BY Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member

From the Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming,

President of the Earth Wisdom Foundation



Messages for Peace Healing the Environmental Shifts Worldwide
By Bennie “Blue Thunder” LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone Nation
March 25th, 2013, Olympia, Washington
“When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them”  ---- Chief Seattle - Suqwamish & Duwamish
Greetings My Fellow Brother & Sister's, Relatives, Friends & Families Worldwide, Earth Wisdom Foundation would like for the world members of our families and relatives that practice the Nature Healing Ceremonies within all cultures to consider healing Mother Earth. We are asking those that are sponsoring ceremonies to invite those that forgot the knowledge and wisdom of the Earth. To consider inviting all nations cultures to participate in a planed seminar on the Medicine Wheel Ceremony that educates humanity on how the prayer circle called a “Medicine Wheel” works. Great wisdom and knowledge will be shared presenting scientific facts and data for the equinoxes along with solstices in addition to the full moons at one of your sacred sites. And in doing so considering science and ancient wisdoms’ information merging to help the healing of humanity and the landscapes within the environments elements, they are calling for blessings. The Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Ethers are in a desperate need of healing. Mother Nature is calling for our love and respect for them with our hearts power. Healing the Unified Field of Energy in the Unity Matrix Grids, known a Grandmother Spiders Web, the Flower of Life.
Remember that we are all related to one another because of us all being made from the same elements of Mother Earth. Therefore we are all similar in our genetic makeup in our DNA and creation.  We at the Earth Wisdom Foundation really hope that humanity catches on to what this represents so they can see why we are related to Mother Nature. When humanity awakens from their deep sleep that they will realize that we are related in humanity to each other knowing that we are after all related to each other because of the elements relationship to us.  Knowing that we are that and related too much, much more than that including the Universe and the Cosmos all that is. As we always say as Native American's and other cultures that remember, "We do this for all that we are related too" in our ceremonies in our intentions and decrees, called prayers.  We do this during the Earth Healing Ceremonies for the betterment of all that we are related to on Mother Earth, too each other all of creation.
My name is Bennie "BlueThunder" LeBeau; I am an Eastern Shoshone Tribal member out of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, where my Dad is from and from the other Shoshone connection of the Ute’s and Paiutes from Fort Duchesne, Utah where my mother is from. I am the President of the Earth Wisdom Foundation a 501c3 Non-Profit Environmental Organization that works for healing the environment. I have visited with many fellow spiritual colleagues just recently around the world about how the environment is calling out for help in all communities. In recent days there have been a series of communications with like-minded individuals that feel it is important to bring awareness about the environment in and around the world in a broad-spectrum. 
I was advised to send out some information explaining our work that we would like all cultures and traditions to reflect upon in healing of the environments in the surrounding areas of the world. Our work is the wisdom that represents the vibrations of peace in the Unified Fields Unity Matrix’s for all Nations and Cultures Worldwide. This work represents healthy futures for societies homelands to become bright and brilliant in the colors of light for a healthy environment by utilizing the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies. This educational process teaches by example in learning what an energetic planet represents as a result of the elements energies in the environments electrical magnetic force fields energy that exists upon our planet.
For thirteen years now we have been setting up educational classroom instructions and teachings on how the original instructions for peace work in the environmental laws as stewards as Native American’s. By guiding in the principles of Natures Laws that represent the Unified Field’s Energy Force, the life force power that all creation is structured from. This Unified Field’s of Energy are electrical magnetic energy force fields set upon the surface within the Earth in circular star patterns called the Unity Matrix’s, or Medicine Wheels. This matrix connects the electrical systems that give life to Mother Earth’s life force beings in all of creation by the Sacred Sites that represent the elements of the Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and the Ethers. 
