Charlie Mier
Dan Taomina
Brad Adamson
Dave Holmes
Joe Ellis
Reed Homer
Brian Conahan
John Noon
BatSteve passed away January 4, 2003.
Studby (Johnboy_1'sBF).
Trance4ever passed on August 2, 2003.
Michael (Longbada Bartender) passed October 18, 2005
Crystal St. James aka Crystal St Clair passed May 17, 2005
Ralph R. Miller passed on September 8, 2005.
Mama Bagel aka Carolyn "Mama" Kash passed October 31, 2005.
Tasty Tina passed January 28, 2007.
Eric Rockwell passed April 2, 2007.
Kelly Vasko passed July 11, 2008.
Jaelin aka Cleophus Pettway passed January 1, 2009.
Snoee passed on January 4, 2009.
Stacey Walker passed February 24, 2009.
David Lynn Morrow: June 1, 1945 - April 24, 2009.
Jeff Eels/Lexus passed May 9, 2009.
Harry Vernet passed September 12, 2010.
September-October 2010
GLBT COMMUNITY mourns the tragic deaths of:
Caleb Nolt, Felix Sacco, Raymond Chase, Harrison Chase Brown, Asher Brown, Tyler Clementi,
Seth Walsh, Cody J. Parker, Billy Lucas, Justin Aaberg, Corey Jackson, Brandon Bitner
along with the countless number of other young people who have suffered from relentless anti-LGBT
bullying, harassment, and discrimination.
Ivanna Traylor aka Ron Fleming -- Rhonda Jo: 6/6/54 - 12/22/10
Merle Hileman passed away on March 21, 2012. He was the husband of Chuck Kanouff Hileman.
Max Van Sickle, Chief Editor of the KA/GN passed away on April 28, 2012.