Dreams. The dreams that I have had, the dreams that I have shared, and the dreams that I have yet to breathe life into are constant. When I lie down at the end of the night I usually slip into the dark void within the universes grasp. I don't remember what has transpired unless it displays some value or message.

The dreams I have during the day and the dreams I yearn for are but a vivid memory yet to take place. My futuristic dreams are in a brighter light and has every letter that spells freedom for me. I would love to share some of my dreams and what they mean to me by my own perception.

I take a hold of his hand in a firm intimate embrace as his fingers slip between mine. Everything around us turns three shades brighter. I look up to see his gleaming grin and the perfect version of my Ken Doll. We smile in appreciation for each other and let that settle between us to bring us even closer together.

We begin walking down a worn dirt path that leads down to a vast open orchard. This is part of our land, what we own, what will be ours. We both can not stop smiling as he starts to chase me around the trees. The sun gleams through his hair as his outstretched arms nearly miss me. I stop and wave my index finger at him as he gives chase again. I run through the trees, weaving in out of them like a zipper through time. All of a sudden he is in front of me and embracing every part of me.

We catch our breath as our hands naturally come together only to stare at each other. His head leans down to plant a soft moist kiss upon my lips. I literally fall into him with my soul. We both exhale in unison soaking up the environment. Home.

Next I find myself walking into a large greenhouse structure that is enormous in size. It is large enough to house certain trees with its sunroof top so all the plants get normal exposure. The temperature is closely monitored as well as the humidity. I walk in one direction inspecting all the plants in the row. I touch each plant and whisper little notions of gratitude as I walk down the isle. So many fruits and vegetables in neat little rows, all cared for, all loved, and all very much appreciated.

I walked around the outside of our house where there is a small garden beside it. I see my youngest daughter toddling around being watched by the nanny. I kneel down on the soft kept ground as she comes running toward me. Her cherubic cheeks run towards me as she flops into my arms. Her beautiful floral sundress hugging her small frame fanned around us like a security blanket. I look at her big beautiful brown eyes and fall in love with her even more every second. Her wispy light brown curly hair resembled mine when I was a child. She is one of most precious things to me. Her name is Ambrosia.

I then head toward the stables and stop for a moment to look out onto the horse pasture. That,s is where I find Meg almost all grown up tending to one of our horses. She is so completely tentative to every animal but the horses, she actually speaks to them. Their language is special and only something they can understand. Meg catches me smiling at her and she waves. My heart leaped forward two miles with deep appreciation in seeing how happy my daughter is. She turned back around and continued brushing the horses hair. I could see her spending hours grooming the horses as well as giving them hay.

I find my way into the house which has a huge open floor plan. I walk through the house and down the hallway to a special room full of crystals and gems. Every single one of them kept in their own space displayed on clear plastic shelves among the walls. There I find my son Amadeo with an encyclopedia on healing crystals sprawled out on the floor. You would think that cartoons would be more interesting to him then studying gemstones. He would find a particular one and search the walls for one that matched. His smile would be a mile long filled with such happiness. I adore him and give him the biggest hug ever. I ruffle his hair as he scowls at me right before I leave the room.

I find my way downstairs into the bathroom. The bathtub made of quartz crystal and filled with green aromatic leaves. I slip off my clothes and dip myself into the warm water and chant gratitude for everything I have. Before I know it an all too familiar hand slips around me. He gets in behind me and nuzzles my neck. We sit there holding each other for what feels like an eternity but time doesn't matter because we are in our now and making this come true.

Dreams. Its good to have dreams so you have something to look forward to. This is one of my many dreams. These dreams have prolific meaning meant for the future. I dream this everyday.

My good sister has said that she is having dreams too. Her reference to them is time warping. She said that she feels displaced in time and sees certain things and comes back with jet lag in a spiritual sense. She asked me if I have ever had similar experiences. There are times where I feel like my brain flips over and I get rather disoriented and feel off for the rest of the day. Sometimes I sense information being plugged into my brain as well.

I mentioned to her that I felt a desire to go to the next holistic fair but did not know when that was. She gasped and caught air in her throat. She explained to me that she had been doing some spiritual work and that the next holistic fair was two weeks away. There is supposed to be a special astrology speaker come in to talk. She also said the shaman we both work with would be coming down for this holistic event. Not only that but he was going to be staying at her house for the weekend.

As soon as my sister spilled all of that information out I had distinct chills run down my spine and through my arms. This is a well known indicator by many spiritual people that this is a sign of confirmation. What is going to happen there, I do not know. Maybe I will meet somebody new, or maybe I will learn something. All I know is I have to go alone, with my sister, and the shaman.

My children will be with me nevertheless but most likely exploring the rest of the building with my nephews. As for my lover, I can only hope he understands that some things you have to do on your own with no explanation because you might not have the answers to why. It just is what it is.

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