This Unity Matrix has been scientifically proven to exist and that it is an intelligent field of energy that has consciousnesses and is alive set in sacred geometrical patterns in the environment. This matrix acts as a communication device that filters our actions, thoughts and spoken words in our dances through our intention, in decrees, with our ancient languages known a prayer as we dance and sing within the circle, the Medicine Wheel. Through humanities discernment in the Unified Fields Matrix’s to manifest into existence healing unifying all that exists in peaceful transitions within the elements during the Medicine Wheel Ceremony.
There are many patterns of circular geometric designs that are made of electrical magnetic current that vibrates in star patterns in harmony like strings on a guitar or harp, as above so below done in the circle of life.  The sacred sites connect this electrical current that provides us the power for all life to be present in the Medicine Wheel patterns on the surface of Mother Earth.  This matrix of energy unifies and connects all life within Grandmother Spiders Web, is what some of us as Native American’s call this matrix, the Web of Life.  These matrix’s of energy gives life to everything in our world of existence within the universal presence in this Unified Fields Matrix’s Systems. In our educational processes we teach cultures to understand this in the educational processes that we are part of this vast vibrant template of energy that Mother Earth provides within creation. 
As we move more and more into a vast teaching on the environment we bring more awareness on how our thoughts attract what our ideas and thoughts represent, known as the Law of Attraction brings our prayers into existence manifesting our prayers to become. Instructions of how our prayers by imprinting our feelings to manifest those ideas within this Unified Field of the Energy Grids around and in the Medicine Wheel for the betterment of the planet as we create nature to be our ideologies in our intents, in our decrees in our ancient languages known to many as those prayers.  
Education through the Earth Wisdom Foundation has been created to remind humanity that these circular patterns in the Unified Field Energy Force are set in sacred geometrical designs representing vibrations of sounds, tones and colors of light prisms’, represented by the Sacred Sites.  Teachings in how this vibration is taking place in circular behaviors vibrating every second of the day and night that promotes the colors of light to exist is about the preservation of Mother Earth through education for the preservation of Mother Earth. Instructions on how our actions, words and thoughts of our ancestors once were represented in peace stand for healthy safe productive environments for humanities survival within the grid systems in Grandmother Spiders Web of Life. Our work in healing the environment is done within these circles formations upon our planet is prepared in a huge circle ceremonies called the Medicine Wheel.
These ancient rituals of vibrations are showed and taught within scientific formats utilizing information on how we can heal the environments utilizing the medicine wheel in a scientific approach. After the classroom instructions the work begins by gathering information on the environments done in a study on the environment showing how the sacred sites were manipulated by humanity developing the Sacred Sites in greedy and materialistic ways; societies leaders that have manipulated the environment and humanity for centuries worldwide in the historical record, basically by mining and drilling for oil. The classroom study teaches how to gather this information by inviting all cultures from all the different ethic groups in the area to join us in this very powerful work by the presentation in the lectures and seminars. Making use of the classroom style techniques in teaching the environmental laws that represent peace in how to utilize sounds, tones.
Teachings within the vibrations in the colors or light in the ancient wisdoms ideology known as the Universal Laws of Peace to heal Mother Nature, using the Medicine Wheel.
There have been many miracles that have been promoted by our organization in the healing processes taught since 1999 into 2012 and now as we continue throughout the rest of 2013 and beyond. Cultures of the world gathered in the past working side by side in traditional ways of life and untraditional ways of life from humanity for thirteen years working on the environments. The Unified Field is an intelligent field of energy that exists in everything in creation. This living energetic essence is the seat of the soul and is the container within, which our life and the entire universe are created from. Those who joined and attended the gatherings healed the environments together peacefully.
We did it the best that we could by utilizing this ancient knowledge of this Native American perspective as an Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member representing nature’s laws as a steward of the environments. Many cultures still have the myths and legends about this knowledge that represents all nations that once followed these sacred teachings. Representing their actions in conservative ways around the world in all cultures and traditions.  Keep in mind that there are many cultures and traditions’ who forgot this wisdom from around the world in all nations and cultures in many ways of their traditions.  And due to warring, conquering nations of worldwide in genocide in the termination acts done by Governments and Dictators of the World. Here in the United States the Department of Interiors genocides in politics in governmental laws affected the Native Peoples has turned many against each other as Native Americans in our families.
