~Dance it, Speak it, Poet~

By Jan Drake Bakke


"Christmas Dayz"


Christmas dayz

Magical treez

Curely Q'z




"Christmas Fairy Poem"


I like to think light and airy

I guess I want to be a Fairy

Flying low and high through the air

Sparkling Fairy dust to all who are there

Magical wonderment with prayers answered and more

Is what a Fairy can do for others, as they sing and gigggle with galore!


I like to feel free, to laugh and let my wings flitter

I want to be a jolly Fairy with hands full of glitter

To sprinkle it with Fairy dust too

Isn't that what Fairyz do?

Leaving a trail of sparkling colors in the air

Flying joyously without any glare!


They twinkle with joy and all in a day

To help people and animals in whatever way

I want to be a Fairy

To come out and play!



"A Handstand Christmas"


Splits to your hearts desire

Reach to your spirit's whims

Dive cartwheel and fly higher

Handstand to your favorite Christmas hymns!




"Christmas Peace"


Christmas, a day of peace and a time to celebrate

Where judgement may cease and love wins over hate

A time to give thanks

A  time to declare

A blessed remembrance of love on earth

A time to share!




"A Shining Star"


It's not about judgement

It's about empowerment

It's not about which story is correct

It's about the essence of any of the stories that hit our heart more than the intellect

It's about how you can receive guidance from a shining star

It's not about a perfect record

It's about having a good life

And filling it with a kind word


Jesus sees us and can be seen

Christmas 2018!




"Holiday Poem"


Dance to the music of your soul

Sing to the heart beat of your dream

Skip to the rhythm of your goal

Run to the distance and scream





"Share A Smile"


The Christmas season brings a good reason for all of the earth to share a smile

This special time brings families together all over the world

Friends gather who have not seen each other in a while

People will toast at work, and neighbors will wave to one another!

W will hold hands with our sister and brother

The Christmas season is a peace offering for all to share

A joyful time of giving and eating delicious treats but we must beware

That Santa and his elves will be sending gifts to all who beleive and to all who see the magic in the air!

It is going to merry and nothing scary

We are sending out a prayers and a kiss!

Have a very very Merry Christmas!





J: Not judgemental but just

E: Not earthly but eternal

S: Not only for Sunday but for seven days a week

U: Not us and them but all of us together

S: Not a superior, but a savior--A peace and love soldier, A divine friend!




C: Not just for Christmas, but for countless dayz

H: Not just Hallelujah, but hello how are ya!

R: Not just righteousness for some but rights for all

I: Not just for inner peace but for your interests to increase

S: Not just for salvation but also for celebration

T: Not just for truth seeking but also for telling the truth!




These are the best dayz now during the Christmas holidayz and time! I am accentuating the z in my wordz because my father'z favorite timez were during the holidayz and this was when he shined the most in his life every year. His nick name for me was Janzy! He called me that up until he died. So the z is very much a part of my poetry.  I have not explained it until now why I uze the z in so many of my poems and its words! My family was in almost heaven during these times. My father was so happy. He put up lots of decorations for these special days. We always had parties with friends and family.  It was a high time and I love to share alot on my social media for it as well. It is in honor of my mother and father and my entire family. I just think of joy and peace during this time. That it was at our house. Maybe the only times we really experienced it in all of the year while growing up.  Sorry to say. My parents went all out and they are so memorable memories of positivity, love, ecstatic emotions, excitement, fantasy and with lots of presents, food, friends, family  and music too!


 I still performed on Christmas for friends if they came over in our living room. It was fun for me and made my father happy. I would most likely do front or back walkovers, cutaways, (walkover into a split)or holding a handstand, or a press handstand. 

Some Christmas's  our family would go over to Valley High School and go jogging around the track! That was a few years we did that. Both my parents were in running mode for a few years. It was great that they could both do this. That was so fun and some of the best times we had together as a family.


I wish you a wonderous Christmas time , holiday and experience! It is a day of peace on earth for all people. Happy Day! Here are more poems for the season and some of my fave for the year. God bless you!! Be  well in peace, good health and prosperity in every way! Namaste! I love you!



"Unicorn Sparkles"


Unicorn so magical

With divine (blue) sparkles you share

I see them flash in seconds

Maybe a Unicorn was there!


And if we let ourselves believe

in the magical kingdom

It being not so far away

We might get a breeze

Of a unicorn's magic

On any given day!




"Carry Your Majestic"


Carry your majestic

Into your destiny

With no shame

With noone to blame

It's not a game

It's not for fame 

But for your wild

And for your tame!




"Speak Well"


No matter how much unacceptance one receives from anyone

It's nicer to do this!

Speak well of others!






If your heartbeat continues

Your dreams are still awaiting!




"In Paradise Now"


If you have survived a nightmare of any kind

You are in paradise now!




"In Paradise Now--New Freedom"


Allow yourself freedom


And survive!

We are in paradise now!



"I See Geniuses"


They just show up

I gravitate to them

I don't try to

They are all so special

Each are unique like a precious gem


They collide into my realm

One after another

Their attraction

is my fate


I can't stop them

I see geniuses

Of every amazing trait!


"Boyz and Girlz"


Boyz will be girlz

Girlz will be boyz

All are just a vessel

It doesnt matter what we come in 

For this life


Who we chooze to be

Or what we chooze

Our spirit has known all sidez to all thingz

Whatever we express ourselvez az

We are still part of Godz kingdom

I just wanted to be a wife!



"Thoz Sacred Dayz"


Thoz sacred dayz

Between life and death

We wonder why how we got there?

We wonder why?

The lessons await us


It gives us a chance to pray

A chance to breathe

And a chance to sigh!


Better dayz ahead!





"The girl in the window is alwayz relevant"




"Valdez on the Rocks"


Would ya give me a double valdez on the rocks

I'm feelin pretty limber and lanky

I want to back walkover out of this joint

Come here baby

You're lookin pretty swanky!




"One should never be too lofty to not be kind!"


"Flowered with Magnolias"
Her time had almost been over
She almost didn't last
She had faded and didn't even know it
Her spirit had vanquished
But not her will
It was still steel and flowered with magnolias
She was feeling very new!
She knew now
What she needed to do!
"In every positive and peaceful attitude,
there is a miracle being formed to be received!"
"In Our..."
In Our 50's,60's,70's,80's,90's,100's...
We are old enough to be over the hill
And young enough to keep climbing it!"