My Shelter From Storm
By Melinda Ann Bleazer

I decided to do something different in this column. As a farm girl I decided I would like to talk about the old barn on my families farm.

Our old barn was built by my great great grandparents on my Dad's side of the family. It was built in 1899 so it's pretty old. It's two stories the second level is a large hay loft.

My family was in the dairy business when my great grandpa was a boy. They later left the dairy business and just raised cattle to sell at market. So the old barn has seen a lot of use. It sheltered many animals over the years.

As a child of abuse it also sheltered me. I spent my days sitting by a big window in the hay loft every day. I hid from the world in that hayloft.

As a result I have always loved the old barn who to me is an old friend always there for me. That old barn has stood the test of time though it's getting pretty worn. My dad talks about tearing it down. He'll have to do it over my dead body!! I can't imagine the farm without the old barn. If I had the money I would restore the barn to her former glory.

I hope my readers will enjoy the picks I've included of the old barn.