This is due to this historical genocide in many cultures and traditions here in America’s and of the world in one-way or another held in the historical record. This conquering of the ancient nations ideas and facts of ancient wisdom’s were done away with by those genocides and termination projects that occurred in all the societies of the world by controlling education and religion through man made laws, known as dogmas. As we all open our thoughts and hearts to remember this or at least to consider that the ancestors of all cultures and nations once knew Natures Laws gets us to thinking.  In doing so many begin to reach out and are able to remember something deep down inside knowing this is true on how sounds and vibrations of humanity affected the elements in nature to become dysfunctional along with all societies of Mother Earth. By studying this kind of history of the environments that have impacted many areas brings a great awareness to a person once they can reflect upon this insight that is gathered in the evidence. 
By looking and going back at least one hundred to five hundred years we can interpret why nature has fallen out of harmony by doing this study.  This evidence then teaches what it means to have a lot of peaceful intentions and actions by humanity in their communities worldwide for a healthy environment. This historical record represents the research and this evidence gives us a path to proceed upon to do the healing within the environment, now help to re-institute the Laws of Peace back into the environment for our families in our societies. We then can realize, know and remember through common sense how the environment needs help in most all parts of the world.  And this is why in the classroom instructions teaches how the ceremonial work utilizing a medicine wheel heals the areas we have worked in the pasts works in the undertakings within this wisdom. 
Some of these circles were four thousand, twelve hundred and two hundred miles across the center of these Medicine Wheels Healing Ceremonies held in the past thirteen years. That healed many areas in around the Grand Tetons’ and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming and other states since 2004 and into the times we are in now. We feel that our teachings are very important in re-educating how to clear the posttraumatic stresses in environments and that they are the stresses of humanity; like the victimhood energy is an example that has imprinted nature worldwide that is controlling humanity in negativity and positivity that keeps replaying recorded in the environments.  In all cultures environmental energy force fields within nature sounds and vibrations are not harmonizing in beautiful sounds with in Nature the way it was intended to be are basically vibrating out of harmony.
We can promote a beautiful environment worldwide by the educational processes that the Earth Wisdom Foundation promotes by understanding how sounds and vibrations work. Mother Nature is charged with the Unified Field of the Energy, which are made from the Electrical Magnetic Systems that can be retuned and recalibrated restoring nature to begin to work in the best pristine harmonic vibration possible.  This means we can heal the droughts, activate springs, bring the rains and snows back filling up the glacier for water represents life. As we retune and re-adjust, re-harmonizing natures electrical magnetic energy force fields that gives all creation life, brings about harmony therein the Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  Our educational system teaches how this works within all environments around the world using scientific facts to prove this is real and tangible.
We would like to represent this wisdom in seminars for all cultures and traditions in classroom instructions on nature’s laws that involve the elements that represent peace for the world.   Where the earth, wind, fire, water and ethers are important to life, for all cultures to remember and to relearn.  We are here to give service to help the world in supporting this kind of specialized work for all cultures and nations. We are asking all of humanity to reflect on utilizing us in your group/groups and organization/organizations in supporting this work for the betterment of healing our planet, not fixing, healing the environments worldwide. Following are some paragraphs that represent our Earth Wisdom Foundation's work and our record that shows what we teach is authentic and concrete using scientific facts proving ancient wisdom is indisputable.  Sponsors are important in our work so we can freely share this information with the world. 
We are looking to be honored by a sponsor or sponsors’ that would know the importance of this very spiritual work and fund this labor around the world freely for all nations and cultures generously. We set our intentions proving our work is very special and we have done it in a way where everyone benefits within all of creation for all cultures and traditions, freely. As mentioned earlier now for over thirteen years we have practiced and refined the healing processes for humanity and the environment in an educational format enthusiastically teaching these techniques. The Earth Wisdom Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit environmental organization recognized in many parts of the world over for utilizing scientific facts and ancient wisdom promoting peace. This Native American Perspective as an Eastern Shoshone represents all cultures teachings of how the energy reacts to humanity in an educational format.  This is a missing link of information that stands for the laws of peace that most cultures are missing, the missing link, which represents nature’s laws of peace.
