know that it is  already with you

You will meet your destiny in divine timing

All is worked out

Love will happen magically!





"Bringz Me To Tearz"


They can't talk to her

Some of them

She'z against God

To them

Her guide says  FTS

They think

Shez crazy

She seez

She smellz

She feelz

She hearz

Bringz me to tearz!




"Nothing Is Mine"


Nothing is mine

None of it

Belongs to me

But I try to take responsibility

For all of it


All of my heart

But it gets taken 

From me

I can never say

it was mine

Any of it

With anyone

Of anything

It seems

I keep trying to possess it

I ask  my God

My higher self

My spirit

The universe

Keeps showing me

With no lies

That nothing is mine

As I search with diamonds

In my eyes!



"Certain Privacy"


You don't 

Have to





To anyone

About anyone

About yourself



Any place






"The Seeker"


The seekers mind is unlimited

But never fulfilled




"The Kiss--Luxuriate"


May I luxuriate my senses upon yours?

May I offer my attraction

Upon your lips?




"Blue Ecstacy--The Kiss"


I jump into blue ecstacy with you

As we kiss in exoctic love

Taking us to paradise!




"Oh Hummingbird"


Oh hummingbird

Saying hello to me

In your flight

Wings so pretty

So glitter

So flitty

Come so close to me

In site

As I sit contemplating my reality....



"A Little  Dangerous Too"


She lived in between many things

Never in only one place

But many at the same time

Her mind was partially fragmented

From far too many traumas thru her life

Yet she was more stable than so many she knew

But an enigma to them

And a little dangerous too!



"Flowered With Magnolias"


She was dying and freezing from not enough affection

It was a slow death

Her brain would frazzel from time to time

Her dizzyness was not all from being frivolous  and day dreamy

She was a teenager and she would



And secretly so

Will she stay or go?


She was fading

Her spirit had been vanquished

But not her will

It was still steel

And flowered with magnolias!




"Ancient Wisdom"


Her ancient wisdom 

Gave her strength to 

Go forward

Her naivity was her charm

But also her downfall

She loved too much

And also the mall!




"Sweet Love"


Sweet love

Hearts of a kind

Love touches the soul

Body and mind!





"Light and Dark--Yin and Yang"


I am you

You are me

I am light

I am dark

Together we are energy!


We are two sides

Of the same part

We shine synergestically

Together we are living art!






"Peace-Everlasting Smiles"   For Thanksgiving


While peace rests inside of us

We search for it everywhere

As peace is reckoned with us daily

We look for it high and low

Over here and there


Peace looks like many things

And we try on different kinds of it

In many ways and with many trials


After all of those days

Peace was always a part of us

As we are reminded of its warmth and glow

And its everlasting smiles!




Love and peace at Thanksgiving! 


Love , Jan






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