Educating all people around the world is very important; while reminding humanity about this knowledge using scientific facts and data as evidence on how the disastrous environmental shifts were and are basically man made. Reminding humanity the keys to peace and harmony in our societies revolve around the Earth’s Universal Laws of Peace; which represents Natures Laws, the Original Instructions that allows Peace to vibrate within the elements of the environments. These original instructions represent how the peaceful intentions in our many emotions in peace within our thoughts, spoken words and actions, “Called the Universal Laws,” represent Peace for the World. It is very important to remember we are all Indigenous Nations of the Earth, not just the Native American’s of the America’s for we are all made and created from our main Mother the Earth. 
Many prophecies have foretold humanity that the Native America’s Peoples have a "fail safe key in a way" to bring about peace, while re-educating humanity with the ancient knowledge’s and wisdom of Mother Earth's Elements and Laws of Nature. And how science and ancient wisdom would merge together is prophecy and we are now here re-educating humanity in the name of peace. Inspiring all nations to recognize that the natural disasters happening in the world and in their counties are being created by mankind's destructive behaviors and actions. By bring awareness that Mother Earth has to shift in order to recreate nature in the purification processes she is promoting in the environmental shifts in nature. Through our educational wisdom’s educational format the teachings will enhance the educational systems, religions, and man made laws within the governments of the worlds educational processes to consider natures laws. 
Remembering the past in what has been done, taking a look at the present and what we all can do for the future world so that humanity can help in promoting healthy environmental laws worldwide, which promotes Peace. Our organization educates, while reminding humanity on how, why, the cause and effect of man-made laws within the globalization of our planet has been disastrous to our health and natures well being.  It is also important to understand why it’s very important not to retaliate against ourselves; any individual, individuals, organizations or any government’s policies no matter what has happened, stopping the fighting and separations turning each other against each other.  When humanity understands all that we do will replay itself in the electrical current of the Unified Field Energy Forces that imprint the sacred sites.
Wisdom on how this information about this magnetic energy will bring awareness why peace is so important to begin to replay in the areas we live within. This is all scientific based information and can be proven that this is factual by cross referencing our ancient rituals and ceremonies proves we know what were doing to heal our Mother as the Steward of Mother Nature. The importance is peace, to re-educate the systems of humanity to consider following the laws that represent healthy pristine environments. This will benefit our children and all of creation into the next seven generations and more in a most positive way for all cultures livelihoods.  Reminding everyone what is done to the Earth we do to ourselves and that replays over and over that’s the law of the energy forces within nature’s law. Remember if we fight one another those actions will keep replaying as this gets recorded in the electrical magnetic energy force fields.   Remembering this then replays within that electrical magnetic vortexes that makes energy for life to become and replay those situations over and over again that has imprinted our sacred sites.  And like it has been said history repeats itself, this is why peace is important for peace to repeat itself, worldwide.
Our educational formats teach that all of creation is connected within the energy force fields we are all made from and are related to one another’s life force energies force fields; showing we are related to our Mother Earth for what she is what we all are created from.  This means all of creation, what happens on one side of the Earth is inevitably felt on the other side.  Affecting all of Mother Nature in the Unified Energy’s Force Fields in the Unity Matrix upon the planet within; Grandmother Spiders Web of Life, within the Grid Patterns encircling the Earth, known as the Flower of Life symbols pattern that affects all of creation. We are dedicated to the Earth in returning pristine clean energy to the Elements within those Unified Field’s Energy Life Force Systems for all of creation through teachings about the Sacred Sites vibrations that keep our Planet healthy, beautiful and safe.
Wisdom in sharing this knowledge of how the ancient ceremonies worked in these processes is now being proven in scientific methods: Shape shifting nature elements recalibrating them to match the vibrations of peace is known as alchemy. Transforming or enchanting the power to shape shift the elements into what is needed for the betterment of nature and each other worldwide in our communities for all of creation. We are asking the many organizations and leaders of cultures and nations to remember these original instructions of Mother Earth that represent how our words, thoughts and actions affect the environments and each other. This work transforms nature magically and has amazed many cultures and traditions in the last thirteen years of how this is real bringing about a great wisdom for peace, love and harmony in nature and the people themselves.
For those nations and cultures that forgot the understanding of sacred geometry, grid lines, ley lines and song lines; we now bringing this wisdom into common understanding with an application in an educational format that has been scientifically proven by us. Easy to grasp, easy understand and easy to comprehend: Scientific facts and data about the web of life—Grandmother Spider's Web—Ancient knowledge through science on how this web of life works within Mother Earth's Sacred Sites in today's societies is very important. Our intentions and wishes are that we re-connect humanity to Mother Earth and the Cosmos.  Promoting a healthy worldwide environment to remember how our thoughts, words, and actions represent prosperity in many ways in our lives for all nations as one sovereign world. For the betterment of each other for each other becoming one world with the wisdom of how our actions, words and thoughts promote peace within the environmental laws of nature.
Remembering where we are free willed beings in humanity honoring each other for each other representing peace within the original instructions about Natures Laws as Stewards of Mother Nature for all of creation.  In doing so we promote the springs to run, rains to flow, rivers to continue on their original paths and the glaciers to continue to fill up with snow.  Remember water is life and life is remembering the original instructions on how we create everything within our beings and the planet in a most gentle and loving caring way. Remembering to create those vibrations from our hearts in our thoughts, words and actions gets recorded in the environments elements become our actions replaying where we live in songs, dances and rituals in ceremonies. Remembering after experiencing in seeing or feeling this scientific evidence of this ancient wisdom within our beings and nature that it is real and important brings us hope. 
Then and only then can we in our everyday lives understand how peace will become in our communities in our neighborhoods within the world in our environments? By having that experience seeing and feeling activates a person to become a believer as humanity practices nature laws, known as the Universal Laws of Peace.   Remembering peaceful intentions or get the opposite in negativity of warring and fighting that keeps re-playing in the environments worldwide communities within individuals.  When we can see how this works and the actions of humanity that keeps replaying over and over now helps us understand what we can do to promote peace.  Remember peace brings the rains and waters to keep flowing from the springs to the rivers to the snows in the mountains for the glaciers to exist.  Low emotional actions are negative sounds and vibration that activates the water to go away and disappear as the lands fall apart. 
This is activating Mother Nature to become ill and sick promoting droughts where the trees are dying and the food becomes less abundant. As human nature corrodes, as does all of creation that exists in the areas due to the fighting of who's right and who's wrong at the expense of all that is in creation.  As the areas humanity live in is being enhanced by there actions in the emotional stresses of basically the victimhood energy keeps replaying itself over and over again and again, as we watch the water continually disappear slowly but surely as the droughts get worse. Non-Sense actions in False Belief Patterning has taken place imprinting humanity for hundreds of years for cultures to believe and think in a certain way, which is known as the illusions in life in there actions, thoughts and words. This has affected many individuals in all cultures to be upset at each other keeping us turned against each other.
Make your day by to reflect on taking a long look at what happened in the historical record for the last 500 years plus going back 5,000 years. What do we all see? What have we all learned yet? Is all the drama, trauma and fears that is now playing itself out especially for the last two thousand years done by us.  Think of these very interesting facts for those that still feel that they are still the victims and keep replaying the victimhood energies in their lives worldwide, when will they see what this means? This is what’s being attracted in our families around the homelands of our peoples environments and in their own lives, families that sit in judgements, angers, egos, resentments, greed and jealousies you name it: the message is clearly here for all nations to awaken to the wisdom being shared with many organizations and cultures worldwide for peace.
Two Thousand and Thirteen (2013) is here and the vibrations coming from the Sun, the Moon, Planets, Stars and Solar Systems are the sounds of peace bombarding the Earth.  We must now consider meeting with peaceful intentions with one another as individuals teaching this scientific based information in order to be able to survive. This is prophecy in this new worlds vibrations coming in from outside of the Earth, above us and below us sounds and vibrations coming from the core of Mother Earth's Heart Energy rising to the surface. For peace and peace only to exits, its no question any more to be or not to be is the bottom line now. For it is the vibrations of peace, which was prophesized to come as we moved into 2013 and beyond. 
We are in that time now and many of us know and feel that this is very important for humanity to consider matching the vibrations frequencies of sounds and vibrations coming in from the Galactic Center, the Cosmos and Mother Earth: vibrations in sounds that are the necessity for peace reharmonizing and restructuring all of creation that has been disharmonized by thousands of years of imprinting. Even Humanities own beings are going through a great shifting energy and restructuring.  We must consider matching those frequencies finding peace within our own thoughts, words and actions or suffer the consequences in illness of many kinds that’s here and is coming apparent in the now as many of our relatives are leaving everyday is that example.
All of creation is being affected by this power and all those that cease to choose peace in their belief systems and thinking patterns will be affected greatly in their health; for peace will prevail with us or with out us due to this.  The Great Spirit’s Energy Force’s and Mother Earth’s Energy Forces are in control now and it is only a matter of time now before peace prevails. Having a lot of patience is very important for humanity to consider: walking, thinking, acting, speaking and treating one another peacefully and respectfully.  Honoring each other for each other no matter what a person is doing in their organizations, religions or governments that they may feel is wrong or right and only learning from what happened or is happening finding peace within it all in those experiences. 
We have entered into the Galactic Alignments vibrations of the Cosmos as of December 21st, 2012 as prophecies stated setting the new world into existence through the Sixth Sun and the Fifth World’s vibrations.  Where the Mayan Peoples Calendar instructed humanity that this new world was coming reminded us this fact that we would survive as the fourth worlds actions would be dissolved that does not serve in purpose the betterment of all things in creation and we were to moved into a new way of thinking in the fifth world it is here now.  For harmony to existence we are being called upon to move more into 2013's vibrations matching them and the future beyond in peace. Moving out of the old ways of our actions that are not working in peace in our lives and move on into new ways of peace for each other and one another. This is a must in order to survive and become productive members of societies honoring each other and especially Mother Earth. 
Join us in the re-educational processes of how to live in healthy harmonic ways on our precious Mother Earth. Honoring each other in the name of peace contained by healthy pristine environments as, “Human Beings”, worldwide. We invite all cultures and nations organizations to call upon us for these teachings in seminars, lectures and workshops to help in the re-educational systems process of healing that teaches peace. Where the Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Ethers, and the Unified Life Force Fields of Energy are the secret to peace and healthy environments worldwide no matter what culture we were created from or surrounded by.  Again we ask of humanity to please sponsor and support this great work of the Earth Wisdom Foundation for “Peace” to exist.
We thank you from the Earth Wisdom Foundation and from myself, BlueThunder aka Bennie LeBeau for taking into consideration to sponsor this endeavor for world peace in your communities in the homelands of all cultures and traditions to remember how peace works in the environments.  Remembering we are all related after all when we can finally see that we are all created from the environments elements no matter what culture or tradition we are from. Remembering that we are made from what all that has been created is from the elements of Mother Earth and what one does affects all that we are related to in Creation upon the very sacred planet, Mother Earth.  Remembering we are all that it is because of the elements and I really know that this information can help us all to remember that this is how we are related to each other is real and does exist and we are all related to all that is. Oohweehoo, Thanking you into Infinity, Aho...
Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member
From the Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming,
President of the Earth Wisdom Foundation
March 16th, 2013, Olympia, Washington
360 515-8020
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